God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 3 Brief Recap

Kim Soo Hyun and Ki Dong Chan are given the surprise “God’s Gift” which brought them back to 14 days before Saet Byul’s kidnapping and murder. Can they reverse back the harrowing serial murder cases? Can they protect & save Saet Byul? Can they prevent Dong Woo’s execution? Can they catch the real killer?

Episode 3 Brief Recap

Soo Hyun: “I have a special treasure in this world that cannot be exchanged with anything else – the child that I love” 

With a heavy heart she’s thinking about her only child who was kidnapped during her live broadcast and then came back as a cold dead body. Her daughter was alone in that cold & deep lake, she would be really scared. So Soo Hyun is going to see her daughter now. In that deep cold lake.

Dong Chan is thrown to the lake. His older brother is being executed in that prison.

Soo Hyun sinks deeper into the lake, Dong Chan whose feet are tied with a heavy rock also drown into the bottom of the lake. But while Dong Chan is wriggling, trying to free himself, Soo Hyun is unconscious laying in the bottom of the lake surrounded with mysterious green lights floating around her body.

Flashback to all events related to Saet Byul’s disappearance. The start of time warp

Soo Hyun wakes up. She’s no longer drown in the lake. She’s walking barefoot towards to the place where Saet Byul was locked, but is surprised that it’s a different shack. It’s locked. She unlocks it and enters this creepy empty shack. There’s no Saet Byul’s drawing on the wall.

Suddenly, her phone rings and it’s Saet Byul asking mom to make her food because she’s hungry. Soo Hyun is relieved and elated to hear her daughter’s voice again – she’s alive.

D-14 before the accident – Soo Hyun’s Birthday

She arrives to an empty house, Saet Byul is nowhere to be seen. So she believes the phone call was her hallucination. But then, a congratulatory song is played and here she is, cutie Saet Byul holding a birthday cake for her mom. Soo Hyun is shocked, not because of this surprise birthday party, but because her daughter is alive.

She can’t believe that Saet Byul is standing in front of her, repeatedly asking if she’s really Saet Byul. If she’s hurt. If she’s okay. She holds her daughter very tightly. Ji Hoon is wondering what’s wrong with his wife and where did she go early this morning.

Soo Hyun is very confused, Saet Byul died, she died for sure. She keeps repeating this fact to her husband who tells her to get back to her sense, maybe it was her dream. Soo Hyun checks the calendar and is perplexed that today is two weeks before Saet Byul died. Her husband tells her to stop talking about unlucky things.

When Saet Byul is asking for her journal, suddenly a replay of what happened on Soo Hyun’s birthday is playing on her mind. She tries to protect Saet Byul from getting hurt, but in the end, she’s unable to prevent the incident. Saet Byul’s finger still got cut – but this time it’s from a broken glass.

In the car, although Soo Hyun doesn’t really like Saet Byul’s favorite kpop group’s song, but after recalling what happened last time; she tells her daughter that it’s okay to listen to it. Kind-hearted Saet Byul knows mom doesn’t like it and change the song.

Saet Byul gives her mom a laser pen for her birthday present. Remember what happened last time? Soo Hyun almost hit the girl who’s riding her bicycle. This time, she’s able to avoid this accident.

She talks to herself: it’s repeating.

She turns on the radio and it’s about the gangnam murder case.

She then looks at the envelope (present from her husband) and remembers the polaroid picture that Saet Byul and her took in that mysterious “destiny” cafe. She’s shocked that Saet Byul is not in that picture. So Soo Hyun goes to that cafe, the only one in that area, but it’s a different cafe. The owner is also different.

Soo Hyun drops Saet Byul at Min Ah’s place and instructs her to stay inside until she comes back.

She then inspects the crime scene where the gangnam murder case took place. She asks the detectives if the woman who was dumped in that recycle bin wore a leopard printed dress. She’s clearly describing the woman’s physical features, body position when they found her; which makes the detective (Huh Goo) suspicious – asking if she’s the witness. So they bring her to the police station for questioning. A mysterious man, most likely the real murderer is looking at this scene.

Soo Hyun warns the detectives that the killer will strike again tonight. So please listen to her, and catch him. She also tells them that the killer will kill another two women, then he’ll kill her daughter. Huh Goo is taken aback with her statement, but he think she’s just joking. How does she know what will happen in the future? And how did she know how that woman died and the clothes she wore? Even the reporters didn’t know about this. They accuse her as the real criminal.

Soo Hyun is trying her best to explain, but Huh Goo threatens her that all her statements can be used against her and she may get arrested as the real killer.

