God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 6 Brief Recap

The mystery deepens after they “lost” the main suspect of these serial murder cases. However, they discover the clues which point out that there’s a mastermind behind these murder cases who may be related with Dong Chan’s brother murder case which happened a decade ago. Woo Jin challenges Dong Chan to let go his painful past, to move on and return to his old-self as one of the best detective in the country. Soo Hyun who knows her daughter is still in danger finds out that the culprit maybe someone who’s been watching Saet Byul closely in the past few months.

Episode 6 Brief Recap

Ki Dong Chan is chasing Bong Sup down the street. A motorcycle appears out of nowhere, with a fast speed, the motorcyclist hit Bong Sup’s head from behind by a baseball bat. Ho Gook shoots the  motorcycle, knocks him down.

Dong Chan frustrated because he hasn’t got the answer he really wanted: why Bong Sup had a picture of his mother and his nephew. He died after he said his last words that he was going to tell everything to Soo Hyun. Dong Chan picks the bat, and drops it again (no idea why, to leave his fingerprint marks there???)

D-11 before the accident 

Ambulance arrives. Dong Chan calls Soo Hyun, letting her know Bong Sup had died. Dong Chan recognizes the motorcyclist, he’s the victim’s son who Dong Chan met in the station.

Soo Hyun packs Saet Byul’s clothes again, because although that serial killer died, Saet Byul is still not appearing on that polaroid picture. She’s wondering what’s wrong, what should she do? She thought everything is over. Saet Byul heard her mom’s panic voice and is crying, wondering what’s wrong. Ji Hoon carries his daughter to sleep with him tonight.

She goes to sleep, but wakes up soon afterwards. She finds her husband’s in the living room, questioning why she still hasn’t accepted the reality that their daughter died. (Soo Hyun woke up in the future time). Soo Hyun runs to Saet Byul’s room and sees her funeral portrait. 🙁

Soo Hyun trembles, is this all a dream? What’s going on?

She wakes up (11 days before Saet Byul’s kidnapping). Saet Byul is by her side, worried if Mom dreamt a bad dream. Soo Hyun can’t hold back her tears, this is not a dream. Saet Byul is still alive!

Dong Chan tries to explain that he didn’t kill Bong Sup. Woo Jin is curious why he was chasing him and was on the scene where he died. Dong Chan shows him the picture which he found at Bong Sup’s house. Woo Jin shows him the picture of Mimi’s baby boy and toddler Young Gyu. Mimi is Young Gyu’s mother!

Three women Bong Sup killed had similarity: they all abandoned their own children. Bong Sup lived in anger because his mom also abandoned him, so he had the heart of avenge on behalf of these abandoned children.

Woo Jin predicts that Bong Sup killed Mimi (?) because he expressed his disappointment about his birth mother. But Dong Chan has never heard his nephew talking about his mother.

He remembers the red sweater Mimi gave him to give to his nephew. He remembers her wish that someday her son could wear this sweater.

Young Gyu is playing with the ultimate ddjakji but he accidentally spills a soup so the papers are all wet. His grandmother is helping him to dry the papers (Ji Hoon’s paperwork – which I think holds a clue to Saet Byul’s disappearance).

Dong Chan gives the red sweater to Young Gyu who really loves it. He asks if he remembers his mom, but he changes the subject that he really wants to see his dad who he believes is currently working hard to earn money. But Dong Chan doesn’t want to hear him talking about his “fake father”, he’s curious if his nephew misses his real mother. Young Gyu tells him that dad Ki Dong Ho gave birth to him with his heart. Awww…

Dong Chan explains that his real mother really loved him, she’s a nice person and she never forgot him. She missed him everyday. Dong Chan tells him that he can never forgive his uncle.

Dong Chan pressing the grandpa as he’s curious if he will really give him 10 billion won, in which the grandpa asks if Dong Chan believes he does have that much money. And if he does, what will Dong Chan do with this money?

He doesn’t want all these 10billion won, he only wants the money to help his nephew to get a surgery in the United States. Grandpa warns him that there’re lots of swindlers, so he’d better be careful.

Saet Byul is trying to get a camera repairman to fix Young Gyu’s broken camera. He advises her that the camera’s button is broken. This is a very precious camera for Young Gyu, it’s his dad’s camera. So although Soo Hyun offers Saet Byul to buy a new one, but she really wants him to fix it for Young Gyul.

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan are analyzing the polaroid picture. He assures her that Bong Sup died, so it’s all over now. Saet Byul is safe.

