God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 9 Brief Recap

It’s amazing how this drama confuses the viewers in so many ways, twisting things around and making the characters closely related to each other. Grandpa Choo hide the secret about Te Oh’s older brother’s death. His older brother loved a game which has the same pattern as the tattoo in the suspect’s wrist, so whether it’s coincidental or related, Te Oh used this pattern as the logo for his new album. Dong Chan & Soo Hyun can find this pattern basically everywhere now, making their job to find the tattoo-ed man incredibly difficult. Moreover, Dong Chan finds out that his opponent, Soo Hyun’s kidnapper is highly skilled in martial arts. Woo Jin may know the kidnapper. Trouble-maker Saet Byul finally learns her lesson, hopefully as she’s promised, she’ll be an obedient daughter.

This episode is full of sweetness. Dong Chan went to the place which holds a special memory for him, and cutie Saet Byul proposes to her “knight”. Soo Hyun realizes the true meaning of happiness and how to savor this precious moment as she spends a day with her sweet daughter & Young Gyu. Another great episode which keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Episode 9 Brief Recap

Te Oh narrates “five years ago, in the rain like today, the people I love the most in this world fell into this place. To save you, who’s suffering in Hell. I am now in front of Hell holding the gift God has given to me. I welcome those who have come to Hell.”

The concert begins! Saet Byul and Young Gyu were able to sneak into the concert’s hall.

Dong Chan is trying to save Soo Hyun who’s tied on a pole. His instinct tells him that the kidnapper is behind him. He’s right! They fight fiercely on the roof, the kidnapper is not an easy opponent for Dong Chan. He pushes him down, Dong Chan fell down on top of the car’s hood. The kidnapper approaches Dong Chan with a hammer, asking Dong Chan if he wants to live.


He aims the hammer to Dong Chan, but smashes the car’s windshield instead. He threatens Dong Chan for not disturbing him again if he wants to live.

He approaches Soo Hyun with a knife, cut the rope and let her go.

Soo Hyun receives a call that Saet Byul is gone. She calls Ji Hoon who tells her tonight is Snake’s concert and they were going to watch it together. The mysterious man is recording their phone conversation and is spying from the building across from their villa. On the way to Snake’s concert, police pulls him Ji Hoon over because of a hit and run accident.

Soo Hyun leaves Dong Chan alone in the ambulance. Somehow, Dong Chan is back at the crime scene, pulls the hammer from his windshield and drives away.

Te Oh tells his fans that he hates rain. The reason why he’s doing his concert in the midst of all the rain storm is because he lost the person he really loved 5 years ago because of an accident on a rainy day. Right now, that person is in hell, but to that person who dreamed of Heaven, he’ll sing the next song for her – hoping it will brighten her path to Heaven.


Grandpa Choo Byung Woo is at the concert’s hall, he leaves after he heard Te Oh’s confession.


Saet Byul and Young Gyu leave the concert hall after Saet Byul saw a staff wearing a hat looking for them. Saet Byul drops her mobile phone when they were running away, trying to find a place to hide. They hide in Te Oh’s car, a man who has a tattoo on his wrist reaches in and takes Saet Byul’s bag from her. He wears “Staff” jacket but Te Oh’s manager doesn’t recognize him.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is inside the concert venue, but she can’t find Saet Byul. However, she sees familiar picture on the screens – same pattern as what she saw on the tattoo-ed man’s wrist.

D-8 before the incident

Soo Hyun is waiting for the concert to finish, then frantically asks the band members about Saet Byul’s whereabouts. She suspects they hide Saet Byul because they have the same tattoo on their arms. People think she’s crazy, this makes Dong Chan (who just arrived) really angry.

Young Gyu is wondering why they had to run away & hide, Saet Byul is worried that they will call her mom if they get caught by security guards. Young Gyu tells her that her mom will be worried, but Saet Byul can’t call her because she dropped her mobile phone earlier.

Dong Chan is questioning Snake about the logo on their new album. Te Oh tells them he used the mark of the game that his older brother loved into the logo for their new album, he dedicates this album to his dead older brother. The staffs notify worried Soo Hyun that they sent minors back home before the concert started. So they didn’t know anything about Saet Byul.

Dong Chan gives his shoe to Soo Hyun, she lost her right shoe in the crime scene.

A staff brought a fan’s bag, Dong Chan knows it’s Saet Byul’s bag.

Te Oh’s manager drives his car home, didn’t notice that Saet Byul and Young Gyu are hiding inside the car. Saet Byul and Young Gyu arrive at Te Oh’s house. Young Gyu wants to go home because his grandmother is waiting for him, but trouble-maker Saet Byul insists to give her present to Te Oh. So they sneak into his house, Saet Byul leaves her present on the bedside table. She’s not jealous when she sees a picture of Te Oh and his girlfriend, because she has someone she likes. Young Gyu asks who is it, she tells him it’s a secret… Aw…

They quickly hide in the dressing room when they heard Te Oh’s voice.

