God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 8 Brief Recap

I have no idea where this drama is going anymore (in a good way). Every episode they “introduced” new suspect, although these suspects may be somehow related to Saet Byul’s kidnapping case, but we’re still going around in circles. The mysterious tattoo-ed man is still playing hide-and-seek with Dong Chan & Soo Hyun. Saet Byul becomes more uncontrollable, keeps running away although she’s aware her mother is very worried for her safety. Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is too focused on solving this case that she keeps leaving her daughter with someone else. But I’m glad we finally found out the reason why Dong Chan really hates his family.

God’s Gift Episode 8 Brief Recap


Ji Hoon races to Min Ah’s house after he received blackmailing letter & pictures of his affair. He doesn’t want him to threaten him, he slaps her and orders her to have the abortion. She shows him the surgery confirmation letter. He clearly orders her to stop contacting him again. He doesn’t realize Saet Byul is sleeping at Min Ah’s house.

Moon Soo tells Dong Chan that he bought his 300mm camera lens by cash. So nobody will be able to track where did he purchase it from.

Min Ah drags Saet Byul on the street and Saet Byul is able to break free. She run across the intersection. Just then, a car approaches her and Min Ah who chases her, saves Saet Byul from getting hit by this car.

D-9 before the accident 

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun go to Min Ah’s house. They find Saet Byul’s drawing, it’s heartbreaking that it’s torn in pieces – separating Ji Hoon with Soo Hyun & Saet Byul. Dong Chan find Min Ah’s surgery confirmation letter on the floor.

Soo Hyun recalls Min Ah’s statement after Saet Byul went missing. The last person who saw Saet Byul that day was Min Ah.

They rush to the hospital after finding out that Saet Byul was in an accident. Soo Hyun is relieved knowing Saet Byul is fine. Saet Byul tells mom that Auntie Min Ah saved her. The doctors are rushing Min Ah to the operating theater because she may have a miscarriage due to heavy bleeding.

Soo Hyun pleads doctor to save Min Ah’s unborn baby, because if she loses her child, Saet Byul will be in danger.

Flashback to what really happened. Min Ah pushed Saet Byul to the front, so the car didn’t hit her. Both of them felt down, Min Ah kept clutching her stomach. Saet Byul was worried for Auntie especially after she saw blood dripping down her legs.

Ji Hoon realizes his wife found out about his affair. He calls Soo Hyun who orders her to come to the hospital immediately.

Dong Chan brings Saet Byul to buy new shoes. He begs the shop assistant / owner to open the store although it’s late at night. He complements her for being really tough, like her mother. Saet Byul tells him that she saw that ahjussi (the tattoo-ed man ahjussi who came to Min Ah’s house earlier)


Soo Hyun remembers what he said to her after Saet Byul passed away – blaming her that she lost Saet Byul because she met with her first love and he would never forgive her.

When Ji Hoon arrives at the hospital, Soo Hyun slaps him. Saet Byul will be in danger because of him. She orders him to save his child – Joo Min Ah’s child.

Dong Chan who saw their argument came to her rescue, he promises he’ll always protect Saet Byul. He tells her that Min Ah’s baby is safe.

As soon as Dong Chan tells her that tattoo-ed man came to Min Ah’s house, she rushes to Min Ah’s room – trying to kill her who’s still unconscious after her surgery. As she’s going to strangle her neck, Min Ah wakes up, she admits she wanted to kill Saet Byul, she wanted everyone to disappear so Ji Hoon will be hers. She also wants to protect her child, her child is also precious just like Saet Byul to Soo Hyun.

Soo Hyun threatens she’ll kill her if she touches a strand of Saet Byul’s hair. When she sees Min Ah is clutching her stomach, suddenly she  is on her knees, pleading & apologizing – begging Min Ah to let Saet Byul live.

Ji Hoon arrives at the hospital and is upset that Saet Byul doesn’t want to look at her dad, prefer to be with Ahjussi Dong Chan. Soo Hyun takes Saet Byul home and Dong Chan stops Ji Hoon from following them. Because of this, Ji Hoon is furious and punch Dong Chan. He is disgusted with Ji Hoon who had an affair with his own wife’s junior staff.

