God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 16 Brief Recap

The finale! Will it tie all loose ends and solve the unanswered puzzles from the first timeline (before the timewarp)? Will Soo Jung’s mom prophecy come true? Can Dong Chan & Soo Hyun change Dong Ho & Saet Byul’s fate? Will they have to pay the price for the “God’s Gift” that was given to them?

This episode will (hopefully) answer all those questions above. Sit back & enjoy the ride. =)

Episode 16 Brief Recap

D-1 before the incident

Soo Hyun reminds Dong Chan that they have to save Saet Byul. If he kills Shin Yoo, it will complicate things and will put Saet Byul in more danger. Soo Hyun threatens to release the photo to the media if he doesn’t release Saet Byul. But that photo alone can’t be used as an evidence. And feel free to use all possible ways, but Shin Yoo think Saet Byul will die first.

Dong Chan can’t hold his anger anymore, he starts to strangle him again until the guards rush in. Soo Hyun believe they can’t communicate like this with Shin Yoo, it’s useless. Let’s just leave now.

Dong Chan receives a phone call from Chairman Choo’s assistant informing that he wants to meet him and he’s currently is hospitalized. Suddenly he remembers that today is the day Chairman Choo passed away in the first timeline.

He rush to Chairman’s room, scolding him for not going to hospital sooner although he’s wealthy. Chairman gives his late son’s last letter to Dong Chan, to hopefully help him with his brother’s case.

Choo Do Jin confessed what really happened with Soo Jung’s death. Lee Myung Han threatened Do Jin, Jin Woo and Jae Han to become his accomplices by keeping their mouth shut forever or be framed as Soo Jung’s murderer and live the rest of their lives in jail.

Do Jin took the knife to stab Soo Jung, his friends followed his footsteps.

Myung Han took photos of their “crimes” for evidence, threatening them to stay quiet.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Doo Jin committed suicide. Dong Chan is enraged that Chairman Choo knew about his brother’s innocence for a long time but didn’t say anything. He’s a coward, which Chairman admitted himself. Dong Chan finally knows the reason why Chairman wanted to give him 10billion won, and now he doesn’t want to accept the filthy money anymore. He tells him to live the rest of his life suffering, don’t die!

Chairman Choo apologizes to Soo Hyun, he knew he should tell the truth sooner. He instructed his people to find Saet Byul, so please just wait, they’ll find her.

After Soo Hyun leaves, he gasps & clutches his chest. 🙁

Ji Hoon begs Myung Han to return his daughter back to him. He took the evidence, so he definitely knew where Saet Byul is now.

Flashback to few years ago, Jae Han came to Ji Hoon’s office and handed a photo of him and his friends. He pointed out that his friend, Shin Yoo, killed Soo Jung 5 years ago.

He promised to be a witness, so he asked him to re-investigate this case.

But before he was able to testify, he died. Myung Han told him that Jae Han slipped and got into accident, but Ji Hoon didn’t buy his explanation, he accused him of killing Jae Han. At that time, he couldn’t do anything to uncover the truth because he didn’t have any evidence.

Few years later, he finally found the evidence (the jewelries). Ji Hoon’s greedy ambition led him to make an agreement with Lee Myung Han! He asked him to become his stepping stone so a mere lawyer like him can change the world by holding the whole country on his embrace. Unfortunately, Myung Han broke his promise.

Ji Hoon kneels down, begs Myung Han to return Saet Byul. He apologizes, promises he’ll do anything Myung Han asks him to do. Even if he asks him to be his dog, he’ll do it. He takes Myung Han’s hand to “pet” his head like a dog. Now, he’s his dog. Myung Han gently pet his head, sarcastically asks why did he bite recklessly. Ji Hoon keeps apologizing, begging him to return Saet Byul to him.

Myung Han calls someone to take Saet Byul to One Heart Hospital. Then tells him to go & meet her because she’s been looking for her dad.

Police came to Soon Nyae’ house to arrest her as the suspect of Saet Byul’s kidnapping. Young Gyu is also arrested although his grandmother keeps telling them that she did it alone.