OMG, Grandpa Choo is here with Te Oh! He confronts the grandpa. All his life he believed his older brother died because of an accident. But this document proves otherwise. He tells him that he hoped he wouldn’t know about this incident all his life. He asks if Te Oh is curious to find everything about this incident, he tells him to judge the situation carefully. Te Oh is not afraid of dying, but Grandpa advises him that people around him can get hurt.

Saet Byul and Young Gyu finds a secret room upstairs. They look around the room, Young Gyu finds a picture of Soo Jung’s noona and takes it so he can give it to Uncle Dong Chan.

Saet Byul & Young Gyu is caught by Te Oh after they accidentally dropped & broke something.


Dong Chan orders Huh Goo & Woo Jin to check the crime scene to find any fingerprints / DNA of the kidnapper. But Woo Jin doesn’t believe in anything he said, especially about the mysterious apartment which the suspect used to stalk Soo Hyun’s house. Soo Hyun clarifies that it’s true, someone is watching her family. She begs Woo Jin to find her daughter.

Dong Chan clearly describes the kidnapper, up to his shoe size and he’s left-handed. He’s very skilled in special martial arts which makes him believe he has a special force background. Dong Chan instructs them to check the CCTVs around the area where Soo Hyun was kidnapped. He tells Huh Goo that he put that guy’s glove on the third floor in that fenced off building where there’s a text “Demolition of Murder” on the wall. He instructs him to get it for him, so they can get his fingerprints.

Woo Jin orders Huh Goo to check the ex-convicts files to see if there’s any with special forces background, while he’s going to check the crime scene himself.

Soo Hyun recalls Saet Byul disappeared when she went to Snake’s concert last time. They found Saet Byul and Young Gyu in Yong San police station. She think Saet Byul is there at the moment.

As Dong Chan is calling someone (I think he’s calling Jenny), Te Oh’s manager brings Saet Byul and Young Gyu back safely to Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun blames Young Gyu for breaking his promise, but Saet Byul tells mom that it was because of her.

Just then, Ji Hoon arrives. Soo Hyun is upset that her husband didn’t look for Saet Byul, he doesn’t have any right to be a father. She forbids him to take Saet Byul with him.

Ji Hoon put the blame back to Soo Hyun who took Saet Byul to stay in a hotel, then left her in a stranger’s house as she went somewhere leaving Saet Byul alone. Nothing will happen to Saet Byul if Soo Hyun stays still. She has all these crazy ideas which made everyone’s worried and anxious.  He takes Saet Byul home with him, because he’s Saet Byul’s dad. Young Gyu promises to protect Saet Byul.

He then sees Soo Hyun’s wearing Dong Chan’s shoe.

Dong Chan has collapsed from pain, Ji Hoon orders his wife to go and look after him. He drives Saet Byul & Young Gyu home.

Woo Jin arrives at the crime scene. He looks around, takes the suspect’s glove that Dong Chan hide, climbs to the roof and he finds Soo Hyun’s shoe.

Soo Hyun calls Woo Jin to see if he found anything. He’s lying – telling her he didn’t find anything. Then, he burns all the evidence he found on the crime scene.

Ji Hoon is frantically digging Saet Byul’s bag. Ah he hide the ring (engraved JH ❤ TH) that he stole from Soo Hyun, inside her daughter’s bag.

Cue to a piece of jewelry on Te Oh’s possession. It’s very dark, so I couldn’t see it clearly. It doesn’t look like a ring though.

Snake is reading his older brother’s diary which mentioned that he didn’t want to become an embarrassing older brother to his younger brother, Jae Min. He wrote that he wanted to leave this hell, now. No matter how much you bothered and threatened him, he would say the truth.

D-7 before the incident & the day Saet Byul is going to be kidnapped


Dong Chan had another nightmare. He wakes up, curious why Soo Hyun is here then asks about Saet Byul. She tells him that her father took her. Today is the day Saet Byul is going to be kidnapped, Dong Chan urges her to go to Saet Byul.

Spoiled Saet Byul refuses to eat, although her dad cooked her favorite fried rice. When her dad leaves her room, she gets up and eat.

Young Gyu and his grandmother arrive, promptly apologizes that she had to bring him here because he had nowhere else to go. Saet Byul is happy to see Young Gyu oppa. Soon Nyae is grateful Ji Hoon dropped Young Gyu home safely last night / early this morning.

Soon Nyae sneaks back into Ji Hoon’s room as soon as he leaves for work. But Ji Hoon is back, he caught her! He holds Dong Ho’s murder case document, asking if she was looking for this document. Soon Nyae kneels down, pleading him to help her, please save Dong Ho. He knows the truth, he knows Dong Chan is innocent. She just wants to see that document, to confirm it with her own eyes.

Ji Hoon is furious that Soon Nyae purposely came to his house to find this document. Soon Nyae replies that it’s correct. She came here initially to ask him to re-investigate this case again, but after she saw that document, she now realizes she doesn’t have any reason to beg him to do this. He has fooled her.