Ki Dong Chan arrives at the police station. He’s angry with the gangsters who threw him into the lake, accusing them for trying to kill him. He’s surprised to see Soo Hyun in the police station, but is relieved that she’s alive. He asks if she remembers him, her savior.

Flashback to the lake scene, Dong Chan was able to break free from the rope & big rock. As he swam upwards, mysterious green light which surrounded Soo Hyun’s body began to float and surrounded him. He saw Soo Hyun laying in the bottom of the lake and he swam deeper to save her.

Dong Chan is happy that Soo Hyun, the sole witness of what happened with him in the lake – is here. He urges her to tell Huh Goo what really happened.

But she tells everyone that she’s never been to that lake, and she’s never seen him nor those gangster guys. He’s baffled with her confession, if it’s not because of him, she would’ve died. He’s the one who pulled her out of the deep lake after she committed a suicide. She insists that she’s not the person he saved; why would she try to commit a suicide?

Because there’s not enough evidence (plus a strong alibi that they’re in Seoul during that time), the policemen are letting the gangsters go although Dong Chan insists that they’re guilty of attempted murder. Now he blames the detective for receiving bribes from these gangsters.

The detective is wondering why Dong Chan, who once was one of the legendary homicide detective, turned into such a sleazy guy. In the past, he’s usually once step ahead of the criminals, he always won the fight against the gangster.

Team Leader Woo Jin, Soo Hyun’s first love, is here. Soo Hyun has been waiting for him.

He repeats the same question he asked when he met her in a cafe last time. But this time, they’re in his office. She tells him that they’ve met in a broadcasting station before. And he said exactly the same thing.

She begs him to believe everything she’s going to say, although it may not make sense. She tells him everything, including the time warp. But he also doesn’t believe her – she still remembers his habit & hand gesture when he’s trying to believe what she said and he think she’s lying.

Even her husband didn’t believe her – so why would he believe her?

On her way out, Dong Chan gives his name card and asks her to drop him at the closest train station. But she drives her car away. The gangsters are chasing him to the train station. Luckily, he’s able to board the train. He’s safe – for now.

He’s reading his horoscope from a newspaper and it says that today is an important day that will make him meet a person who will change his destiny.

When he checks the newpaper’s date, he realizes that it’s a month old newspaper. He reads a news about prisoners execution and vividly remembers Huh Goo’s phone call which told him about his brother’s execution.

He’s checking with Young Gyu if he knows anything about his father’s tragic fate from his grandmother. Young Gyu starts complaining that his grandmother is a liar, and maybe his dad doesn’t love him anymore. He really misses his dad. Suddenly, Dong Chan is crying. When asked if it’s because he also misses his brother, he lies that it’s because of the spicy tteokbokki.

Soo Hyun is packing Saet Byul’s clothes, telling her they’re going abroad. She then packs Saet Byul’s jacket, clothes, red shoes, bag; that she wore on the day she was kidnapped. She wants to throw these stuffs, but the recycle bin is full. So she just leaves the bag there.

Remember the woman who spiked Dong Chan’s drink? She visits Dong Chan’s office and is confused with Dong Chan’s unending questions (ie. why she didn’t tell him that her husband is a gangster’s boss, why she bragged about him to her husband, etc).  Dong Chan looks at the calendar, wondering why nobody ripped last month’s calendar to today’s date. It’s still 10 March 2014 in that calendar. But this woman tells him that it’s today’s date. He recalls the newspaper’s date – 10 March 2014. Jenny also confirms that today is 10 March 2014.

So he asks the woman if today is the first time she came here and met him. She confirms that, then asks if he knows her. He asks if she’s here to hire him to catch her husband who’s cheating with another woman. She’s perplexed – asking how did he know about this? Wondering if this is a fortune telling place! Byung Tae asks if he’s being possessed by a spirit, who is he?

Because Dong Chan knows exactly what would happen when he takes this job, he asks the woman to leave. He’s not taking this job.

He’s still speechless with this time warp. Then, he suddenly remembers the green lights when he saved Soo Hyun, but brushes it off – thinking it’s not because of that.

The grandpa calls him, asking him to buy him food. He then recalls that this grandpa died. So he calls him back, shocked hearing his voice. But he’s happy because he’ll get 10 billion won if the grandpa is still alive.

Soo Hyun and Saet Byul are on the plane, Soo Hyun is relieved that everything will be okay now. It’s all finished.

Dong Chan bought food & drink (grande size caramel macchiato – grandpa’s favorite drink) for the grandpa who’s enjoying his life – watching TV at his place. He hugs him. He apologizes for all his bad behavior and tells him that he can live comfortably in this place as if it’s his own home. He promises he’ll turn into a new person, he’ll do volunteer works.