Dong Chan calls someone to let him know that he has Mujin’s case evidence and he wants to meet this person. He also orders Byung Tae to keep driving so nobody can track his vehicle. Then to come as soon as he contacts them. Avoid the police and be careful, Byung Tae & Jenny.

Ji Hoon calls Soo Hyun about Saet Byul, so she and Dong Chan go on their separate ways. She’ll go to find Saet Byul while Dong Chan takes Doo Jin’s testimony to save his brother’s life.

Dong Chan barges in to Myung Han’s office criticizing that the killer lives comfortably & in luxury after killing people.

Dong Chan came to bring a “present” for him, evidence of what he did 10 years ago.

Huh Goo arrives at Soon Nyae’s house, but someone hit him from behind.

Myung Han turns on his TV, CCTV live footage of Dong Chan’s mom, nephew and unconscious Huh Goo. He’s one step ahead of Dong Chan! He explains that CCTV footage of his mother & Saet Byul from Seoul & Mujin and the fact  that Saet Byul’s DNA & traces were found at Dong Ho’s hideout, could easily prove that his mother kidnapped Saet Byul.

Dong Chan is not afraid with his blackmail because he thought Saet Byul is safe with her father now.

However, Myung Han is smarter. He’ll let Soon Nyae & Young Gyu to escape on the way to police station then they’ll fire Huh Goo’s gun. He threatens he’ll kill his mom, nephew & Huh Goo if he doesn’t bring him Doo Jin’s original will.

Ji Hoon arrives at the hospital, screams out Saet Byul’s name but couldn’t find her. Soo Hyun arrives as Ji Hoon finds out from Myung Han that Saet Byul ran away (of course Myung Han lied). When Soo Hyun wants to meet President Kim Nam Joon, her husband finally tells her it’s all Lee Myung Han’s wrongdoings.

However, Soo Hyun is adamant that President Kim Nam Joon is trying to cover up his son’s crime. And because of the picture that Saet Byul drew.

Ji Hoon tells her that he initially also suspected the President, but after checking thoroughly, President Kim Nam Joon doesn’t know anything about this. He was a presidential aid 10 years ago and he was with the President in Switzerland the day Soo Jung was killed.

Soo Hyun wants to confirm it herself, she can’t trust her husband anymore.

Dong Chan hands over Doo Jin’s will and Myung Han calls his minion to let his family & friend go. He rips up that will, toss it away.

Dong Chan pretends he was the one who hit Huh Goo, he still hasn’t come to his sense yet after being hit & saved. When asked why he came to Soon Nyae’s house, he stutters as he tells that he was looking for Dong Chan. He peeked at his brother’s journal (execution list) and found out that Dong Ho will be executed tomorrow, hence, he wanted to tell Dong Chan about it. Dong Chan is shocked because in the first timeline, his brother was executed one month from today. But now it’s been changed to tomorrow. Indirectly, Dong Chan brought forward Dong Ho’s execution date.

He comes to his house and eats meal with his family, which he rarely does. His mother always prepares rice for her two sons, it’s really sweet. He wants to take Young Gyu to meet his dad, much to his  mom’s objection because Dong Ho will get shocked (because he doesn’t know that Young Gyu got shot). But he doesn’t care, he made a promise to his brother and he won’t break this promise.

He cutely turns into Young Gyu’s hairdresser, styling his hair into a perfect bowl haircut.

They take family picture, Dong Chan sweetly holds his mother’s hand. Dong Chan’s eyes brimming with tears, he smiles to the camera.

Soo Hyun tries to find more clues about Soo Jung’s murder by examining video tapes from the conference in Switzerland which Kim Nam Joon attended 10 years ago. Shin Yoo murdered her at 10:20PM and he said he spoke to his father right after that, so it would be before 11PM. She finds out Kim Nam Joon stayed next to the President and never took a call that time. What Ji Hoon said before was right.

But why did Saet Byul draw the tail of “Bonghwang”?

She checks another video tape, to find a couple ring!

Flashback to the night after Shin Yoo killed Soo Jung. The person he called and spoke to, was his mother! She promised she would take care everything for her son.

President’s wife was seen wearing the same ring as she gently caressed Saet Byul.

She wants to return Saet Byul to her parents because they’ve already found the evidence. But Myung Han tells her that they’d lose control of things if they do that.

