God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 5 Brief Recap

Ki Dong Chan saves the day, again and again and again. Putting his life at risk, as he’s trying to uncover the mystery & motive of this serial killer. Impetuous Soo Hyun who only think about her daughter makes another reckless decision. It’s even harder because her husband, human right lawyer, chooses to trust the killer over her. Can she change Saet Byul’s fate? Can she protect her? Can she bring her back to life?

Episode 5 Brief Recap

“This fate will only end if one of the two dies”

Dong Chan quickly throws a rope to the serial killer, it caught his feet. He then pulls him up. But this guy doesn’t deserved to be saved. The cops finally arrest him after Dong Chan fights for his life alone fighting with this serial killer.

Soo Hyun is upset Dong Chan saved this serial killer because she believes he deserves to die. But he reminds her that she doesn’t have the right to kill him, the law will take care of this for her. Moreover, he couldn’t make her a murderer.

At the back of her mind when she was holding his hand, she thought that if this guy got released, then what happened with Saet Byul last time will be repeated. Dong Chan reassures her that that guy will at least receive a life imprisonment or death sentence. He’ll never get released and Soo Hyun did the right thing – she saved her daughter’s life.

When she was almost died catching this serial killer, her husband was worried sick because she didn’t pick up his call. Soo Hyun finally calls him, wanting to talk to Saet Byul. Begging him to wake her up. She’s relieved to hear her daughter’s voice, apologizing for waking her up. She apologizes for calling her an embarrassment, she promises she will never nag her about studying, she’ll allow her to watch her favorite artist (Snake) and she offers her to quit all her academies. She won’t scold her if she cheat, etc. But sleepy Saet Byul went back to sleep, she didn’t hear her mom’s promises.

Great news, the third victim – Mimi, she’s alive! Fortunately, the knife didn’t touch her organs so her life is not in danger. So in the end, both Dong Chan & Soo Hyun changed the fate!

Dong Chan bought a medicine for Soo Hyun’s minor cuts and helps her to apply the medicine on her neck. It’s so adorable when he keeps praising his handsome face. When asked what he wanted in return, he tells her money. Soo Hyun wants to know why he changed his mind, because he refused her money when she first asked him to help her.

He immediately changes the subject, attentively tells her to go to hospital tomorrow because although it’s a minor cut and doesn’t hurt now, but it may hurt tomorrow. She’s shocked that he’s also hurt so she applies the medicine to him. He loves it, it feels like she’s her mom. Saet Byul is very lucky to have Soo Hyun as her mom.

He’s baffled that the serial killer and Soo Hyun didn’t have any weapon on them. Soo Hyun bravely hit him with her pen. Soo Hyun tells him that’s a mother’s love. She went through (losing Saet Byul) once, so what kind of a mother will let it happen for the second time? If his mother was in the same situation like her, she’d do the same.

Ji Hoon is waiting at their apartment’s parking lot and is unhappy that she was with Dong Chan. Dong Chan keeps asking himself, where did he see Ji Hoon before?

Soo Hyun hugs her husband tightly, she feels really warm on her husband’s embrace. Ji Hoon confesses he’s really worried, she’s been weird lately and he admits he doesn’t know what to do. She tells him that it’s all over now, she won’t say weird things and won’t go out without letting him know beforehand.

He asks if she still think Saet Byul is going to die, she confidently tells him “no” that she mistook her nightmare for real. She apologizes for making her husband suffered.

Dong Chan is having a nightmare again about his brother who dumped a woman’s body on the creek.

Aww it’s so cute that Soo Hyun will go to Saet Byul’s school and scold anyone who bullies her. But mom, today is Saturday, so there’s no school today. =)

She’s going to quit work and will play with Saet Byul from now. So Saet Byul asks if she can go to Snake on Music Show. Today is Tae Oh’s birthday, she wants to give a present to him.

Soo Hyun recalls that today is the day when Saet Byul went to Snake’s performance last time. But this time, she tells her she’ll accompany her and she can invite Young Gyul to go with her too. Soo Hyun thanks God for sending Saet Byul back to her and for saving her family. Both Ji Hoon and Soo Hyun promise to take Saet Byul to see Snake aka Tae Oh.

