God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 7 Brief Recap

A great episode with unexpected twists, but we’re back to square one now! They only have one clue now: the tattoo-ed man. But it’s  not enough “clue” to help Dong Chan, Soo Hyun and the detectives to find the mastermind. They’re racing against time to “protect” Saet Byul!

God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 7 Brief Recap


Soo Hyun quickly hides under the bed as Moon Soo enters the room. He looks around the dark room looking for Bok Shil, then walks towards the bed. She’s shocked to see a puppy drenched in blood, it’s Bok Shil. Creepily he talks to the puppy that had it listened to him, he would never killed it. He turns on the light, grabs a towel to wipe the dripping blood on the floor.

It’s a very dreading moment for Soo Hyun because he almost sees her. Thankfully, Jenny comes to her rescue. She knocks the front door, pretends that she’s busting and run straight to the bathroom to find bath squeeze toys on his bathtub. She leaves as soon as she finds out Soo Hyun has escaped from Moon Soo’s house.

Soo Hyun ‘stole’ one Saet Byul picture. Moon Soo notices one picture is missing.

She rushes home asking about the clock which Saet Byul dad bought for her. Saet Byul tells mom she lost it. Soo Hyun bombards her daughter with questions about Moon Soo (stationery shop ahjussi owner).

Ji Hoon is confused with Soo Hyun’s statement that Jang Man Bok’s son, Jang Moon Soo has a grudge against Ji Hoon so he’s taking revenge by kidnapping & killing Saet Byul. Ji Hoon was in charge of Man Bok’s case and Soo Hyun is wondering if her husband made a “mistake” by accidentally sentencing innocent man. Soo Hyun wants him to re-open the investigation and to beg forgiveness if it’s found he’s innocent.

Ji Hoon explodes in anger… Man Bok confessed everything, he’s the culprit who kidnapped a child to rape her. When this child was trying to escape, he violently killed her and hide her body. He should live his days behind bars, in anxiety. The death penalty was too easy for him.

When asked about the email that Soo Hyun saw (that 10 years ago he turned an innocent person into a murderer), Ji Hoon is upset that his wife checked his emails.

Soo Hyun brings up the polaroid picture again, Saet Byul is still missing from this picture. Ji Hoon is furious his wife is “obsessed” with this picture adding more burden to him who has to deal with countless criminals & resentments from the victims every working day. He receives countless threatening emails, & texts! He throws the polaroid picture to the bin.


Thankfully the picture is now safe with Saet Byul. Ji Hoon gives her a surprise: tickets to Snake’s concert, they’re going to watch the concert together tomorrow.

The next morning, Soon Nyeo starts working at Soo Hyun’s house. Ji Hoon doesn’t recognize her, but she has a feeling she’s seen him before. Soo Hyun tells Soon Nyeo that Saet Byul has a nut allergy, to make sure she doesn’t go outside and do not open the door to a stranger. She orders Saet Byul to stay at home until she’s back.

A brand new day for exhausted detective Dong Chan who’s still in deep sleep in his car, outside Moon Soo’s house. Ho Gook couldn’t accept the picture (that Soo Hyun stole from Moon Soo’s house) as evidence. Her statement about the dead puppy also didn’t mean anything to him. He needs a concrete evidence before he can start the investigation.

So she steals keys from Dong Chan’s pocket to sneak back into Moon Soo’s house. She calls Moon Soo to order a delivery then she hurriedly enters his house to check the alarm clock.

Of course Saet Byul decides to go outside. They meet with Young Gyu who was waiting at the front gate. They are going to buy ice cream.


Soo Hyun is surprised that Saet Byul’s pictures are gone. She notices a picture in the corner of a mirror, she pulls it. The mirror is actually a hidden door, she walks into the hidden room. Pictures of Saet Byul and her friend are plastered on the wall. She finds the dead puppy, the missing pictures plus all sort-of-tools there.

