God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 15 Brief Recap

This episode, we finally meet the mastermind and the famous “Hephaestus”. The mastermind ordered & blackmailed people to do his dirty works to cover up Hephaestus’ crime, because of he has “power” and “money”. Things got messed up and too many people with their own motives & agenda got caught up in this cover up. Dong Chan got caught up on his own anger that he couldn’t trust his own brother. It’s heartbreaking to see him finally learning the truth of how much his brother and Saet Byul really love him. Hopefully he can save both of them before it’s too late. Most unanswered questions have been unraveled, we’re gearing towards the finale which hopefully will give us a satisfying ending.

Episode 15 Brief Recap

Dong Chan can’t hand over the evidence to Soo Hyun. He has to save his innocent brother from death penalty. Meanwhile, Dong Ho is relieved that he’ll be freed soon because Dong Chan didn’t kill Soo Jung. He’s happy he’ll live happily with his family and his squeaky (mouse) soon.

Kyung Soo is watching over Saet Byul. She doesn’t want to play with the toys he brought her, but when he’s out to answer a call, she plays with the yellow toy that he played before. When he’s back, Saet Byul quickly returns the toy back. But Kyung Soo encourages her to play with the toys he gave her earlier. (he has angel foundation’s keychain).

He lovingly looks at Saet Byul as if she’s his son. Flashback to his happy time with his son. When his son asked about “nemesis”, he told him it represents revenge & death. He didn’t have nemesis tattoo on his wrist back then.

Saet Byul asks if he’ll send her home if she eats her food and finishes solving the puzzle toys. He nods.

Lee Myung Han is watching over them closely too. He examines Dong Chan’s profile and a copy of someone’s brain scan (Young Gyu? Dong Chan? Dong Ho?).

President Kim Nam Joon ordered him to secretly investigate about the picture that Soo Hyun gave him. He’s angry to find out that it’s from Te Oh. He’s aware that Te Oh (Im Jae Min) is taking drugs, so he instructs his loyal assistant to make sure Te Oh won’t talk about this picture.

He examines Soo Jung’s death picture. Flashback to 10 years ago when a mysterious man held a knife then stabbed her.

D-2 before the incident

Soo Hyun hands over the evidence to Ji Hoon, but she wants to ensure Saet Byul is safe before they give this evidence to Lee Myung Han. She’s not 100% sure that Lee Myung Han is the culprit though, because what Saet Byul drew in that shack was the tail of Bonghwang (a mythical bird used in President’s symbol). But he’s doubting her instinct, it might not be the tail of Bonghwang.

Dong Chan questions his brother to tell him what really happened 10 years ago. Dong Ho looks scared, worried. Dong Chan encourages Dong Ho to look at him directly, it’s okay, hyung. And if he remembers what happened, he promises to bring Young Gyu to see him tomorrow. Dong Ho is happy he’ll get to see Young Gyu, he really misses him.

He begins to recall what happened that day. After Dong Chan left because of his heated argument with Soo Jung, Dong Ho gave Dong Chan’s glow-in-the-dark watch to her. He told himself he’d protect Soo Jung until Dong Chan came back. But after waiting for hours in front of the house, Dong Chan didn’t return.

So Dong Ho went inside the house, saw bottles of alcohol on the floor, pleased that Dong Chan was back. But then, he’s shocked when he saw someone was strangling Soo Jung. He ran as fast as he could, wondered what he should do now. He thought that man was Dong Chan who got ill after he drank alcohol.

He returned to the house to find Soo Jung already died. So he carried her body to the reservoir, he thought that if he hid her body well, Dong Chan would not get caught, Dong Chan would never go to prison. Dong Chan spotted him when he threw Soo Jung’s body to the lake, that’s when he panicky told his brother that he did it (he killed her).

Back to present time, Dong Chan asks if his brother thought he killed the other two women. Dong Ho shakes his head. A scary ahjussi threatened that Dong Chan would get caught if he confessed he didn’t kill those women. So he had no other choice, but to take & carry the blame himself. He wanted to protect his younger brother. Dong Chan is shattered, his brother should tell the truth from the beginning.

Dong Ho apologizes for being stupid, for embarrassing him again now. He apologizes that he’s Dong Chan’s brother T_T


Dong Chan recalled the time when Dong Ho made an ultimate ddjakji and he denied he’s his older brother. He really regrets it now. He tells his older brother that he’s the one who’s sorry. Dong Ho tells him to stop crying. He’s relieved that he didn’t kill her, learning about this truth is good enough for him. He can die in place of his younger brother, he’s not scared of death. He’s okay…

But his brother didn’t do anything wrong, so why would he die? Dong Chan won’t let this happen, he’ll save his older brother. So please wait, hyung. He’ll get him out of prison.

