God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 2 Brief Recap

The second episode sealed my love for God’s Gift – 14 Days. It perfectly captured Kim Soo Hyun’s unending sacrificial love for her innocent daughter who’s gone too soon. Her emotional pleas, her fighting spirit, her brokenness, I really hope no mother will have to experience what Kim Soo Hyun went through. It’s very heartbreaking. Grab some tissues everyone, this episode will break your heart into million pieces.

Episode 2 Brief Recap

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The serial killer keeps threatening everyone, sickly confessing what he did to his second victim. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo Jin receives a call from his office which confirms what the serial killer has just said. He gives a signal to the MC that the caller is indeed the real killer.

Kim Soo Hyun’s heart drops when she hears her daughter’s wailing on the phone, so she run to the studio while the caller is laughing creepily. Unfortunately the caller hang up. T_T

The public who saw the live broadcast are shocked. But the President is unaware of this incident, he’s enjoying precious time with his family.

Suddenly, his assistance tells him to watch TV. It’s all over the news that a writer’s child was kidnapped during a live broadcast. They replay the killer’s voice who threatens that this child will die because of him.

Min Ah explains that Saet Byul saw her nanny, hence she ran away when Min Ah was talking on the phone. She also saw the nanny standing there, she blames herself for not staying with Saet Byul until she’s safe with her nanny.

The nanny didn’t see Saet Byul at all.

Hyun Woo Jin is checking the CCTVs of the hallways, the exits heading toward the parking lot between 18.40PM – 19.00PM. Trembling, Kim Soo Hyun joins the detectives carefully checking the CCTVs.

They finally find the CCTV recording which Min Ah took Saet Byul downstairs. They carefully scan & rewind this recording, Kim Soo Hyun is frustrated because there’s nothing suspicious they can find from this.

Soo Hyun, Ji Hoon, Woo Jin and his team are vigilantly waiting for the caller’s next move.

Soo Hyun hastily wants to pick up the phone when it rings, but Woo Jin instructs Ji Hoon to answer it. He advises him that he must not say anything which will make the killer mad. Recording starts and Ji Hoon picks up the phone. Unfortunately, nobody was there.

Soo Hyun is wondering if Saet Byul will ever be back. She repeats what the killer said earlier – that her daughter is going to die and it’s because of the government. It’s not because of money.

The news is reporting that there’s no progress in this kidnapping case. It’s widely known that the first 3 hours after the kidnapping is the most important, so if anyone has any info about this case – as little as it may be – please call the detective / police.

After waiting for hours, the phone rings. The detectives start the recording and Ji Hoon picks up the phone. It’s the killer who demands 200million Won in cash by 10 tomorrow morning. Ji Hoon who still doesn’t believe that the caller is the culprit – is asking for an evidence. He wants to know if his daughter is still alive. He won’t make any agreement with the caller until he hears his daughter’s voice. Then he hang up.

Everyone is speechless with his action, Soo Hyun is shocked & angry – worried that because of her husband’s wrong move, the killer gets mad & kills Saet Byul. Even if he demands the ransom money, but he may forget about this money and kill Saet Byul. How can her husband do this to them. If anything happens, it’s all his fault.

The killer calls again and this time, Soo Hyun grabs the phone from her husband. Straight away she asks about Saet Byul. The caller tells her that she’s fine. When asked if she’s alive, he repeats his answer “she’s fine”. Soo Hyun asks to talk to Saet Byul / hear her voice but he insists he wants the money by 10 tomorrow morning and he hang up. So Soo Hyun orders Ji Hoon to take the money (that they received from selling his sister’s house) from the bank.

The villa’s security guard overhears the detectives talking about ransom money. He mentions about the guy from before – he was a bit tough.

Cue to… these two detectives arrest Dong Chan as the suspicious culprit of this kidnapping case.

The ransom money has been prepared and the detective is putting a recording device on his chest.

Soo Hyun is sitting in her daughter’s room and suddenly she hears Saet Byul’s voice asking her what’s she doing.