Now she believes that Saet Byul must die for her son to be safe.

She wants to know why he helped her family 10 years ago. Myung Han explains he really respects Kim Nam Joo and he didn’t want a competent politician to go down because of his son’s mistake. He wanted to make Kim Nam Joon into a President, that was his motive. (of course he wanted power too!)

He orders Kyung Soo to get rid of Saet Byul, totally different of what he’s promised. Myung Han threatens him using his wife who keeps wanting to kill herself because her son’s killer is still living comfortably in jail. If the killer dies, she will finally be in peace and won’t try to kill herself.

The names on in the execution list can change anytime, so don’t ever forget about this fact.

As promised, Dong Chan took Young Gyu to see his dad, but he hides.

Dong Ho suddenly asks if it’s hurt when you hang a dear leather on your neck. He’s scared. He must’ve heard from someone about the death penalty execution.

Suddenly, Young Gyu appears in front of him. Dong Ho is shocked, Young Gyu thought his father forgot about him already, but Dong Chan assures him his dad never forgets him.

Dong Ho wails. He apologizes to his son that he’s ill. T_T

When Young Gyu waits for his uncle outside, Dong Ho asks what’s wrong with him. Is he sick? Young Gyu has changed, he wasn’t like that before. Maybe it’s all his fault for being stupid, now his son is stupid too. T_T

Dong Chan tells him that Dong Ho and Young Gyu are normal, they’re not stupid.

Dong Ho wants his brother to assure him to take care of Young Gyu if (in case) he dies. And to be his dad if Dong Ho dies.

But Dong Chan believes his brother will live and he’s a bachelor, he doesn’t want to have Young Gyu as his burden (jokingly). He wants Dong Ho to come out and raise him alone, take responsibility because he was the one who brought Young Gyu home. And live happily with Young Gyu.

He’s relieved and happy that he’ll be released soon. When asked, when he’ll be released, Dong Chan can’t say anything.

Dong Chan visits Woo Jin who’s in a coma, to wake up and live his whole life feeling bad for Young Gyu. And when he’s no longer here & when his mom passes away, he wants Woo Jin to take care his family for him. Then he will forgive him.

Flashback to Dong Chan destroyed (burned) NFS expert report that Woo Jin gave to him.


Shin Yoo is discharged, reporters want to know if he’s going to meet with Saet Byul’s mom. He walks to his waiting car, doesn’t say anything. Suddenly, Dong Chan hit him, punch him, threatens to tell the truth.

In front of reporters, Dong Chan states that he’s the murderer of Mujin serial killing cases 10 years ago. The press go wild capturing this scene, as he keeps confessing that he killed Lee Soo Jung, Jung Tae Hee and Kim Jae Kyung & blamed it on his brother. He placed all the murder weapon on the scene but the prosecutor & police couldn’t catch him until now. He throws the photos evidence to the camera.

Soo Hyun can’t reach Dong Chan and is shocked when she sees Dong Chan has been arrested as Mujin serial killer who attempted to assault President’s son.

Locked behind bars, Dong Chan finds out that Chairman Choo passed away because of heart seizure.

Dong Chan keeps acting like he’s serial murderer, Huh Goo doesn’t believe him. He shouting out, asking police to speed up their investigation and release Dong Ho as soon as they can.

Her mom, supported by Byung Tae & Jenny arrive. Upset, angry, devastated, she believes Dong Chan did this because his brother is about to get executed. Keeps lying that he’s the culprit. But his mom doesn’t believe it and what’s good will it be if he dies while Dong Ho lives?

She put the blame on Soo Hyun who (she believe) got her arrested because she took Saet Byul and now she also put Dong Chan here.

Soon Nyae suddenly blames herself for letting Saet Byul go, she should kept her alive or not. She’s going to kill Saet Byul herself.

Soo Hyun arrives, Soon Nyae begs her to save her sons.

Dong Chan apologizes he wasn’t able to find Saet Byul with her. Soo Hyun begs him to vindicate himself, get out then they’ll find Saet Byul together. Why did he easily give up on things like this? He’s unlike Dong Chan she knew before. Dong Chan was the only person who believed her when the world thought she went crazy.