Soo Hyun is on the way to see Lee Myung Han and his minion; while Ji Hoon is going to see Kyung Soo who’ll return Saet Byul back to him as soon as they receive the evidence. Soo Hyun instructs her husband to take Saet Byul and leave immediately, she’ll hand the evidence after they’re safe.

She shows the evidence to the minion who promptly calls Kyung Soo to hand Saet Byul back to her dad.

Kyung Soo gives the toy to her, she cutely bids goodbye then runs happily to her dad. Ji Hoon informs Soo Hyun that Saet Byul is safe.

She hands the evidence to the minion.

But suddenly, Kyung Soo takes her away, he broke the car’s window and hurt Ji Hoon who helplessly tried to protect his daughter.

The minion throws the evidence back to Soo Hyun, after Lee Myung Han checked it, they realized it was fake jewelry. They threaten her to bring the real ones, if not, Saet Byul will die.

She fights back, she holds onto his foot desperately, begging him to give Saet Byul back to her. But he kicks her repeatedly (just like what happened on episode 2 in the metro station, she kept holding onto the “fake” kidnapper’s foot, didn’t want to let him go. But she lost the fight because he beat her up).

Dong Chan holds the real jewelries on his hand. Flashback to his conversation with Soo Hyun earlier. Then when Saet Byul asked if he’s her knight.

Ji Hoon desperately calls Dong Chan, begging him to save Saet Byul. He also tells him that Soo Hyun is hurt because she gave the fake jewelries to them. Dong Chan comes to visit Soo Hyun at the hospital, but can’t get closer to Soo Hyun because Ji Hoon is there. So he sends message, telling Ji Hoon to come outside where he beat him up for all the suffering that he caused Soo Hyun and Saet Byul. Ji Hoon is the selfish husband & father.

He begs Dong Chan to return the jewelries to them, he begs him to save his daughter.

Dong Chan is shattered, confused, angry, upset; but he makes up his mind now. He’s going to save Saet Byul!

He orders Kyung Soo to come to a demolition site with Saet Byul. Kyung Soo leaves Saet Byul in the car, promises he’ll save her soon.

Dong Chan waves the jewelries to Kyung Soo who tells him to give it to him. Suddenly, it’s gone from their eyes.

Cleverly, they “hooked” it to a fishing rod, so when Kyung Soo arrived, Byung Tae “pulls” the jewelries from Dong Chan who instructs him to save Saet Byul and take her out of here.

Dong Chan & Kyung Soo met at the same demolition site before, but too bad, today is a sunny day. It would’ve be more perfect if today is raining like what happened last time. LOL.

He think Kyung Soo is Hephaestus who killed Soo Jung and screwed up his family & his brother. Kyung Soo tells him to hand the jewelries, then Saet Byul will be saved. But no, he can’t give the evidence to him. He also has to save his brother.

Saet Byul doesn’t want to leave Dong Chan ahjussi. Unfortunately, Byung Tae can’t take her to leave the site because Kyung Soo’s minions are here. So they run to the demolition building to hide. He orders her to stay there, don’t leave. Dong Chan and Byung Tae will get her out safely. Byung Tae put Saet Byul’s jacket to a stuffed toy, then run in opposite direction to distracts the  minions.

Dong Chan’s anger is very palpable here. When Kyung Soo confesses that he didn’t kill his girlfriend, Dong Chan doesn’t believe him. He beat him up, until someone hit his head from behind. Dong Chan collapses.

Kyung Soo’s minions were unable to catch Byung Tae, but they knew Saet Byul hid somewhere close by. Byung Tae who’s able to break free, immediately calls the police.

Dong Chan was caught, unable to move. Kyung Soo orders Saet Byul to come out, if not, something bad will happen to Dong Chan ahjussi.

Dong Chan screams out to tell Saet Byul that this is just a game, similar with the game they played last time when she was locked inside a freezer truck. This time, this game is called “Bury the mole”. So Saet Byul, if you stay still wherever you’re now and don’t come out, they’ll win.  He tells her that his “wife” can do well, they’ll win.

They kick him to the pit to bury him alive with dirt. Saet Byul covers her ears, she keeps talking to herself that they’ll win if she stays still. That this is just a game. Dong Chan screams out this is just a game, don’t listen to the bad guys, Saet Byul.