Woo Jin believes that Bong Sup was touched with Saet Byul’s bravery and mother’s love that she did everything she could to save Saet Byul. She’s unlike the women he killed, she didn’t and would never abandon her child. He probably thought Soo Hyun could save him, that’s why he was trying to tell everything to her. Soo Hyun is wondering if he wanted to revenge women who abandoned their children, then why did he killed Saet Byul?

Woo Jin found airplane ticket, Bong Sup planned to fly to Phillipines this morning. So at the moment, there’s no evidence that he killed Saet Byul.

Soo Hyun drives past an accident, which reminds of the accident which Saet Byul found a mysterious green bracelet & pendant. She finally realizes that Bong Sup didn’t kill Saet Byul.

Flashback to what really happened that day, the day after Mimi was found dead. Bong Sup was running late to catch the bus to go to the airport. Rushing, he ignored the signal to cross and was hit by a bus. Remember the green bracelet and the mysterious pendant that Saet Byul found? It’s Bong Sup’s bracelet.

After hearing the news about Mimi’s murder, Soo Hyun changed the public warrant’s topic.

Back to the present time. Dong Chan is wondering if Saet Byul kidnapper pretended to be Bong Sup. He’s like a psycho who wanted to gain everyone’s attention.

Soo Hyun remembers that the second victim had 14 stab wounds. The kidnapper confessed on live broadcast that he stabbed her 24 times. So who else knew beside Bong Sup? Is he an accomplice or a witness?

After receiving the gift to travel back 14 days before Saet Byul’s disappearance, although Soo Hyun & Dong Chan were trying to save the victims and were at the second & third victim’s murder scenes, but they were not at the first murder scene. Soo Hyun analyzes that although Bong Sup did all the three murders, but there could be the mastermind who plotted the murder together with him. Saet Byul is still in danger, they need to catch this mastermind.

Woo Jin announces that Bong Sup was the only killer and there was no additional murderers. With his death, this case is now closed.

Dong Chan challenges Woo Jin how could he close the case when the accomplice is still alive. He doesn’t have any evidence about this accomplice, just his belief. It’s police & detectives job to find the evidence. Woo Jin explains that they’ve done their research – and Bong Sup also confessed he did this alone. Dong Chan tells Woo Jin to check Bong Sup’s background, look at it again from the beginning.

Woo Jin notices the determination on Dong Chan’s eyes is back. He used to be like this, chasing after something like a mad dog once he had the guts. Dong Chan challenges Woo Jin to look at him closer, is there any evil expression in his eyes of a murderer’s blood flowing in his body?

After killing the suspect who killed Bong Sup, Ho Gook will no longer be working as a detective =(

Ho Gook is depressed, his name means the protector of the country – yet a person died from the gun shot that the protector of the country shot. Although he didn’t directly shot him, but he shot the motorcycle and that person died because he fall from his motorcycle. What he should do now with a long road ahead of him?

Dong Chan also did the same in the past. He shot his intelligent nephew and turned him into a mentally disabled child.

What they can do now to fix these mistakes, is to find the real culprit, the accomplice. Remember the dump truck which hit and destroyed the police escort van? The sleep deprived driver? He took off from the crime scene!

Unfortunately all the CCTVs in that area are all broken. So Ho Gook didn’t do anything, didn’t launch any investigation of this incident.

Dong Chan pretends to be detective Ho Gook and calls rescue service (119) asking the phone number of the first person who reported last night’s accident. But they didn’t receive any report. Dong Chan remembers he told the truck’s driver to report this and he called 119 in front of him. Because he didn’t get the signal, Dong Chan told him to go up to the street.

So how did the relief squad move out? It’s after they received a call from the police. *Another mystery* Dong Chan concludes that this drive was one of the accomplice.

They check the CCTV camera at the toll gate, zooming in closer – Soo Hyun recognizes the tattoo in the truck driver’s wrist. The picture Saet Byul drew when she was kidnapped was that tattoo’s picture. He’s Saet Byul’s kidnapper!

They print this cctv image and shows it to Saet Byul, wondering if she has seen it before. But she has never seen it.

They get another clue from the motorcycle’s blackbox which has just been fixed after it broke during last night’s accident. He didn’t fall because of Ho Gook’s gun shot, but he fall after he was shot (by someone else, not Ho Gook!) So Han Ki Tae (he has a name :)) didn’t die because of Ho Gook.

The experts advise them that if a motorcycle was going really fast and then suddenly stopped, the motorcyclist will instantly die.