Then she finds Eun Joo, Saet Byul’s friend who hasn’t come to school for days because she’s very sick. She’s unconscious.

Soon Nyeo is busy helping Young Gyu, leaving Soo Hyun alone. A stranger approaches her.

Back to Soo Hyun, she realizes that Moon Soo is here!

Dong Chan realizes his keys are gone.

Suspicious Moon Soo didn’t do the delivery and he saw Soo Hyun entered his house through a cctv camera. Suddenly, a light breaks through the hidden room, Dong Chan is in the next room to look for his keys.

He walks toward the mirror, but doesn’t suspect anything. (Kick the mirror, Dong Chan!) He’s touching the mirror, pretending to fix his hair. Then they leave the room.

Soo Hyun begs Moon Soo to let Eun Joo go, because as far as she knows, he wants to take revenge on her husband. Min Joo is innocent, she doesn’t have anything to do with his grudge. Soo Hyun promises she’ll do everything she can to re-investigate his father’s case to remove his guiltiness and so he will no longer live as a murderer’s son. It’s true that his innocent father died unfairly. He tapes Soo Hyun’s mouth, then creepily strokes Min Joon’s hair.


Soo Hyun uses a liquid to “burn” the rope which binds her hand. As soon as her hands are free, she strangles him using a rope. He fights back, strangles her back with the rope. Thankfully, Dong Chan jumps through the mirror to save her. Moon Soo accidentally burns his own arm.

Dong Chan explains his amazing theory of how did he find out there’s a hidden room. The light, it’s usually in the middle, but the light in this room is titled inwards, it means the room was remodeled. And the mirror placement is a bit weird, so of course he checked it (when he pretended he was trying to fix his hair). When he touched the mirror, he knew there’s a room behind the mirror.

He warns Soo Hyun again: don’t put whipped cream on his coffee. LOL.

Moon Soo confesses he wanted to seek revenge on Ji Hoon. He thought Min Joo was his daughter, he didn’t want to harm her, he just wanted to prove his father’s innocence. Although his father personally confessed, but he insists his warm & kind father is innocent. It’s incredibly hard to live as a murderer’s son. About the print on his wrist, he admits he has it.

Soo Hyun run towards the investigation room, ordering him to draw the picture on his wrist. It’s the same picture as the tattoo of the truck driver’s wrist. Soo Hyun screams, telling him to die so Dong Chan drags her out of the room. His eye expression – there’s no remorse there.

Soon Nyae & Young Gyu arrive at the police station to report that Saet Byul is gone. Ji Hoon calls, asking why she left her daughter alone. Thankfully, Saet Byul is safe & sound.

Saet Byul explains that an ahjussi asked a location of an address, coincidentally it’s Saet Byul’s address. So she “helped” him and he gave her the letter which he had to deliver to Ji Hoon. Soo Hyun scolds her daughter, she has previously orders her for not following a stranger.

Young Gyu keeps apologizing. Soon Nyae is thankful that the friend Young Gyu was talking about, is pretty Saet Byul.

Dong Chan is trying to find out the relationship between Bong Sup, Hang Ki Tae & Jang Moon Soo. He think Man Soo is the real culprit who ordered Ki Tae to kill his accomplice Bong Sup.

Grandpa comes home, asking for food and wondering when he’s going to bring the witness who can testify his good deeds.

Dong Chan gets a head-up: a ring. He then tells the grandpa to get the 10 billion won ready for him.

Grandpa is curious why Dong Chan is too focused on other people’s business. What about his older brother?

Soo Hyun and Saet Byul visit Eun Joo at the hospital. Saet Byul gives a puppy doll to her, she’s upset that her puppy Bok Shil died protecting her. 🙁 She confessed she stole Saet Byul’s watch. Kind-hearted Saet Byul pretends in front of her mother that she let Eun Joo borrowed her watch. But she saw Eun Joo stole it, and told the teacher she didn’t do it. Awww…

Saet Byul wants to become a smart & courageous person like her mother. She’s happy Soo Hyun is her mom.