Soo Hyun lies to Saet Byul that her dad is going for a business trip – they’re packing their stuffs. Saet Byul is trying to put her backpack in the suitcase.

Ji Hoon asks Soo Hyun to give him a chance to explain. Min Ah suddenly came over but nothing really happened. He’s not that crazy to do that kind of thing in their own house. Zoom-in to the apartment across the road, recording Soo Hyun and Ji Hoon.

Soo Hyun & Saet Byul leave the house, Saet Byul is upset she can’t bring her backpack with her.

Ji Hoon receives a message from mysterious person “How is it?” He calls this person, threatening that he used his threat card wrong. Since it’s already turned out like this, doesn’t he know that it’s useless? He wants to meet him.


Soo Hyun keeps crying in the hotel’s bathroom. She takes off her wedding ring.

The reason why she married Ji Hoon was he gave her hope in this world which is full of hatred, betrayal and cruelty. As a human right prosecutor, he works his hardest to uphold the truth. She believed through Ji Hoon, she would never see the cold & depressing world again. But she’s wrong. Her husband betrayed her trust.

Ji Hoon is meeting with the mysterious man – threatening this person who dares to touch his family. It’s all or nothing now, Ji Hoon won’t stay still, he can’t wait any longer, he instructs this mysterious man to finish it in one week.

Dong Chan is nervously playing with his phone, (most likely he’s worried about Soo Hyun & Saet Byul but doesn’t have the courage to call / text them). The grandpa is wondering if he’s dating someone, he wants to meet this special woman. He orders Dong Chan to bring her to meet him.

Saet Byul wakes up and finds her mom is still crying. She cries as she promises she will protect her mom from now. She will always be here for her. So mom, please don’t cry. T_T

Woo Jin visits Young Gyu and his grandmother, brought gifts which put a smile on their faces. He gave him a jacket, but Young Gyu prefer the red sweater (that his mother gave to Dong Chan) because it’s warmer. Woo Jin apologizes to Young Gyu.

Soo Hyun discovers a thief broke into her hotel room when Saet Byul and her were having breakfast. She asks Dong Chan to check the CCTV camera and they find a mysterious man sneaked into her room. She’s worried that the same thief will try to harm her and Saet Byul so they have to leave. But to where?

Cutie Saet Byul solves this problem, she wants to go with Ahjussi Dong Chan. So off they go to live with Dong Chan and the grandpa.

Soo Hyun and Saet Byul arrive at Dong Chan’s house but they have to deal with the grandpa who doesn’t let them to stay there. He dances, kicks, then falls down. Hahaha. Complaining of all the things Dong Chan did wrong, complaining about his dark circle. He yells at Saet Byul, so Dong Chan locks him outside.

Dong Chan rushes to his bathroom, throwing all the R rating magazines outside, but the grandpa picked them up for him. 😀

Soo Hyun is tidying up his room, picks up his dirty underwear (but he pretends it’s grandpa’s underwear). Grandpa suddenly appears, telling them that he doesn’t wear triangle leopard underwear. LOL.

Aww… Smiling & happy Soo Hyun =)

Ji Hoon goes to Soo Hyun’s mom place to check if Soo Hyun and Saet Byul are there. She cooks him yummy food, but suddenly her expression changes when he asks if Soo Hyun went there. She knew exactly what he did, she scolds him and orders him to leave.

Dong Chan set up a nice tent in the terrace for the grandpa. He tells him that this is the ahjumma who will testify about his good deeds, so he has to look after her, otherwise, she won’t testify for him.

Soo Hyun threatens to move back to a hotel if the grandpa has to sleep in the tent.

The grandpa asks if everything Dong Chan said was true. He couldn’t believe Dong Chan helped her.

Soo Hyun acknowledges Dong Chan’s help, he put his own life at stake to save her and her daughter. No matter what other people said, Soo Hyun knows that Dong Chan is not a thug. He’s a good and loyal person.