Young Gyu’s grandma did a mistake and she’s fired. Ah she’s working in one of the villa in Soo Hyun’s  neighborhood. That’s why Young Gyu always waited for her at the entrance.

Young Gyu is wearing the warm red sweater, he tells grandma it’s a gift from Uncle Dong Chan who got it from somewhere. Young Gyu likes Uncle after his dad and grandma. They’re family.

Because they can proof his innocence, Ho Gook receives his detective badge back. He’s back! =) Dong Cha: that’s what being a partner is like, giving help when the other needs it and covering up for him. Aww.. Dong Chan. He sarcastically tells Woo Jin that there’s someone who can’t be a good partner.

Woo Jin is wondering how long Dong Chan is going to blame him, he tells him until he dies. Woo Jin advises him now it’s time for him to get out from the pass, Dong Chan punches him.

Flashback to the shooting accident, detective Dong Chan accidentally shot his own nephew who was held as a hostage by a father who’s upset that his innocent child died. So he wanted the murderer to feel how it felt like to lose a child. Young Gyu’s grandmother begged him to release Young Gyu as he’s not Dong Ho’s real son. She picked him up from the street.

Woo Jin with Ho Gook (who was still a rookie detective) went to the rooftop of the building across from the building where Young Gyu was held as a hostage. Because Dong Chan has a family relation with Young Gyu, he told him to stay out of this. But he didn’t follow his instruction, he pointed his gun to the roof.

Because Dong Chan ignored Woo Jin’s order and shot at his own will, and based on Woo Jin’s testament – they concluded that he shot his own nephew (check lagi translationnya). Dong Chan believed he shot the guy’s arm, he didn’t shoot the hostage (his nephew). But because of his action, the police’s plans were all ruined.

Anyone who was in the same position with him, would do the same thing. Dong Chan wanted to save his nephew who didn’t do anything wrong, yet was going to be killed by that guy.

They understood his feelings, but because of him, he fatally damaged Young Gyu’s brain. So Dong Chan quit his job.

Back to the present time. Dong Chan tells him that he really wanted to escape from this, he wanted to escape from being called a family’s murderer, a brother’s murderer. He’d rather being called as a the bad brother who turned his brother in. It’s the reason why he devoted his life to his job. He wanted to show that a murder doesn’t run in blood, so he did everything he could to catch the murderers and lock them behind bars.

But Woo Jin, ruined everything. He will never forgive him.

Woo Jin asks, did he really ruin everything for Dong Chan? If he did, then feel free to keep beating him up until Dong Chan feels better! For that shooting incident, it was the best he could do.

Han Ki Tae’s relative (maybe his girlfriend?) approaches Ho Gook as she’s upset that he shot & killed him. Trembles, he explains he didn’t kill him. But she thought that everything was planned by the detectives & policemen. She threatens to spill everything to the media.

When she accidentally drops her bag, Dong Chan picks up a video game from her bag, flips over the booklet and finds “Nemesis”. It’s about revenge, death…

Soo Hyun checks a usb drive, but it can’t be played on her laptop.

She goes to her husband’s office room, to find a mysterious email from “davinci”. She’s shocked when she reads the message.

Dong Chan finds out that Ki Tae bought a second-hand motorcycle and changed his timing chain to the new one. But the timing chain on the day of the accident is different, someone changed it.

The message Soo Hyun reads is about a murder which happened 10 years ago. Her husband was in charge of this murder crime. Dong Chan will track the sender’s email address but can’t promise they’ll find something. Soo Hyun wants Dong Chan to find out the names which involved in this murder case.

The President is wondering if it’s the police’s doing to cover up Han Ki Tae’s incident. Since his girlfriend complained about it publicly on TV. Spilling the beans…

So it’s true that someone changed Ki Tae’s motorcycle timing chain. It must be done by a professional, because ordinary people cannot do it. There’s noone around Ki Tae’s life who can do it. Ki Tae told his girlfriend that he was going to get revenge on his mother and got money.

The mastermind is very smart. He even made a plan to make Ki Tae died on accident. He planned a perfect crime.

Dong Chan is now checking Ki Tae’s phone logs, trying to find out the stranger he met, with Ho Gook’s help. He keeps saying this will be the last time he’ll help him, afraid he’ll get fired if he get caught.

Dong Chan holds Dong Ho’s picture and recalls the time when he was sentenced. Cue back to the court hearing 10 years ago where he testified that he saw his brother threw Lee Soo Jung’s corpse into the water. When asked if he witnessed his brother murdered Lee Soo Jung and tried to get rid of her corpse, he said yes. The prosecutor was Ji Hoon, Soo Hyun’s husband! Now he remembers where he saw him. (*the connection!)