Dong Chan prepares a healthy breakfast for the grandpa who’s suspicious why he keeps worrying about his perfectly healthy heart.

As he’s been doing good deeds, he tells grandpa to give him 10billions won that he promised.

He turns on the TV and tells him that the average civilian who caught the serial killer is him. He shows his bruises all over his body as the evidence that he fought for his dear-life, when he caught this serial killer. But the grandpa think he’s just bluffing, he needs the evidence, someone who can testifies everything he just said.

The grandpa has already written a cute letter (contract) that if Dong Chan can proof he is doing good deeds and settling down well, he will give him 10billions won.

Soo Hyun is still worried that they will release the serial killer, asking Dong Chan to give his deposition. He assures her that once the DNA results come out, everything will be over.

Dong Chan asks Soo Hyun’s favor to put in a good word to the tenacious grandpa who’s currently living with him. He adorably tells her to tell him that he’s a remarkable young man who’s very rare in this generation, and Saet Byul was saved because of him.

She teases him if the grandpa is his girlfriend’s father, he cutely tells her that he doesn’t have a girlfriend hence he’s not his girlfriend’s father. She promises to do it for him because he saves her daughter’s life.

But then… he receives a phone call which will overshadow their short happiness. Dong Chan and Soo Hyun go to the police station, leaving Saet Byul with Jenny & Byung Tae at home.

They arrive at the station and are told that Cha Bong Sup’s (so the serial killer has a name now) DNA didn’t match. Woo Jin sent his shirt for DNA checks and the blood which was in his shirt was AB, Mimi’s blood type is O. Soo Hyun is shocked because AB is her blood type – during her fight with Cha Bong Sup in the car, her blood got on his shirt.

Dong Chan finally realizes that he wore different shirt in Mimi’s house.

To make things worse, there are no signs of Cha Bong Sup’s fingerprints, blood, a strand of hair or DNA on Mimi’s house. No evidence he tried to kill her.

Flashback of what really happened that day. When Dong Chan lost track of him, Bong Sup went back and cleaned Mimi’s house meticulously, not leaving any mark whatsoever. Then he grabbed a black shirt from a recycle bin and changed his shirt. After that, he saw Soo Hyun on the road – trying to hit & run over him.

Woo Jin is briefing his team about the alleys between Mimi’s house and the building where they caught him. He believes Bong Sup hide his weapon & his clothes covered in blood – in one of these alleys. They’re running against time to find the evidence, otherwise, they will have to release him when the time limit is up.

Although Dong Chan and Soo Hyun are the eye witnesses, but he beat Bong Sup and Soo Hyun was trying to run over him. So no court can accept these evidences. They need a concrete evidence ASAP.

Soo Hyun has a clever idea – to search the victims’ belonging on Bong Sup’s place. The second victim was wearing a ring, and there was a ring mark on her. But the ring was nowhere to be seen when they found her corpse. So she believes Bong Sup must’ve kept her stuffs after killing her.

He checks with Ho Gook about this ring, then asks him to text him Bong Sup’s address.

Delivery guy brings food delivery to Bong Sup, he carefully took the delivery guy’s phone out from his pocket. Ho Gook didn’t pay any attention to them.

Bored Saet Byul run towards the villa’s entrance after she saw Young Gyu waiting for her there. He asks if she has a new friend, she apologizes then gives the ultimate ddakji to him hoping he’ll feel better after receiving this special gift. She invites him to watch Snake and tells him to come at 3PM.

Bong Sup pretends he has a stomachache and is quietly calling Ji Hoon. The detectives are surprised he’s holding a mobile phone.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun arrive at Bong Sup’s house. They wear gloves to prevent them leaving their fingerprint mark in this house and start searching through for any concrete evidence.

Meticulous Dong Chan finds Young Gyu and his mother’s picture on Bong Sup’s drawer, shocking!

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun hide when two detectives come to search it as well but don’t find anything because they just carelessly checking it. Bong Sup is well known as a nice guy on his neighborhood so who ever thought that he’s the serial killer?

Soo Hyun is wondering why they had to hide, but Dong Chan tells her that he didn’t want the detectives to think that they’re thieves. Soo Hyun finally finds the ring inside the sandglass.

