God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 4 Brief Recap

Another great episode with brainy Dong Chan and brave Soo Hyun working together solving the puzzles behind the second & third murders.

Episode 4 Brief Recap


The mysterious guy who was looking at Soo Hyun earlier today – is hiding in this dark alley. His voice… the same voice as the killer who called during the live broadcast on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped!

He grabs Soo Hyun’s phone, smart Dong Chan knows that he’s talking to this guy. He threatens to kill him if he dares to kill Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun quietly pulls a pen (birthday present from Saet Byul), Soo Hyun defends herself by biting his arm, stabbing his abdomen with the pen, but he’s way too strong for her. The second girl who wears the skull tea is watching this from afar.

Dong Chan is able to escape from the first woman’s boyfriend & his friend, he’s rushing to save Soo Hyun. This guy is wondering if she knows him since she kept following him. He threatens he will kill her.

The woman who wears skull tee suddenly screams asking for help. The mysterious guy orders her to keep quiet, he’ll finish it quickly. He returns to Soo Hyun and points his knife to her. Soo Hyun is able to attack him, points her pen back to him. But her defense is way too weak for him.

Dong Chan arrives! But the guy runs off. The woman is also free, thanks to Dong Chan. She’s going to report this to the police, but she runs towards this guy. She’s surprised to see a wound on his abdomen and when she realized that this is the mysterious guy, she’s speechless.

Soo Hyun urges Dong Chan to follow this woman. Unfortunately, they’re too late. She died shortly before midnight.

D-13 before the accident – The third victim murder

Because it was raining, all the fingerprints were washed away. They only has one evidence, the pen, which Soo Hyun used to stab him. Woo Jin wants to get the blood on this pen checked out as well as the hospital which has a patient with abdominal stab.

She challenges him if he still doesn’t believe her. If he did, this woman would still be alive.

Dong Chan is puzzled why he didn’t hear any scream – he was only 30 metres from where they found her in the street. If he’s not the woman’s acquaintance, then he might use something (maybe a drug) to soothe her.

Dong Chan is praising also scolding Soo Hyun for her bravery and her quick thinking of using a pen in that situation – but she might have died last night.

Soo Hyun is wondering how did he know & find out about that alley. It’s because of the bug tracking device which he put on her jacket earlier in the club corridor. He warns her that he won’t help her if she does anything abruptly again. She’s upset that the situation is repeating, that woman died. And tonight, the third woman will be killed.

But Dong Chan corrects her, this time the second victim was found dead in the street – not inside the bin. So something did change because of them. So let’s think about this positively.

Soo Hyun then realizes that her wallet is not on her bag (she left her bag in the alley and the police found it) – it’s gone. Dong Chan thinks the guy took it to steal her ID, Soo Hyun worries that he’ll find her. This makes the problem even bigger but Dong Chan tells her to keep calm.

Ji Hoon is anxiously waiting for his wife at home, upset that she didn’t tell him where she was. Worried when he sees bruises on his wife’s face.


But Soo Hyun doesn’t say anything and goes upstairs to sleep with Saet Byul.

Grandpa scolds Dong Chan for staying out all night, but he notices the bruises on his face and concludes he was fighting. The grandpa is enjoying breakfast packed by his mother. He recalls his last reaction and repeats his mistake.

The grandpa repeats what he said last time (his orders and 10 billion won), but this time, Dong Chan sarcastically tells him that he’s already a good man so how can he become a better man. Grandpa advises him that fighting and stealing people’s money are not a good thing. He doesn’t believe him when he says that he’s currently trying to do a good thing. So he challenges him to bring one person who can testifies it then he’ll give him 10 billion won.

Dong Chan is curious why the grandpa is giving him huge amount of money. He explains that he wants to save a pitiful person so he might be able to go to heaven after he dies. According to him, Dong Chan is the most pitiful person in the world – not because he’s poor but because he has anger, resentment, has a lot of hurt in his heart and he ignores his own parents. In the outside, he’s trying to be strong and acting cool. Dong Chan doesn’t want to hear any more life advice from the grandpa who doesn’t know anything about him.