But Dong Chan has lost hope, this world (screwed up politicians) will kill his innocent brother instead of murderers. His brother will be executed tomorrow, and this is the only thing he can do to save Dong Ho.

Soo Hyun tells him it’s not too late, it’s not over yet. She’ll save Saet Byul, Dong Ho and Dong Chan.

She urgently goes to Presidential’s office, begging the guards to let her in & speak with the President because many people’s lives are at stake here.

Myung Han keeps telling Ji Hoon that he doesn’t know where Saet Byul is. His minions beat him up for keep shouting Saet Byul’s name and begging him to return his daughter to him.

Because of lack of evidence, Ki Dong Chan is freed. He receives a text message instructing him to come to Club Y if he wants to save Saet Byul.

He hastily goes to that club, he recognizes this place as he’s been here before in the first timeline. He refuses to drink any alcohol, afraid he’ll blank out when he’s drunk.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is still in front of Presidential’s office, holding a press conference. She tells the whole country that the government uses her daughter as a sacrificial lamb. It’s clear that the kidnapper didn’t demand any ransom money, and he specifically warned that this child will die because of you, Mr President.

Soo Hyun believes that the government has the duty to protect their citizens, especially the weak ones & children. Several days have passed since her daughter has been kidnapped publicly, but she hasn’t heard any statement. Why the President didn’t want to meet with her? Would his other duties more important than a child’s life?

Two people in a club are mocking Soo Hyun, she also made mistake as she didn’t take a good care of her daughter (They said similar things as they did in the first timeline). Dong Chan who heard it, gets angry.

Soo Hyun is allowed to see the President. She confesses she can no longer trust the police, this country, and even her child’s father. She’s not even sure if she can trust the President. He sincerely hopes as the President of this country that Saet Byul will return safely to her family.

Soo Hyun tells him that he’s the only person who put an end of this tragedy. She hands him photos of his son and breaks the news that his son killed Soo Jung. The scar on his son’s left collarbone was a scar because of a stab from a hairpin.

She tells him what really happened that fateful night. That his wife & Myung Han framed Dong Ho into a murderer to cover up Shin Yoo’s crime.

He’s the only person in this country who can return her daughter back to her.

Kyung Soo takes Saet Byul out as instructed by Myung Han. Saet Byul innocently think he’ll drive her home as she thought the pretty lady (President’s wife) told him to do so.

He drives to Mujin reservoir, Saet Byul is excited as she’s been there before with her mom & Dong Chan so she thought she’ll get to see them soon.

She pulls her strawberry pin and put it on her hair. Flashback: Young Gyu gave her two strawberry pins the other day. So Dong Chan has one and Saet Byul has the other pin.

Two guys who insulted Soo Hyun beat up drunk Dong Chan outside the club after having a heated argument with him. His phone rang.

He hurriedly leaves, doesn’t realize he left his jacket there. He gets into a cab, instructs the driver to take him to Mujin reservoir.

Kyung Soo takes Saet Byul to the reservoir, they sit down and he starts to strangle her. She’s very scared, afraid he’ll kill her.

Suddenly he pulls his hand back. He changes his mind, promises to take her back safely to her mom. But Lee Myung Han’s minions are here. So he carries Saet Byul and run as far as he can.

Lee Myung Han receives this news and tells his minion to prepare what he has told them before. Ji Hoon is still lying helplessly in his office.

Kyung Soo gives his mobile phone to Saet Byul, instructing her to run away while he distracts the minions. He dies protecting Saet Byul T_T

Soo Hyun leaves the President’s office without any clear answer. She receives a frantic call from Saet Byul who quickly tells her she’s in Mujin.

Suddenly, the minions come. She screams out “let me go”. She holds on to angel foundation’s keychain as they take her away and bring her to a very creepy dark place.

She checks her bag to find a marker, but can only find a puzzle piece and the keychain. Thankfully she finds a pen there and starts drawing a picture of her family.

Soo Hyun arrives at the shack where she found Saet Byul’s drawing in the first timeline, but she’s not here.

Dong Chan is in Mujin reservoir, he picks up Saet Byul’s strawberry hairpin.


He keeps walking until he discovers Saet Byul’s body.