Flashback… When Saet Byul saw mom was looking at her personal secret box, she’s upset that mom was invading her personal life. Soo Hyun held a cute wedding scrapbook picture of Saet Byul & band leader Snake. She teased Saet Byul – asking when did they marry. Aww…

Soo Hyun is now trying to open the box – but she can’t because it’s locked 🙁

A delivery guy is delivering a mysterious box for Soo Hyun with staring gazes from the detectives. Soo Hyun remembers the delivery guy’s eyes – he’s the one who bumped her at her office building on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped. He secretly gives a secret letter, thankfully the detectives didn’t see that. They check the box but don’t find anything suspicious.

The secret letter instructs Soo Hyun to put the ransom money in the second trash in Han River. If the police follows her, Saet Byul will die. She hides this letter from anyone… Sobbing and wailing alone.

Worried, sad, upset; she faints. So they take her to hospital.

But when Ji Hoon visits her the next morning, she’s not there. She’s currently in the bank – withdrawing money as much as she can. She put the money in a paper bag and crazily crossing the road trying to catch a taxi.

Ji Hoon, Woo Jin and the detectives are trailing her.

She finally reaches Han River, she’s trying to find the killer’s mobile phone in the trash bins. Then, this phone rings. The killer is mad that she brought the police with her. She insists she came alone. But when she looks around, she’s shocked to see the policemen and detectives in close proximity. She apologizes and promises to do whatever he asks her to do.

He orders her to catch a train – if not, her daughter will die.

When she run towards the train station, policemen and the detectives are chasing her. *why didn’t she tell the detectives about the killer’s demand? 

She’s a fast runner – she board the train, leaving the team behind in the train station.

When she arrives in the designated train station, she walks forward. And stops when the killer tells her to do that. He instructs her for not looking behind her and to stay right there. Now, he tells her to slowly turn around. She’s wailing when she sees the kidnapper covering Saet Byul’s mouth in the other platform.

The kidnapper tells her to cross over to the other platform, then he hangs up.

Soo Hyun is trying to get to the other platform, running upstairs. They meet in the middle and he grabs the paper bag from her. Soo Hyun is relieved when she see Saet Byul (from the back) still standing there in the platform.

But when she finds out that the little girl is not Saet Byul, she panicky chase the kidnapper who boards a very crowded train. Thankfully, she’s able to board this train, and is able to meet him.

As he’s trying to run away from her, she grabs his left leg, begging him to give Saet Byul back to her. But he kicks her repeatedly with his right leg. T_T Soo Hyun doesn’t give up, she crawls on the floor – still holding his left leg until he falls down. several times (*I’m speechless with the spectators who stand there, gasping & watching Soo Hyun’s fighting for her dear life but don’t do anything to help her)

He punches her face trying to break free, until Woo Jin and his team arrive & arrest him.

Ki Dong Chan has been released because they found the real culprit. He sees Saet Byul’s picture on the notice board and hoping nothing bad happened to her.

At home, he’s watching a news about Chairman Choo Myun Woo’s death. He suddenly remembers that old man, who slept like a poor man outside his house and begged him to make his peace with his mother. He remembers this old man who promised to give 10billion won if he gets his mind straight and live like a human being. That man… has passed away. Leaving his 10billion won and his whole fortune to a charity.

Dong Chan thinks he’s dreaming because he’s too tired. But no… He just missed out on a great fortune just because he didn’t listen to his advice.

Soo Hyun realizes that they have never received any call from the real kidnapper. Not even once. Ji Hoon promises they will find Saet Byul.

Suddenly, Soo Hyun asks Ji Hoon to take her to the broadcasting station to make a heartfelt plea to the kidnapper. It makes the people in the broadcasting station happy because they only think about the viewers’ rating.

Alone, in the studio, Soo Hyun starts making her heartfelt emotional pleas.

“I know you have a reason for this…

I believe that you’re a kind person. You who might be someone’s father or someone’s son.

My Saet Byul is a very kind child. She holds out her hand when she sees a weak or poor person. Although she’s not very talented in her study, but she is a pure & beautiful child who think of her friends & her neighbors first. I believe that you too know how lovely & nice Saet Byul is.