After receiving a call for help from Bong Sup who claimed he was assaulted and arrested without evidence, Ji Hoon comes to see him. Ho Gook tells him that the police didn’t hit him, Woo Jin explains it was a self-defense. Bong Sup is lying to Ji Hoon, insisting that the police officers assaulted & hit him.

Because there is no evidence, Ji Hoon orders Woo Jin to release Bong Sup immediately. They can’t keep a person locked up without any clear evidence, it’s against the law. Woo Jin explains they’re still waiting for his arrest warrant to be processed, and they will release him when the warrant dismissal happens.

Ji Hoon asks about the DNA result.

Then he goes straight to the director, citing that locking innocent people is a serious violation of human rights, manipulated investigation & coerced investigation. If he was not the kind of people who made mistake, then it probably wasn’t a mistake. This is not a situation they can overlook!

Meanwhile, both parents totally forgot about their promise to Saet Byul! She calls her dad, who picks up the phone in front of Bong Sup. He apologizes and promises to call her back later as he’s currently working.

Bong Sup apologizes that because of him, he can’t fulfill his promise to his daughter.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun brought a ring & earring as the evidence to Woo Jin. Woo Jin asks the family of the deceased to come and confirm the rings.

Ji Hoon passes over the room and is shocked to see Soo Hyun there. He’s more shocked that his wife and Dong Chan caught Bong Sup! Soo Hyun is angry that she risked her life to catch him, then her husband unknowingly is trying to release him. She tells him that if he’s released, he’ll kill Saet Byul. And she’s certain that he’s the serial killer who killed those women. She saw everything, she’s the witness.

But her husband tells her that because she was trying to run over him, she’s not qualified as the witness. He explains that as a human right lawyer, it’s his job to protect this innocent man.

She tells him the evidence he’s looking for, is coming. But Woo Jin breaks the bad news, after confirming with the family of the deceased, those are not the victim’s jewelries.

Soo Hyun is staring deeply to the interrogation room, Bong Sup’s creepy smile, flashback of Saet Byu’s funeral. Suddenly, she grabs a gun, runs towards the interrogation room, locks the door, turns off the camera, turns off the recording. She points a gun to him, while the detectives are trying to find the room’s spare key!

She orders him to confess that he killed her. Creepily, he asks if she likes him! He asks why she let go her hand, why she tried to kill him.

Soo Hyun threatens that she will never let him free, she will never let him see the world until he dies. He has to die for her daughter to live!

With his creepy smiles, he tells her that if she really wants to, he’ll get out and kill her daughter.

Confession, evidence, motive, she doesn’t need any of these. Mimi didn’t die and when she wakes up, he’ll be dead. So if he wants to avoid execution, it’s better to confess now.

But he tells her he still have lots of things to do. He’s curious, will he really kill her daughter. How does he do it?

She screams… DIE!

But he grabs her hand and throws the gun to the floor.

Dong Chan and the detectives rush in, Dong Chan takes Soo Hyun’s out of the room, telling her to calm down.

Without any clear evidence, the detectives release Bong Sup. He’s free!

Then, Dong Chan is arrested for a suspicion of murder. The director has already ordered the homicide team (Woo Jin’s team) to stop the investigation of this incident. They just received the report of the shirt analyzation and a large quantity of Mimi’s blood was found on Dong Chan’s shirt. He orders Soo Hyun to protect Saet Byul.

The nanny tells her that Saet Byul is studying in her room. But she finds the same yellow note from Saet Byul. She sees the same Snake wallpapers. Saet Byul was not in the room, again! She went to see Snake’s performance.

Ji Hoon is dropping off Bong Sup. He confesses he doesn’t see Bong Sup as being innocent, he’s still a strong suspect of this case. But because there were illegal actions taken place during his arrest & investigation, and there’s no evidence, he was released. Ji Hoon drives off to find Saet Byul.

Bong Sup boards the bus to Ilsan Lake Park.

Soo Hyun accidentally drops her car key, and as she’s trying to find it under her car, she’s shocked to find blood there.

Saet Byul is upset, she hates her parents for not keeping their promise. Young Gyu is trying to cheer her up, taking her pictures using his broken camera. Saet Byul is surprised to see a mysterious man waiting for her outside the restroom.