But because this is the first time the grandpa saw Soo Hyun, he will have to watch over her to ensure she’s trustworthy.

Now Dong Chan is wondering about the grandpa’s real identity.

Saet Byul is trying to sneak away to get her “snake” backpack [helmet & bag] – she received it when she joined “snake” fanclub, but Dong Chan catches her. She orders Dong Chan for not telling mom about this. She’s going to take a taxi, but she only has 1000won. Dong Chan promises he’ll bring this bag for her, so she gives him the 1000won for taxi fee and instructs him to give her the change. He cutely tells her he can buy a house in Gangnam with the leftover change. 😀 Soo Hyun writes her home’s passcode on his hand.

Soon Nyae sneaks into Ji Hoon’s office trying to look for documents relating to Dong Ho’s case. When she was drying Young Gyu’s ultimate ddjakji, she found important paper about Moojin’s murder case. She “paid” Soo Hyun’s nanny so she can work at Soo Hyun’s place for a few days.

But before she finds anything, she hears footsteps approaching the room. Ji Hoon is here, but she’s safe – for now. She pretends she’s here to tidy up the messy room. Ji Hoon is furious Soo Hyun didn’t tell Soon Nyae she cannot touch anything in his room. He instructs her to leave and never enter this room again.

Dong Chan arrives to bring Saet Byul’s snake bag. He drags his mom outside. He asks if his mom still believes Dong Ho is innocent that she went to his prosecutor’s house to beg him so he’ll let Dong Ho out. Soon Nyae tells him she saw something weird, so she was going to find some evidence. She’s trying to show him the paper, but he doesn’t want to hear her explanation.

He’s upset that his mother only think about Dong Ho. Mom yells at him, Dong Ho is not a murderer!

Dong Chan is furious, he drives his car – speeds up, then stops in the middle of a highway. In frustration and anger, he repeatdly punch the bridge rail until his hand bleeds. He remembers his brother’s court day when he was sentenced to death because he killed Kim Jae Kyung, Jeong Tae Hee, Lee Soo Jung. His brother begged them for not taking her son away, then blaming Dong Chan for putting his own brother in jail. He yelled at his mom, he saw with his own eyes that his brother killed his Soo Jung!


Saet Byul found a dusty guitar in the storage room – engraved with Dong Chan’s name. While cleaning up Dong Chan’s room, Soo Hyun accidentally finds a bottle of medicine “Zolpida” under the bed. (I think it’s similar as Zolpidem – a prescription medication used to treat insomnia and some brain disorders). Dong Chan arrives, Soo Hyun is shocked when she sees his bleeding hand.

Outside,  Saet Byul is singing & playing guitar. Dong Chan takes the guitar away from her, going to smash it. Saet Byul is scared, she run to her mother who scolds her for touching other people’s stuff without asking permission.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun are drinking soda outside, suddenly he asks if she’s curious about something. Soo Hyun doesn’t push him to say anything if he doesn’t want to say it.

He then tells her that his first love, Soo Jung, gave that guitar to him. He knows Woo Jin was Soo Hyun’s first love, they were really close back then, they used to share their secrets to each other.

Woo Jin’s parents didn’t like Soo Hyun because she’s an orphan. So she broke up with him. Dong Chan tells her that it’s better than having a family he hates. But Soo Hyun also hates her family. 🙁 He lovingly stares at her.

But Jenny is here to break the mood, she’s jealous. LOL.

Byung Tae is checking the data on a laptop which they found at Seul Goo’s officetel. He wants to buy 300mm lens, because the zoom is awesome. 😀 Suddenly, he sees something, it’s Ji Hoon! Dong Chan is wondering why someone deleted the images on Seul Goo’s camera.

The Presiden’t support rating went down by 20% and they’re having an emergency meeting. The minister keeps pointing his fingers to the government’s lukewarm attitude towards death execution. But the President notices the public’s opinion lean towards no execution after the found out what really happened in Jang Moon Soo and his father’s cases. But that only lasts for one day. They need to act before his support rating keeps declining down.