You were mad because we changed it to a serial killing and showed your facial composite picture on national television. So I understand that you’re angry and upset. I sincerely apologize for making you upset.

It was my job and I didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t have any feelings for you, Sir. So does my husband. Truthfully, both my husband & I don’t like the current government. We didn’t elect the President. And I bet even the citizens will think the same as me and you.

So please let go your anger and please… send my Saet Byul back. She’s my everything. So please teacher… please pity me…”

She knows the culprit is watching this live broadcast and is listening to her. She begs, cries, asks forgiveness, apologizes. Begging him to take a good care of Saet Byul – don’t turn off the lights, don’t leave her alone, don’t beat her, don’t hurt her. *this scene broke my heart to pieces

She begs him to let her daughter go, spare her daughter’s life and take her instead. Kill her if he wishes. Her child has done nothing wrong apart from being born to a mother like her.

The live broadcast is paused with the breaking news which just came in. Police found a red shoe & bag covered in blood, suspected to be Han Saet Byul’s.

Kim Soo Hyun trembles, unable to believe what she just saw. She’s unable to utter a word. So they plan to finish the live broadcast.

Suddenly, she speaks up. She threatens that if he dares to touch a strand of her hair, she will find him to the ends of the earth, catch & kill him. She’ll rip him into pieces. It’s going to be a very painful death.

In the bar, Dong Chan is regretting over the lost 10billion won. Two guys watching TV and making fun of Kim Soo Hyun’s beaten-up face. They blame her for not caring take of her own child.

Dong Chan overhears their conversation, calling them rude for not considering the poor  mother’s feeling. He’s fighting with this group of men but lost.

The next morning, he wakes up looking confused why his face is bruised. Then he recalls what happened last night.

The detective hands over Saet Byul’s personal belongings covered in blood (red shoe, clothes) that they found to the poor parents. Without saying anything, Soo Hyun hugs her daughter’s precious belongings and silently goes upstairs. Woo Jin tells Ji Hoon to prepare his heart.

In the very early morning, a fisherman catch something in the reservoir. But instead of fish, it’s a red shoe. Then, a body is floating in the water (this is the exact replica of the scene in episode 1).

After scanning the pictures of a storage room, Woo Jin predict that Saet Byul was kidnapped & locked in that room before she died. There’s an evidence of struggling. Firstly, they thought the killer threw Saet Byul’s body in the lake after she died. But it. But it looked like Saet Byul tried to run away then felt in the lake. She didn’t die after she’s kidnapped, but died 7 days later. The autopsy concludes she died from drowning.

Kim Soo Hyun arrives at the lake where they found Saet Byul’s body. Her husband is already there. They’re wailing over their daughter’s dead body.

The President is delivering this devastating news. He promises he will find the culprit. This incident is his challenge and the national’s challenge, he will show the citizens how his strong government is going to solve this case.

Because of this case… soon… they will make their first execution and he will choose the one who’ll be executed.

Of course, it’s none other than… Ki Dong Woo.

On his dream, Dong Chan recalls what happened that night. His hyung, threw the body in the lake. During the trial, he didn’t know what he should do. He looked at his wailing mom who shaked her head, begging him to protect his brother.

As a sole witness, he chose to do the right thing – confessing that his brother’s the real killer. And he secretly hides the guilt until today.

Soo Hyun is surprised she can unlock her daughter’s secret box as she’s unable to do that several days ago.

She reads her daughter’s diary. She finds out the reason why she didn’t want to go to school. Saet Byul wrote that she first embarrassed of her mom who thought Young Gyu was different like any other person. She hated mom. She would fix his camera with her own money. But she also praised her mom for scolding the security guard who wanted to kick Young Gyu out.

Soo Hyun’s tears streaming down when she read Saet Byul wrote that she’s her mom embarrassing daughter – that she’s stupid. I’m sorry, Mom.

Young Gyu is waiting for Saet Byul in front of the villa and the security guard tells him that she’s died and is in Heaven now. But he confidently tells him that she didn’t died. She’s not dead.

49 days after Saet Byul passed away. Ji Hoon is packing their daughter’s stuffs. He begs Soo Hyun to let Saet Byul “leave” comfortably. But she refuses to do that and asks him to leave Saet Byul’s room.