Jenny is teaching Soo Hyun amera zooming, etc. Byung Tae is setting up the CCTV cameras at Soo Hyun’s place – much to Ji Hoon’s surprise.


They are arguing about Soo Hyun’s freakishness as if she’s gone crazy. She keeps repeating that Saet Byul will die in two weeks and she won’t let it happen again, not even in her dream. They didn’t realize that Saet Byul was standing behind Soo Hyun, overheard their conversation. She cries, because her father shouted at her mom and is scared that she’s going to die. Soo Hyun calms her down by telling her that she heard it wrong.

As President Ki Nam Joon’s public approval rating has rapidly dropping most likely to his unfulfilled promise of executing the prisoners who’re on death penalty, his faithful assistant advises him to resolve this to calm the media down and to reduce the crime rate. People nowadays are scared of walking alone at night, afraid serial murderer will kill them.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is trying to do something here. She writes on her board:

– 30s, a helper in a karaoke bar

– Wore fishnet stocking, leather walker, mini skirt, artificial mink, tee with floral pattern, sparkly vest, pink hair

She draws something but Dong Chan is puzzled with this drawing. Is it a bone?

Just then, Saet Byul comes to this room, wanting to join the “fun”. So Dong Chan takes her out to play Ddakji (딱지접기) with him. Saet Byul is crying because she keeps losing, in the end, Dong Chan let her win.

He wants to teach her a trick – they waited until a car ran over the ddakji, which turned the “nameless ddakji” to the “ultimate ddakji”.

Dong Chan learned this “pro” skill from his older brother. Flashback to his childhood, he was playing ddajki with his friends then suddenly his older brother took the ddajki from them. He pretended that Dong Woo is not his brother. Dong Woo actually waited for a trailer to run over the ddajki, then he gave it back to Dong Chan – he told him the ddakji wouldn’t flip over. He learned it from their father.

Soo Hyun is watching Dong Chan & Saet Byul having fun playing the ultimate ddakji from home while Young Gyu is observing them from the villa’s entrance.

Saet Byul used her dad’s paperwork to make ddajki! Soo Hyun tells her she can’t do this again to her father’s stuffs. But Saet Byul keeps one ddakji (the ultimate ddakji) on her green jacket.

Byung Tae figures out that the “bone-like” drawing is a cerberus. A graffiti club drew this mystical animal on a wall of a building. Just then, Ji Hoon arrives home and is shocked to see these three strangers again at his home. He kicks them out.

Dong Chan feels like he has seen Ji Hoon before, but where and when?

Soo Hyun explains that they’re helping her to save Saet Byul. And she’s going out again with them to protect Saet Byul.

Young Gyu nervously tells his teacher (Kang Seong Jin) that his new friend didn’t want to play again with him, she must’ve found a new friend. His teacher advises him to invite her to play together – she will like him too. He encourages him that he’s a very precious person who can’t be found anywhere. So everyone likes her, don’t ever forget that. Young Gyu smiles and will try to ask her to play with him again.

In the teacher room, the teacher trips and suddenly he’s in extreme pain. He clutches his abdomen. OMG… the wound stab… He’s the killer!

Dong Chan & Soo Hyun are investigating the cerberus graffiti drawing to the grafitti club which drew it. They tell them that they drew it two years ago instructed by a karaoke owner in Jung Woo building, Shinsadong.

The teacher disguising himself as a fireman is complaining about stack of boxes in front of emergency exit. When the manager leaves, he secretly hides cockroaches bombs in these boxes.

Dong Chan & Soo Hyun arrive in the same building. It’s not yet open, but Soo Hyun wants to know if there’s a woman in her mid – late 30s with pink hair working here. The baby-face worker tells them he doesn’t know, but because he looks underage to work in a bar, Dong Chan threatens to report him.