Cue back to the phone call he received earlier. It’s his mother. Who told him that she killed Saet Byul! She explained Saet Byul came to the hideout, so out of anger *by mistake*, she killed her.

Dong Chan is shocked, his mom… T_T He remembered his mom threatened to kill Saet Byul earlier.

Lee Myung Han and a woman are talking about Dong Chan’s brain scan. If he drinks alcohol, he’ll get amnesia or blackout. Hence, they spiked his water he drank in the club and injected high level of alcohol to him (in the taxi) so he won’t come to his senses until their dirty work is done.

Dong Chan wails, he can’t make his mother into a murderer, he can’t. And all this happened because of him.

Lee Myung Han is actually talking with President’s wife! He explains that Saet Byul is still alive, he made it looked as if she’s dead. He asked someone who has similar voice with his mom to call him because he knew Dong Chan would take the blame for his mother just as his brother did 10 years ago. This will make Dong Chan Saet Byul’s killer! He’ll end up kill her.

He has a grudge against the prosecutor who was in charge of his brother’s case so people will believe if he kidnapped & murdered the prosecutor’s daughter.

Myung Han’s minion takes pictures of the murder scene as evidence as Dong Chan walks around to hide Saet Byul’s body. They will then send these photos to Ji Hoon at the right time (the photos that Ji Hoon received in the first timeline) so nobody will suspect them as all evidence points out to Dong Chan. In the end, it’ll be a battle between Ki Dong Chan and Han Ji Hoon.

In the first timeline, after he received the evidence photos, Ji Hoon told Soo Hyun that he would kill Saet Byul’s killer. He did! He instructed his “men” to throw Dong Chan to the river.

President barges in to his son’s hospital room where his wife and Lee Myung Han were discussing about their evil plan. He’s shocked to see the scar on his son’s collarbone.

Dong Chan wails as he keeps walking to hide Saet Byul’s body. Soo Hyun arrives in the reservoir, panicky screams out Saet Byul’s name. Just then, President Kim Nam Joon calls her to inform that he sent police to Mujin reservoir to catch Ki Dong Chan as right now he think Saet Byul is dead although in fact she’s still alive. Dong Chan has been framed!

Soo Hyun rushes in to find Dong Chan. He goes to the lake, same action as what he saw on his nightmare. That guy on his dream wasn’t his brother, it was himself! That dream was his memory of what happened in the past.

He hears Soo Hyun’s voice. He apologizes, sincerely apologizes for killing Saet Byul in the past. He apologizes to Saet Byul.

Soo Hyun screams out “No”. No, don’t do this Dong Chan!

The day of the incident

Splash of water sound – as if someone’s jumping into the water.

President Kim Nam Joon is holding a press conference announcing his resignation and the crimes that his family did.

Dong Ho is released from jail, reunited with his mom & son.

Soo Hyun mends her broken relationship with her mother.

Dong Chan followed Soo Jung’s mom prophecy that this is a fate which will end if one of the two disappear. He realizes the two people here are him and Saet Byul; not his brother & Saet Byul.

This is the reason why he and Soo Hyun returned to 14 days before the incident.

He would protect Saet Byul, Soo Hyun. Don’t worry!

He smiles as he walks deeper to the lake and jumps. (Noooo, Dong Chan T___T)

Flashback to the time when he read The Story of A Mother‘s ending to Saet Byul who was curious to know if the child will die or live?

He told her the knight safely saved the baby and returned her to her mom. The baby lives happily together with her mother for a really, really long time.

Saet Byul asked: “But what about her knight? Did he survive?”


Very Brief Comment

OMG, what a twist of fate!

Will write my brief comment after I calm down. It’s disappointing & sad that Dong Chan, Saet Byul’s knight had to sacrifice himself and until the end he didn’t know that the evil Lee Myung Han framed him to kill Saet Byul >.< He’s able to save his brother and Saet Byul, but this is not fair T_T

I have to convince myself that we have happy ending here. I hope Soo Hyun was able to convince Dong Chan as what she did at the beginning of this episode. I hope she jumped into the water to save him, to tell him that he’s framed before it’s too late. I hope Dong Chan was there with his family to welcome his brother after he’s released from prison. And they will live happily for a long long time.

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