She read Saet Byul’s diary, but the last page is ripped.

Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s Ji Hoon who tells her he’ll live somewhere else now. He confesses that he can’t forgive her. He indirectly blames Soo Hyun who was distracted by meeting her first love, Woo Jin, so she didn’t drop off Saet Byul herself. Although it’s not entirely her fault, but he still get mad whenever he sees his wife. He also lost a child. 🙁

Ji Hoon eyes widen when he receive a set of pictures from unknown people.

Gangsters are raiding Dong Chan’s house, accusing him of sleeping with his wife. Although he’s trying to explain, but he’s on his knees, apologizing, asking them to to forgive him.

But in turn of event, the gangster is sobbing… He’s upset that his wife doesn’t want to sleep with him because he’s boring (compare with Dong Chan).

Dong Chan is bluffing, then throwing eggs to them and run away. His escaping skill is amazing.

He hides in a recycle bin, but his friend from the police station calls him – tells him that his brother will be executed today.

But what can they do? They’ve already prepared for this day to come.

Because of this, the gangsters caught up with him.

Soo Hyun is going to the storage room where Saet Byul was locked in – ignoring Ji Hoon’s call. He left a message that he found the killer and will kill him himself.

In there, she finds Saet Byul’s beautiful drawing (of her parents) on the wall. She sleeps in the bed where Saet Byul last slept.

She’s wondering if only she can got back to the past. She leaves her bag in that room, then slowly walking towards the lake where they found Saet Byul’s body.

She looks straight to the calm lake. At the same time, Dong Chan is dragged to the lake – his feet are tied to a heavy rock although he’s begging them to save him.

He sees Soo Hyun, screams, tells her to call the police. With a blank expression, Soo Hyun ignores him.

Meanwhile, Ki Dong Ho is facing his execution. Trembling, begging someone to save him. He admits he did wrong. He begs his mother, his brother to save him.

Soo Hyun: “Saet Byul, you are alone and sad, right. You are cold? Don’t worry because mom will be right there.”

The gangsters throw Dong Chan into the lake. At the same time, Soo Hyun jumps into the lake. And in prison, they execute Dong Ho.

Brief Comment

This episode was not flawless, I’m still baffled that this poor woman, Kim Soo Hyun, had to fight alone while everyone else’s standing there like they’re watching a movie. Help that woman, people.

Lawyer Ji Hoon is a very smart man, he calculated things and didn’t make any hasty move. He’s suspicious that the caller was not the real killer hence he wanted to hear his daughter’s voice before he could do whatever the caller asked him to do. Soo Hyun acted without thinking it through. It’s understandable, her daughter was kidnapped. So she would do anything anyone told her to do, as long as she could get her child back. However, why didn’t she tell her husband about the instructions in that letter? She didn’t trust him? Maybe she’s afraid her husband wouldn’t let her take the money to Han River because he still didn’t believe the caller was the real killer.

Kim Soo Hyun is not a perfect mom, and she’s not a bad mom. She tried to be the best mom for Saet Byul, she raised her up strictly because she wanted her to excel in her study. As a busy working mom, she tried to manage her time well so she could be there whenever her daughter needed her.

But that day… Why did she have to meet her first love, Woo Jin? That day, why did she choose to pick this special guest instead of taking her daughter to her nanny? Why?

Soo Hyun is living in guilt and to make things worse, her husband also blames her for this fatal mistake. Her world is crashing down and she doesn’t have any reason to live now. So… she’s going to join her daughter…

OMG… The cliffhanger! Can’t wait to see Ki Dong Chan and Kim Soo Hyun working together to solve this case. I honestly wasn’t impressed with Ki Dong Chan’s storyline in the first 2 episodes – it’s just like a comedic relief to break the tension. I need him by Kim Soo Hyun’s side. I think he will save Kim Soo Hyun and they will solve this case together. When Kim Soo Hyun receives the “God’s Gift”, maybe he would use this opportunity to be a good son to his mother & inherit the old man’s 10 billion won fortune.

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