So he reluctantly gives a phone number, not the woman’s number because he claims he doesn’t know. Just then, the teacher walks passed them. Dong Chan stares at him very suspiciously.

Soo Hyun wants to wait in front of the karaoke bar because she’ll eventually come. And it’ll be easier to catch. But Dong Chan reminds her that she was killed in the back alley. So his first suspect is the customer who called her. Hence they need to find out the customer who made a reservation for her today and find him.

But the question is, how can they prove he’s the killer? It’s the fountain pen.

After beating up 4 men, Dong Chan finds out the guy who reserved “Mimi”.  He’s a regular customer who’s always looking for Mimi. When Soo Hyun described the physical features, they nods. It’s him.

They ambush this customer at his home. But Soo Hyun realizes he’s not the killer he doesn’t have a scar nor wound on his abdomen. The phone number is his, but he lost his phone yesterday and didn’t make any reservation for today.

Dong Chan asks Huh Goo to track down this number, but he doesn’t want to do it because it’s illegal. Dong Chan threatens that if this woman dies, it’s his fault. Just then, Woo Jin comes to his desk and asks what’s wrong. He orders Huh Goo to track it down.

He tells Soo Hyun that that phone is currently in Jung Woo building.

People are suspicious that fire broke out in that building. Soo Hyun runs towards the smokey building because when they left – everything was okay, there was no fire.

The teacher who disguising himself as the fireman is inside the building. The pink hair lady is desperately trying to open the locked door. This fireman stretches his arm to her, but Soo Hyun arrives, takes her away and locks her inside the toilet. She’s going to stop the killer – she will protect Saet Byul, her daughter will not die. Even if she dies because of the killer, she orders Dong Chan to catch him and don’t save her.

Soo Hyun tells the pink hair lady that she’ll die if she goes out. Dong Chan tells her that the caller wasn’t her regular customer, this caller stole that handphone and he’s going to kill her. He warns her that this killer has already killed 2 women in 2 days.

She ignores their warning, and picks up her phone. It’s the killer calling her, telling her to go to the building across the street from Jungwoo building. Soo Hyun wants to follow her, but Dong Chan stops her. He orders her to wait here.

He successfully persuaded the pink hair lady with money to change her clothes & follow his instructions, jokingly he’ll send the reimbursement receipt to Soo Hyun.

Woo Jin arrives at the fire scene to find out that the smoke was because of cockroaches bombs which has a timer so it blew up at the set time.

OMG, Soo Hyun is disguising herself as the pink hair lady. Dong Chan teases her but Woo Jin has a worried look on his face. Soo Hyun orders Dong Chan to take the pink hair lady to home to make sure she’s safe. He doesn’t want to leave, and Woo Jin also doesn’t want to leave Soo Hyun like this. Reluctantly Dong Chan agrees because it makes Soo Hyun feels at ease.

Soo Hyun is waiting for the killer inside the bar, with Woo Jin and Huh Goo protecting her from afar.

Because the killer hasn’t showed up at the bar, Soo Hyun orders Dong Chan to ensure the pink hair lady’s house is safe & secure.


Dong Chan looks at a cute baby boy picture – the lady’s son. He’s 16 years old now – the same age as Young Gyu. She sent her son to an orphanage and knitted a nice red sweater on every birthday. Because of what Dong Chan told her, she wants to give one sweater to his nephew.

Because he illegally parked his car in front of the entrance, Dong Chan has to move his car. He promises he’ll be right back.

Soo Hyun is still anxiously waiting for the killer to come. When a man is trying to flirt with her, both Huh Goo and Woo Jin quickly grab him from behind while Soo Hyun checks his abdomen to find that he’s not the killer.

Just then, the killer calls telling her that he already had a girl on his mind and she’s not the one he wanted.