He’s eagerly waiting for the grandpa to tell him about the 10 billion won, but instead, the grandpa tells him to go to hospital because he looks sick (mentally ill). 😀

He then remembers the grandpa passed away because of a heart failure on 23 March, what can he do to prevent his death? He thinks coffee will be bad for him, so he doesn’t allow the grandpa to drink the caramel macchiato.

After eating the nut ice cream given by the stewardess, Saet Byul starts having nut allergy reaction. Because of this emergency, the pilot decided to turn the plance back to Incheon Airport.

At the hospital, Soo Hyun explains to her husband that every single incident is repeating. She shows him the picture Saet Byul and her took together. She believes because Saet Byul was not in that picture, then, in two weeks…

she will die.

Ji Hoon asks if because of this, she took Saet Byul to a foreign country. She nods. She believes if Saet Byul is in Seoul, she’ll be kidnapped and murdered.

Upset Ji Hoon screams, their Saet Byul almost died… today! Not in two weeks. And it was because of Soo Hyun.

Saet Byul has been discharged from the hospital. Soo Hyun’s on her bedside and recalls what the mysterious woman told her in that “destiny” cafe. That no matter she tries to avoid it, run away from it; destiny will always follow her no matter what. So instead of trying to run away, fight it.

Soo Hyun makes up her mind – she’s determined to fight this. She will change Saet Byul’s fate. She will find that murderer. She will capture him. She will save Saet Byul.

She starts by gathering the clues about this murder case. Starting from the second victim. She remembers the skull tee this woman wore.

Then she leaves – trying to find more evidence. Ji Hoon is angry that Soo Hyun is going somewhere when Saet Byul is still sick. But Soo Hyun is determined she’s not letting Saet Byul go for a second time. She’ll protect her. Although her husband think she’s crazy, she doesn’t care.

She meets with Young Gyu in front of the villa, Young Gyu tells her that he didn’t play with Saet Byul.

The security guards brings the recycle bag (that Soo Hyun tried to throw – containing Saet Byu’s stuffs) to Ji Hoon. He lectures him about the basic of human rights – correct public behavior, etc.

He think the maid threw it away, but no she didn’t. All those are Saet Byul’s new stuffs. Ji Hoon once again think that his wife is crazy.

Soo Hyun bought shoe for Young Gyu, asking him use this shoe to run & stop anyone who’s taking Saet Byul away. He promises her he’ll do that. She then apologizes to him.

Dong Chan quits his errand business, he’s planning to do volunteer work. He’s going to live a new life, starting afresh.

Then, Soo Hyun arrives at his office, asking him to help her. She hands him Saet Byul’s picture. She knows that Dong Chan knows about Saet Byul’s case. He pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

But she insists he knows. They came back 2 weeks before Saet Byul was found dead in that lake. And in 2 weeks, her child will die, so she begs him to help her to catch this murderer.

He asks why he should catch that murderer who killed 3 women? *the serial killer hasn’t killed the third woman, so yes, Dong Chan knows!*

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan know what really happened, so he’s the only one who can help her. Nobody else believe their story.

But he refuses to help her, afraid he’ll get hurt. He only has one body. Beside, he doesn’t want to meddle in someone else’s business. She throws money to him, telling him she’ll pay him as much as he wants. But he refuses again. He gives the money back to her and tells her to leave.

Soo Hyun’s waiting outside, begging him to help her. So Byung Tae has to tell her about Dong Chan’s stubbornness. Once he said no, it’s a no!

Soo Hyun gives her phone number to Byung Tae and to tell Dong Chan to call her if he changes his mind. Out-of-the blue, she asks about a gunstore.

At his office, Dong Chan looks at Saet Byul’s picture and recalls her & her cute promise in the police station (when he was arrested for trespassing and debt collection misunderstanding). He clench Saet Byul’s picture but then he recalls the government who made a statement they would execute prisoners on the death row (including his brother) because of what happened with Saet Byul.

Fflashback to the very frightening scene of him shot the man who held Young Gyu in the rooftop with a gun. *It’s unclear who’s the mysterious man was, but it looked like Dong Chan’s older brother. Omg, did he just shoot his own brother? Or did he just shoot his own nephew?* After the gunshot which brought the two men down, the policemen & detectives were rushing to check on them, while Dong Chan’s mother screamed Young Gyu’s name.

Dong Chan knows that if Saet Byul lives, his older brother won’t die. That motivates him to help Soo Hyun solving this murder mystery.

Byung Tae tells Dong Chan he took care all the rent and their debts. But Dong Chan is wondering where did he get this money from. Gambling? He confesses it’s from that ahjumma, Soo Hyun.