They see Min Ah at the hospital, clutching her tummy. Soo Hyun recalls Min Ah talking about her unborn baby to someone on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped.

While Saet Byul is having fun with face painting, Min Ah tells Soo Hyun she wants to have that person’s child. Soo Hyun checks Min Ah’s wrist to find any bruises, much to her relieve, her wrist is okay. Soo Hyun tells her that person is a bad guy, but if she insists to keep this child, he may hurt her.

Soo Hyun’s mom threw her away and she admit she didn’t have any confidence to be a good mom. So she accepted his proposal of not having a child. She was diligent with birth control, but in the end they had Saet Byul. The thing she’s done best in this world is giving birth to her Saet Byul, she can’t imagine her world without her.

Dong Chan is checking the CCTV camera but the tattoo they’re looking for, is not on Moon Soo’s wrist.

Soo Hyun heart drops when she sees the picture on Saet Byul’s face. She was the one who asked them to draw this picture. It’s a popular picture, even the motorcycle ahjussi (the messenger) had it. Saet Byul couldn’t see his face, because he wore a helmet.

She drops Saet Byul at Min Ah’s house and instructs her to stay inside. She asks Min Ah to take care Saet Byul for her.

Ji Hoon is checking his letterbox, anxious Soo Hyun opens a package to find nothing suspicious inside. She convinces herself this is just a coincidence.

Ji Hoon finds the letter from the messenger, then safely put the pictures inside his bottom drawer. He calls someone… It’s Min Ah!

Someone is delivering a package to Min Ah. Saet Byul looks and finds the tattoo on his wrist. Min Ah closes the door. Saet Byul plans to tell her mom, but she left her mobile phone somewhere. =(

Dong Chan is investigating Man Bok’s case. He ran a bakery and tempted a young girl saying he’d give her a bread, but he locked her inside the kitchen and ended up killing her. Picture of a waffle burn scar on the victim’s arm as the evidence.

Dong Chan locks the door, turns off the recording and hit the camera to turn it off. He only has 3 minutes to interrogate Moon Soo before the detectives break in. He believes Moon Soo still hides something.

Dong Chan tells him a funny story about a guy who killed a girl. The girl’s ring went missing. When asked about this ring, this guy said that he threw it away in the drain.

But here’s the twist: there’s another guy who is worse that the killer. That guy is…

Moon Soo is nervous and looks away.

Dong Chan shows him the picture of the waffle burn scar on the victim’s arm (she wore the pink ring on her finger). Plus picture of the waffle maker. And statement from the doctor who treated Man Soo that he covered up the scar on his wrist so nobody would find out he’s the real killer!

Flashback to day of the accident. He was trying to burn the young girl’s arm with a waffle maker, but he got burnt instead – leaving the scar on his arm.

Moon Soo insists his father did it. But Dong Chan believe Man Bok who had lung cancer took the blame for his son. Moon Soo has been living in guilt. He begs Dong Chan to save him, to forgive him.

Dong Chan is curious where did he find out about that picture that he drew it so well.

He creepily laughs, he knows they’re looking for that guy. He instructs him to bury all these evidence, then he’ll help them to find this guy.


Dong Chan burns the doctor’s statement in front of Moon Soo.

Moon Soo advises him that the guy is a loyal customer who comes to his shop 3 times a week. Flashback to Moon Soo took picture of Eun Joo and Saet Byul, and the guy was behind them. He explains that this guy usually wear a training pant & slipper and has a black mask on. Dong Chan believes he lives around this neighborhood.

He finds a receipt…

He tells Soo Hyun that the person they’re looking for is not Jang Moon Soo.

She hurriedly asks the villa’s guard to help her checking the CCTV camera to check the messenger who came with Saet Byul. She finds out it’s an envelope, a letter, not a box / package.