12 years ago the total amount of homicide cases Ji Hoon was in charge of, was 5 fives.

The delivery guy who bumped Soo Hyun in the elevator on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped was Jang Moon Soo (Oh Tae Kyung), the owner of a stationery store in front of Saet Byul’s school. This store has been opened for 3 months. Saet Byul once asked him to take care her friend’s puppy. He used to own a bakery.

There was a rumor that his father once killed a child who run away & kidnapped the child. His son, Jang Moon Soo said his father was innocent.

Soo Hyun is curious if he intentionally opened the store in front of her daughter’s school. They need to check if there’s a tattoo on his wrist.

Because he sent a blackmail letter to her husband. So he probably knows Soo Hyun’s face. And he also most likely knows a detective’s face. So they send Jenny to do this mission.

Jenny is suspicious with the camera, zoom lens on his desk. He explains because  he likes camera.

She pretends to get a birthday present for her niece, and asks for a video game located in the very top shelf so she can see his wrist when he’s trying to reach it. It’s too high for him, so he uses a chair.

She spills a coffee to his arm, when she wants to help him, he refuses.

Jenny is convinced he’s the one. He didn’t raise his sleeves until the end. So they now need to check his surrounding and his family.

Why did he open the store in front of a school? And how can they enter his house?

Soo Hyun confirms with Ji Hoon if he received blackmails lately. Then Dong Chan asks her to come out, all preparation are complete. She accidentally knocks over a jewelry box and is curious the ring & earring are not there (the evidence she founds on Bong Sup’s house). The nanny didn’t even see these jewelries.

Because the nanny’s daughter is due to give birth, she’s going to stay at her daughter’s house for a few days. She has asked someone to take care Saet Byul in her absence, it’s the grandma who used to work with their neighbor (Young Gyu’s grandmother!). Soo Hyun is okay with this.

Jenny is back to the stationery store to return the game she bought earlier pretending her niece has already had it. Suddenly a car alarm rings off. He runs outside to check.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun quickly enter the store. Soo Hyun is checking the house. Jenny follows the Moon Soo to his car to find out what happened. Because there’s a cctv camera, she urges him to report this incident to the police. But he refuses then is going back to the store & his house.

Dong Chan knocks over something wrapped in a nice wrapping paper. It’s a helmet with initial M.S. The same initial in the helmet where he previously saw. MS Jang Moon Soo? Jenny calls, warning him that Moon Soo is coming back. He quickly hides.

Soo Hyun sees Saet Byul’s clock is in his house!

D-10 before the accident 

As Soo Hyun is trying to check Saet Byul’s clock, Moon Soo enters the house. She accidentally drops her mobile phone, which makes Moon Soo suspicious that someone’s in his house.

She’s searching the room and is shocked to see pictures of Saet Byul and her friend plastered on his wall! And ropes, liquids, paints, green sticky tapes, weapons lined up. OMG.

Saet Byul’s fingers were painted in red when she was found, and a rope was there when she was found. OMG.

Someone slowly opens the door behind her!

Brief Comment

The cliffhanger… Monday, please come sooner.

Soo Hyun once again put herself in danger, I hope Dong Chan will save her again. Please, I hope Moon Soo won’t catch her.

This is a really great episode because we finally found out the reason why Dong Chan gave up the job he really loved and turned into a sleazy man. I still believe his brother is innocent and he’s framed by the same mastermind who’s behind these murder cases. Maybe Dong Chan was threatened so he didn’t say the truth in the court. Ji Hoon was the prosecutor-in-charge, he may be behind this. His suspicious gaze really made me believe he tried to hide the evidence (jewelries found in Bong Sup’s house) in his bid to help the mastermind to accomplish his plan.

Dong Chan shot his own nephew 🙁 He will never forgive himself! His impulsive action caused his nephew to become mentally disabled and it’s heartbreaking. Young Gyu keeps denying his birth mother (now we know that he’s Mimi’s son) and I’m wondering if he knows who’s his real father. Dong Ho is not his real father, they picked him in the street. Mimi told Dong Chan that she sent Young Gyu to the orphanage, so how did he end up in the street?

Although they tried to change the fate, but they couldn’t do it. Bong Sup still died, albeit it’s a day earlier and his death was caused by the motorcyclist who was paid to kill him. But I think the truck which killed him in the future, is the same truck which hit police escort van. It’s similar!

It’ll be interesting to see if they can change Saet Byul’s fate.

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