But then, he hears Saet Byul’s cries “Ahjussi”. She came out from her hiding place, begging Kyung Soo to save Dong Chan ahjussi. She asks if they’ll save him if she goes with them. Kyung Soo nods, so Saet Byul takes his hand, and they leave the demolition site.

Byung Tae and Huh Goo arrive, they’re speechless that police didn’t come although Byung Tae called them earlier. Frustrated Dong Chan is still in the pit, unable to get out. He’s furious with Byung Tae who didn’t use his brain. He’s supposed to give the evidence to the minions first!

But for Byung Tae, Dong Chan & his family are more important than Saet Byul. That’s the reason why he kept the evidence, he wanted to save Dong Ho.

Dong Chan has to make a very conflicting decision now. Saet Byul or his brother? Both of them protected him. He wants to return Dong Ho back to his family, to Young Gyu who really misses his dad. But he also remembers Soo Jung’s mother prophecy that one must die for the other to survive. Does it mean that if Saet Byul lives, then his older brother will die?

He visits Soo Hyun at the hospital, gently caresses her forehead, trying to calm her down. She wakes up in anguish, her Saet Byul T_T She’s shocked when she sees the evidence on her hand. Dong Chan has decided to save Saet Byul T_T

Dong Chan tells Kyung Soo that Soo Hyun will call him about the evidence, he threatens that if he hurt Soo Hyun or Saet Byul, he’ll kill him. If Saet Byul is not safely returned, he’ll kill him. But he promises he will never give up on his older brother. Kyung Soo promises he’ll return Saet Byul safely to her family.

Chairman Choo orders Lee Myung Han to return Saet Byul to her family. He can’t wait any longer. He was quiet all this time because of his (useless) son, not because of money or honor. But he can’t do this anymore, he’s just an old man who doesn’t have long to live, he’s not scared with his threatens. But Lee Myung Han reminds him about his grandchildren and daughter-in-law who live peacefully in USA. What will happen to them if he decides to pull out from their “plan”?

Because Soo Hyun fooled him before, Kyung Soo didn’t bring Saet Byul with him. But he promises to return Saet Byul as long as she gives him the real evidence. Dong Chan watch Soo Hyun from afar. He knows he can’t leave Soo Hyun alone. Soo Hyun handcuffs herself with Kyung Soo and he drives to take her to Saet Byul.

The minion who’s watching over Saet Byul is busy watching news about President’s son who’s lucky to be alive. Saet Byul recognizes his face from the photo that the photo studio owner gave her.

Soo Hyun understands the reason why Kyung Soo did all this, it’s for his son’s sake. She knew about Min Woo’s case because she collected data about this incident for her program and she first met Ji Hoon during Min Woo’s trial. During their first months of marriage, Ji Hoon was too caught up with this case because he wanted to ensure Lee Min Suk who killed Min Woo got a fair judgement. So she understands why Kyung Soo felt betrayed by Ji Hoon who in the past worked hard so that killer got sentenced to death penalty, but few years later declared that he’s against death penalty.

Kyung Soo finally opens up, he is grateful that Ji Hoon did his best. Both of them worked tirelessly to ensure the justice was served, until one day they received a great news from the witness who confirmed he’d come & testify.

Lee Min Suk was proven guilty to kill Hwang Min Woo, Kang Ji Suk and Kim Young Jin. The court sentenced him to the maximum allowable penalty: death penalty. Applause all around. Lee Min Suk screamed out asking his dad to help him.

But 10 years later, Lee Min Suk still lives, happily behind bars. When Kyung Soo visited him, he sarcastically wanted to put a bet if he or Kyung Soo would die first.

With a smile on his face, he told Kyung Soo that Min Woo was looking for his dad when he’s dying. Shattered Kyung Soo warned him, he’d make sure he’d be hung. Lee Min Suk laughed, do whatever you want, he didn’t care.

Kyung Soo’s only motive is to make his son’s killer receives the death penalty.

Soo Hyun shows the picture to him, asking if he took that photo and if he killed Soo Jung. He sighs, disbelief that Soo Hyun & Dong Chan suspected the same thing. He didn’t do it! He warns her to stop talking if she wants her child back.

Flashback to his meeting with Lee Myung Han who promised that Lee Min Suk would be included in the list of people to be executed if he helped Cha Bong Sup, Gangnam serial murder killer, to flee from Gangnam police station where he was arrested & locked. He would instruct someone else to kill Bong Sup. But Kyung Soo would have to kill the guy who killed Bong Sup. He specifically told him to run over him with Angel Foundation’s car. President Kim Nam Joon has a very difficult time dealing with Chairman Choo who’s against death penalty. So by using his “foundation” as the scapegoat, they hope they’d be able to force death penalty to take place.