Byung Tae is frustrated with impatient Dong Chan who almost strangles his neck. Dong Chan put a small video camera when he interrogated Moon Soo, so everything was recorded. Moon Soo threatens he won’t leave Dong Chan alone.

Byung Tae cites a quote from a book he read earlier:  “don’t only believe in the things you can see, there are more times when the truth we know might not be true.”

Flashback to Dong Ho’s court hearing. He admitted to kill & dump the body. Ji Hoon pressed him asking if he killed the other 2 people, he kept shaking his head.

Dong Chan reads his brother’s file again, to find out that Dong Ho did confess to kill the first child, but he only confessed he killed the other 2 people a year later, the time he was sentenced to death.

Dong Ho is very happy when the guard tells him that his younger brother visits him. But his smile turns to a disappointment when he finds out his brother has already left. Dong Chan didn’t have the courage to see his hyung. As of now, he only wants to believe in things he sees, because that’s the truth.

Because of Man Bok’s case, Ji Hoon is put into a spotlight. Ji Hoon believes there’s no mistake from the prosecutor’s side and he’ll take responsibility if there’s something to be held responsible. Nobody has any right to kill another person – it’s another murder.

In the  middle of the media frenzy, Soo Hyun arrives to frantically asks him about the letter he received from the messenger. He advises her to stay at home if she’s worried about Saet Byul.

A twist! Two people (an investigator investigating cheating wife’s case and his client, Joon Ho’s father [since he knows Saet Byul, I think his son is Saet Byul’s schoolmate) have set up camera & videos in the apartment across the road from Soo Hyun’s building. They’re looking at Soo Hyun’s neighbor but in the process, he admired Soo Hyun’s beauty and “captured” Ji Hoon and Min Ah together.

Couple days ago, a thief broke into this house and stole all the files from the notebook.

Soo Hyun searches her husband’s office again, accidentally breaks the drawer to find the pictures of her husband’s affair.

On the day Saet Byul was kidnapped, Min Ah told her that she was going to take a revenge on her baby’s father who forced her to abort her baby because he didn’t want it.

Min Ah drags Saet Byul on the street. Saet Byul breaks free and she run as fast as she can, across the intersection. Min Ah chases her. Both of them didn’t see the speeding car coming straight to them. It then stops in the middle of the intersection.

Brief Comment

Ji Hoon’s secret is out! I can’t believe we have to deal with an affair on this drama. And I will be disappointed if Min Ah is behind Saet Byul’s kidnapping. A mistress who wants to take a revenge by putting her secret lover’s child in danger? I hope we won’t go down this route.

I think there’s a parallel story between Dong Chan – Dong Ho and Jang Man Bok & Moon Soo. Just like innocent Jang Man Bok who was falsely prosecuted because he protected his guilty son, maybe Dong Ho is also the innocent man who protected someone precious to him.

“Don’t only believe in the things you see, everything you see is not the truth”

Dong Chan is wavered because he only saw his brother throwing the dead body in that creek. Nobody knew who and when the murder happened. Maybe Dong Ho was framed & threatened by the real killer who might know the tattoo-ed man.

Ji Hoon only looks at the evidence in front of him, he’s only doing his job as a prosecutor – he doesn’t care about the victims’ feelings. I guess most prosecutors and detectives are the same. They act based on evidence & confession. Thankfully we have Dong Chan who uses his senses & brain!

Soo Hyun is a badass, I admire her courage! But sometimes I’m worried for her. She never listens to Dong Chan, and acts according to her own will. Saet Byul is the same. I guess like mother like daughter. Saet Byul really needs to listen to her mother’s instructions and stay inside.

Maybe Soo Hyun receives this “god’s gift” not only for saving her daughter, but also to open her eyes about her husband’s affair. Although this is not a romance drama, but there’s still a possibility she will end up with Dong Chan, right? 😀

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