Soo Hyun starts her investigation by visiting clubs around the area where the second victim was found dead.

Rainy night and the grandpa asks Dong Chan to buy him a cappuccino with lots of cinnamon. But he thinks about what Byung Tae said earlier. He gave Soo Hyun the list of all clubs beginning with “R” in Gangnam. And mentioned about the gunstore.

He tries to let this go and go to sleep.

Soo Hyun arrives at Ra Ra Ra club and finds recycle bin #3 – the bin where they found the second victim. She enters the club, from afar she searched around to find the woman who’s wearing the skull tee. She finds her. It’s now 11 PM.

Her eyes are fixated to the guy who resembles the serial murderer’s sketch. He’s looking quite suspicious.

Soo Hyun has a mysterious item wrapped in a brown paper bag in her bag (a gun?). She slowly approaches this guy, while holding this item in her jacket. Suddenly, a light goes off. Someone grabs her from behind, covers her mouth.

It’s Ki Dong Chan! Who tells her that she’s crazy and it’s a big crime to kill someone. She asks him who’s going to kill someone. She didn’t hold the gun, it’s a taser.

He tells her that he knows what he should do. He just have to catch that murderer.   No use to wait in this club though, they can just wait in front of the bin and when the murderer comes, they can beat him there. But Soo Hyun believes that place was not the place where he killed her. So if they wait there, they might catch the culprit – but they’re not able to save the woman. They have to save her first.

When asked why he changed his mind, he mentions it’s because of money.

Together, they search through the club while waiting patiently for the woman to appear. Jenny & Byung Tae are here too. He assigns Byung Tae to wait in the entrance. While Jenny is very quick and is already dancing. Soo Hyun spots a guy walking towards the woman with his hand on his back pocket.

Soo Hyun suddenly goes missing. She punches this man who’s trying to grab the woman from behind. Screaming that there’s a murderer here.

Unfortunately, it’s a misunderstanding. He’s just a guy who’s trying to get the woman’s number by taking her phone out. Dong Chan who saw a white spot on this man’s wedding finger knew he’s married. So he threatens him to tell his wife that her husband wanted to get another woman’s number if he dares to report Soo Hyun for assault. So he’s letting this incident go and tells Dong Chan to look after his wife properly.

Soo Hyun doesn’t want the woman to go – afraid she’ll get killed. Dong Chan is trailing her from afar. Soo Hyun is looking for the correct recycle bin.

She’s asking someone who’s throwing beverage boxes – who’s taking these boxes away. He tells her that the alcohol company does – tomorrow after when the alcohol gets delivered before opening hours. She remembers that these boxes weren’t here before, so this is not the right rubbish bin.

So she searches another club, and arrives at “Pain Room” club. So it’s not “R” but “P”. She enters the club. After thinking that this is not the right one, she’s calling Dong Chan. But then, she sees a drunk woman wearing a skull tee & cross necklace. The woman left her pink scarf in the bathroom, so Soo Hyun is chasing her.

Meanwhile, Dong Chan is still following the first woman who’s wearing the skull tea. She leaves with her boyfriend in a motorcycle. He follows her.

Soo Hyun begs that other woman to stop walking, or she’ll die.

Dong Chan arrives to a group of motorcyclists and the woman’s boyfriend is angry he was flirting with her.

Then, he picks up Soo Hyun’s frantic call who tells him that it’s not that woman. The right woman is here.

Suddenly, a mysterious man wearing black mask grabs her from behind and silently threatens her with a knife.

Dong Chan is frantically asking what’s wrong.

Brief Comment (to be updated)

I’m pleased that the time warp has started. Ki Dong Chan is also dragged to this time warp, this will make everything easier for Kim Soo Hyun. At least, there’s someone who believes her, who knows what she’s going through. And he’s the perfect person who can solve this mystery for her. He also wants to catch the culprit because if all these incidents didn’t happen, if Saet Byul alive, his brother will be alive too.

Kim Soo Hyun in this episode really surprised me. She reacts & acts without thinking of the consequences. I understand her position – as a mother who wants to protect her child. A mother who doesn’t want the same incident to repeat. But she has to know that she’s dealing with a very smart serial killer. So, Soo Hyun, please stand back and let smart Dong Chan guides you. Don’t act recklessly again, you will get hurt if you keep this up. Moreover, you will put Saet Byul in danger.

There’re some scenes which were too quick, that I will have to re-watch this episode again to grasp what really happened in those scenes. Particularly the shooting incident scene, I still don’t know if Dong Chan shot the guy who was holding his nephew or if he mistakenly shot his own nephew. If he shot his nephew, maybe it’s the cause of his nephew’s mental illness? I hope this is not the case.

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