Kyung Soo and Soo Hyun arrive at the house where Saet Byul was locked, but she’s not here. She blames Kyung Soo who doesn’t know what happened. He escapes after he unlocked the handcuff. Dong Chan drives off to chase him. Unfortunately, he loses him.

Devastated, Soo Hyun goes back inside the house, she recognizes the drawing that Saet Byul drew is the same as the one she drew before. So she hurriedly heads home. She’s aware about the video camera in her daughter’s room, so she pulls out the memory card to check. She now realizes there’re three not two photos.

Soo Hyun, Dong Chan & Byung Tae are examining the video recording. Cutie Saet Byul talked to the camera, as if she was talking with Ahjussi Dong Chan. She reported that she was going to see mom and because mom looked sick, she told him to visit mom at the hospital. She promised she would stay by her mom’s side from now.

She showed three photos from Young Gyu’s camera. She was going to tell mom because the last photo was a bit weird (the person who took picture of Soo Jung and her friends 10 years ago was captured on this photo).

When the President’s son was trying to save his daughter at the banquet, he was limping. Soo Hyun concludes that the President’s son killed Soo Jung, he’s Hephaestus. So the mastermind behind these incidents is President Kim Nam Joon who tried to cover up his son’s crime by putting Dong Ho as a scapegoat.

Things got messed-up after they discovered the evidence in Bong Sup’s house. If people know about this evidence, Mujin serial killing cases will be re-investigated and his son won’t be saved from the public’s scrutiny and fair judgement. Soo Hyun think the President wants to cover up his son’s crime, so he uses all possible scenarios to protect his son, that includes kidnapping Saet Byul.

Before the time warp, Ji Hoon would definitely hand the evidence to them to save Saet Byul who got kidnapped. But why did she died if they got the evidence back?

President’s son & his family is on TV. They replay what Saet Byul watched earlier. Soo Hyun remembers she saw TV in the house where Saet Byul was locked. Saet Byul must’ve recognized his face. Spot on, Soo Hyun! Saet Byul realized the president’s son was the guy on the photo.

The minion questioned Saet Byul about those photos. Clever Saet Byul who knew something’s wrong, insisted she didn’t know anything. Lee Myung Han watched closely from the other room, he instructed his “minion” to get rid of her because she knew their secret.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun dash to the hospital to confront President’s son. He asks his family to leave after his guard handed him that photo.

He confessed he killed Soo Jung and put the blame on his Dong Chan’s stupid brother!

Flashback to 10 years ago. They arrived in Mujin, Jin Woo gave glow-in-the-dark watch to his friends, souvenirs from the fishing event. They saw a pretty girl walked passed them, Jin Woo knew her as her father used to work at his house. Soo Jung happily greeted Jin Woo who’s here on holiday. Cheeky Choo Do Jin wanted to take group picture with her.

President’s son decided to take the picture for them, although Dong Ho was more than happy to do it for them. He wanted to give Soo Jung’s picture to Dong Chan.

President’s son (Kim Shin Yoo) scolded Do Jin who insulted Dong Ho. He got upset and left. Jin Woo reminded him that Shin Yoo really hates the word “retard”, he’s disabled too – he has a limp on his leg. He walks normally, but he limps when he run. Hence, the kids in the US made fun of him and called him Hephaestus.

Later that night, they camped at the beach, Yoon Jae Han (Te Oh’s brother) played guitar. As they’re bored and upset because they didn’t catch any fish, Shin Yoo suggested to have a “drug” party.

They went to Dong Chan’s place and collapsed on the floor after sucking in the “candies”. Soo Jung arrived, she thought Shin Yoo was Dong Chan because of the jacket he wore. Shin Yoo worried that she caught him and his friends taking drugs.

She wanted to leave, but Shin Yoo grabbed her hand. She then insulted him, he got really angry and strangled her neck. She tried to defend herself, stabbed him using her hairpin. But he was too strong. Hopeless & scared, thought he killed her, he ran as far as he could.

Trembled, he told Lee Myung Han that he killed someone. So Myung Han drove to Mujin, told Shin Yoo to stay in the car while he took care everything for him, including threatening Dong Ho to confess he’s the killer.

Shin Yoo tells Dong Chan that if he stayed silent, then he would never involved Dong Ho. Shin Yoo’s confession drives Dong Chan mad. He really want to kill Shin Yoo now!

Shin Yoo think nobody can kill him, as he’s the President’s son. But no, Dong Chan is not scared, he strangles his neck, keeps shouting for Shin Yoo to die!

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