Dong Chan is suspicious that the pink hair lady didn’t answer the door bell and worried because the door is unlocked. The house is in pitch black and he slowly looks around. A cellphone is ringing, so he’s trying to answer it. But when he wants to pick it up, blood covered his hand. Traces of blood leading him to this lady – already dead in her room.

He knows the killer is still here, hiding in the bathroom. He quickly discovers the killer and fights with him. He soon realizes this killer is the same fireman who he saw in that building earlier today.

Soo Hyun, Woo Jin and Huh Goo are on the way.

The killer jumps out of the window. Dong Chan quickly reports this. He chases the killer who runs towards the street. His abdomen wound is giving him some troubles – he can’t run as fast as he wanted.

When they saw Dong Chan & the killer, Woo Jin orders Soo Hyun to stay in the car. He’s chasing the killer with Dong Chan.

When the killer stops running to catch a breath – Soo Hyun speeds up her car and hit him. But the killer who apparently has 7 lives, is able to take over the car, knocks Soo Hyun unconscious and speeds off. Dong Chan who put a tracking device on Soo Hyun is able to track her down. He orders Huh Goo to follow the car.

Soo Hyun wakes up, and after lots of struggles, they stop in an isolated area. The killer takes her to a building. He asks her why she keeps following him and sarcastically asks if he can get caught this easily.

When they hear police siren, the killer run off. The police surrounds the whole building, the killer is puzzled how did they find this place. Just then, Soo Hyun hit him from behind and he almost falls down. He’s desperately hanging from the balcony while Soo Hyun is holding his hand. He begs her – please don’t let her hand go, please let him leave.

Soo Hyun tells him that her daughter will live if he dies. Then she let go and he falls.

Brief Comment

I will be very surprised if he survives the fall. But if he dies, maybe he’s not the killer who kidnapped and killed Saet Byul. To be honest, I was a bit surprised that they introduced a new character this episode and then killed him off as the killer. I thought the killer is one of the main characters, and I’m still pretty sure that we haven’t found him yet. It’s still too early…

I’m still very suspicious that the President’s loyal aid is related with these murder cases / Dong Ho’s case. His suspicious eye gaze, his persistence that the death penalty must be done; slightly gave a clue that he’s not innocent. Maybe he’s holding a grudge, maybe his close family member was murdered, or maybe he knew that Dong Ho is innocent & he knew the real killer. Politically, these murder cases can make or break the President and his political team; so I’m excitedly waiting to find out how they will solve these cases and the media frenzy surrounding these.

Love Soo Hyun and Dong Chan teamwork – I’m glad that Dong Chan is in this together with her. Although his motive is slightly different, but the goal is the same: to save Saet Byul. His interaction with Saet Byul is really adorable.

Dong Chan, we all love smart detective who uses his brain first instead of his fist. Somehow I feel like the grandpa is his real father, or his grandfather.

Ji Hoon’s reaction is totally acceptable. He’s a very confused man, husband & father who has to deal with his (crazy) wife, Dong Chan & his team. He doesn’t understand and won’t understand this situation. He didn’t experience the time warp, he didn’t know that his daughter would die, but most importantly, he can’t trust his wife. Soo Hyun’s behavior has changed that she stayed out all night leaving her sick daughter. She’s spending all her time solving the puzzles behind this mystery. As a husband, of course he’s curious – worried – upset – angry. If Soo Hyun keeps this up, there’s a possibility he will leave her temporarily.

One hint from Dong Chan, he thought he saw Ji Hoon somewhere.

Young Gyu – the way he looked at Saet Byul & Dong Chan, I think he knows something.

I hope we’re not going to “birth secret” territory, the woman who wore pink wig (the third victim), she’s not Young Gyu’s birth mom, right? All the hints (same age as Young Gyu, she sent him to orphanage, she knitted red sweaters every year) pointed out to Young Gyu. Hmmm…

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