Soo Hyun arrives, but can’t find Saet Byul anywhere. Together with Young Gyu, they’re looking for Saet Byul.

A mysterious man is entering a special Ward under patient name Lee Jin Seon.

Just then, Soo Hyun finally finds Saet Byul – safe & sound, eating ice cream while holding her dad’s hand. She breathes a sigh of relief. Snake (Tae Oh) arrives, Saet Byul insists she wants to give her birthday present to him.

Soo Hyun is upset and hit her, then accidentally slaps & knocks Young Gyu over. She recalls she slapped him last time.

That mysterious man, ah he’s Bong Sup is inside Mimi’s hospital room! But Dong Chan is also there, he found Bong Sup’s weapon, clothes which he hide under Soo Hyun’s car!

As soon as he’s released, he went to protect Mimi. He’s curious why Bong Sup has a picture of his nephew and his mom. Did he plan to kill her as well?

He almost kills him, thankfully Woo Jin and Ho Gook come to arrest Bong Sup again. This time, there’s no reason for him to be released, they’ve got all the evidence.

Ji Hoon is reading Hansel and Gretel for Saet Byul. She’s happy that it’s a happy ending. Dad asks if the witch killed the children. Smart Saet Byul tells dad that she believes so, because Hansel & Gretel saw those children’s bones. Dad tells her that until there’s a solid evidence proving that the witch killed the children, he has the right to protect the witch & the witch is innocent.

Woo Jin is baffled with Bong Sup’s statements of why he killed those women. But he stated that there’s something he didn’t say in that statement. He urges him to call Soo Hyun, who tried to kill him. He will tell her everything. He was going to bring everything to his grave, but he changed his mind because of her. Later, he will regret it, later will be too late. He wants to tell her now.

Woo Jin passes on his demand to her, she doesn’t have any reason not to talk to him. She’s disappointed that her own husband believed on someone else’s words over her. He apologizes, but she doesn’t let him finish. She goes straight to the station.

Ho Gook and one police officer are taking Bong Sup back to the station. Suddenly, a truck drives in the opposite direction, going straight to this police car and hit them off-the-rail. Dong Chan who was driving in front of the police car survive, goes to check them. The truck’s driver is safe. But Ho Gook is unconscious. While he’s looking after Ho Gook, Bong Sup hit his head from behind then he run away.

The detectives have finished investigating Soo Hyun’s car. The female detective gives her car key’s back plus her wallet which fell on the ground.

Dong Chan breaks the news that Bong Sup has died. He hit Bong Sup with a baseball bat! Bong Sup covered in blood, lays in front of Dong Chan.

Soo Hyun trembles as she finds the polaroid picture on her wallet, the one which doesn’t have Saet Byul in it. Woo Jin confirms that he also receives the news that Bong Sup is died, he died instantly on the scene. Mimi also died.

Flashback to “destiny” coffee shop. The mysterious woman took their picture, gave the polaroid picture to Soo Hyun. Slowly, Saet Byul disappears from the picture.

Brief Comment

Please convince me that Bong Sup is really dead. And please convince me that Dong Chan is innocent, he didn’t kill him, right? It was his self-defense, he accidentally knocked him over with a baseball bat and Bong Sup died because his head hit the concrete path. Dong Chan knew that killing a suspect will turn him into a murderer. So I hope he’s an innocent man here. I’m very curious why Bong Sup has Young Gyu and Dong Chan’s picture. Did he frame Dong Ho? Maybe he knows Dong Ho is innocent and he’s the real murderer.

Soo Hyun, I always admire her tenacity, her unending love as a mother, her bravery. But I didn’t like her hasty spontaneous act. Why did she try to kill him, again (with a gun)? She’s dealing with a very smart villain here, who carefully cleaned the evidence at Mimi’s house, so Soo Hyun, please use your brain & think before you make any rash decision.

Ji Hoon, his philosophy that people are innocent until proven guilty is playing on my mind. The way he really trusts people’s words instead of trying to find any concrete evidence making me really suspicious on him. He even emphasizes this philosophy when he read bedtime story to Saet Byul. But does he as innocent as he pretends to be?

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