But if he decides on execution, he’ll receive international pressure and criticism. It’s like a double-edge sword. But the minister will support him regardless of the decision he chooses to make. He advises him to decide based on his belief.

If they decide on the execution, EU will turn their backs on the negotiation with FDA. Apparently President Choo Byung Woo (the grandpa) is putting a lot of pressure on EU. The minister explains they have 0% chance to convince EU. The President is wondering he should meet him, but the minister knows it’ll backfire. He’s baffled why his relationship between him and President Choo become like this.

The President decides they’ll review all sides of execution to handle the current situation.

Drunk Jenny complains she was going to “strike” her oppa Dong Chan, but the grandpa interfered. Grandpa teases her she lost against an ahjumma. But she strongly believes Dong Chan will forever put only one woman in his heart. Who dares to put the ahjumma in his heart.

Jae Min calls the grandpa, he’s going to see him although a storm is coming.

Heavy rain, Jenny is drunk & sleeping. Grandpa is gone. Soo Hyun, Dong Chan and Byung Tae are investigating Ji Hoon’s picture. Saet Byul sneaks in to meet Young Gyu who has already waiting for her. She gives Snake’s yellow jacket to him. They’re late for Snake’s concert, but Saet Byul believe they’ll be able to meet Tae Oh at the parking lot. She wants to give birthday present for Tae Oh.

Then, they hear the announcement that the concert is about to start. But guests who are minors without guardians will have to leave the premises now.

Soo Hyun finds out cameras set up in the apartment building across from Ji Hoon’s place. They go there, Dong Chan drills the door to enter the apartment.

Suddenly, someone arrives. He has the same gesture as the tattoo-ed man. He enters the next door’s apartment.

Inside, they find pictures of Soo Hyun, Saet Byul, Ji Hoon and Min Ah. Soo Hyun realizes Min Ah was also being followed, it’s not her fault. Neighbor’s dog is barking very loudly, brainy Dong Chan knows straight away that the mysterious guy is not the owner, he’s the suspect!

He remembers he has the same hand gesture with the thief which broke into Soo Hyun’s hotel room.

He ambushes next door’s apartment, but this guy has already jumped out of the window. He orders So Hyun to call the police, while he’s chasing him who escape riding his motorcycle.

Soo Hyun is trying to find her mobile phone, she think she drops it. But when she bends over to pick it up, she sees shoes under the table. A mysterious man attacks her.

Dong Chan is able to chase the man who escaped with his motorcycle, but there’s no tattoo on his wrist. Dong Chan is perplexed. He calls Soo Hyun, then, a car approaches him. A mysterious man who drives this car throws Soo Hyun’s mobile phone to him.

He points his thumb to the trunk – Soo Hyun is screaming asking for help. Dong Chan is running trying to follow the car. But it speeds up.

He then receives a text message, telling him to go to Geumodong’s demolition site.

Brief Comment

Who kidnapped Soo Hyun? The tattoo-ed man? ><

We have two gutsy women in this drama, Soo Hyun and Soon Nyae. They have the same motive: to protect their children. Soo Hyun wants to bring her daughter back from death, and Soon Nyae wants to prevent her innocent son from facing the death penalty execution. It’s heartbreaking that Dong Chan believed his mother no longer loves him making him really hates her. He’s deeply hurt and angry that his own brother killed his first love, and he saw it with his own eyes. 10 years have passed and his mother still insists that he’s innocent that she “paid” Soo Hyun’s nanny to enter the house and find the evidence to prove his son’s innocence.

Min Ah is another gutsy woman who wants to protect her child. Most likely, she wants Ji Hoon to accept her child as his own and she was upset when he ordered her to have an abortion. I’m still wondering about the mysterious man who Ji Hoon met in the middle of the night. Who is he? He’s definitely know about his relationship with Min Ah that he “used” it to threaten Ji Hoon.

The President, his minister and the grandpa are shady. Hope we’ll find out about the grandpa’s real identity soon.

Dong Chan’s medicine! Is it a sleeping pill or a drug? Dong Chan usually blanked out after he got drunk that he barely remembered anything. I wonder if this medicine has anything to do with this. Hmm…

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