Ji Hoon orders her to leave the house, and don’t ever come & see his family again. She screams – her son is going to die because of him.

She’s trying to reach the documents in the top shelf, but he pulls her down – knocking her on the floor. Just then, Saet Byul and Young Gyu comes to the room. Saet Byul is upset of what her dad did to Young Gyu’s grandmother. She hates her dad!

Saet Byul told mom that dad hit Young Gyu’s grandma, but Ji Hoon lies that the grandma slipped when she was cleaning the shelves. Soo Hyun has lived with him for 10 years, she should know that he’s not the type of person who’ll hit someone. But after living together for 10 years, Soo Hyun didn’t even know her husband was having an affair. So how can she trust him now?


He admits they had a light confrontation because he’s unhappy she touched his documents although he has warned her she can’t touch anything in his room.

Soo Hyun wants to ensure if her husband is telling the truth that he doesn’t know who sent the threatening emails to him. She’s wondering why someone is investigating Ji Hoon’s background. She points to the building across the road, where someone is stalking them. She wants him to tell him, so they can protect & save Saet Byul. Who is this mysterious person that he turned into a murderer?

Ji Hoon surrenders his files from homicide cases he did 10 years ago to Soo Hyun. Feel free to look at them and investigate them herself.

As Saet Byul doesn’t want to see her dad, Soo Hyun is taking her. Soo Hyun allows Saet Byul to bring Young Gyu, she proposes to go to the camera shop first to check if they have fixed Young Gyu’s camera. Then, they spend a fun day in Kidzania.

Proud mother Soo Hyun is watching her daughter’s enjoying her time in Kidzania. She’s taking her picture & Young Gyu’s picture. Young Gyu is grateful for Saet Byul for fixing his father’s camera and gives her a cookie as a present.

Soo Hyun realizes that the moments they spend together are precious, the moment right now is happiness. She prays to God: please save her Saet Byul and give her a chance so she can become a good mother for Saet Byul.

A very worried Jenny is visiting Dong Chan. She’s happy to see him, but he’s not lol. Byung Tae has fixed his car’s broken windshield, he’s curious where did he get his car key from. He tells him that Soo Hyun gave the key to him, and that she’s in his office now.

He calls Soo Hyun who’s on his speed dial. Soo Hyun is currently looking at the homicide cases documents which Ji Hoon gave her at his office. Dong Chan is worried she will find Dong Ho’s case, so he’s discharged himself from the hospital and dashes to see Saet Byul & Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun didn’t find anything suspicious, Dong Chan is wondering if these are all the cases that Ji Hoon did 10 years ago because he couldn’t find his brother’s case files. Why is it missing?

Ji Hoon asks Soo Hyun & Saet Byul to come home. Then, he tells her that he’ll give her a divorce, so please come back home as he doesn’t like Saet Byul sleeping somewhere else.

Saet Byul is sleeping on her desk and Soo Hyun reads what her daughter wrote on her diary. Saet Byul blames herself that her parents are fighting because of her, and her mom is sad because of her. She promises she will be an obedient daughter and she will stick close to her mom from now on.

Soo Hyun is surprised to see the polaroid picture which Ji Hoon threw to the bin.

She remembers Saet Byul’s treasure box was locked last time. After Saet Byul passed away, the lock was broken. So who came in to her room and intentionally broke it?

Soo Hyun unlocks the treasure box and finds a picture (which Young Gyu took from Te Oh’s house).

She’s curious why Saet Byul’s picture starts to appear in the polaroid picture when she’s looking at this picture.

She shows this picture to Dong Chan who is surprised to see it, wanting to know where did they get it from. Saet Byul doesn’t know, and neither does Soo Hyun. Ji Hoon also didn’t know anything about it. The girl in that picture is his first love, Soo Jung. And the guy on the left is his brother, Dong Ho.

Soo Hyun shared what happened to the treasure’s box lock in the past. She’s now imagining a scenario that Saet Byul’s killer secretly entered Saet Byul’s room to get rid of the evidence and took that picture. Then he locked this box. He also ripped the last page from Saet Byul’s diary which Soo Hyun discovered it was upside-down.

Dong Chan is questioning whether the person who took this picture was the one who killed Saet Byul. She think one of the people in that picture could be the one who killed her or they might be related to Saet Byul’s death.

Thankfully this time, Soo Hyun was able to discover the picture first. They have to make sure this man will never get to read what’s written on Saet Byul’s diary. Saet Byul hasn’t written anything yet.

Soo Hyun wants to go to Mujin to find out more about this because the place where those 4 people took that picture was very close to the lake where Saet Byul was drown. But Dong Chan excuses himself, lies that he’s not feeling well. He’s wondering if Soo Jung has anything to do with Saet Byul’s death.

Soo Hyun is taking Saet Byul to Mujin. She brings her book “mother’s story” (the narration on episode 1) – the book Soo Hyun used to read to Saet Byul when she was young.

On the way to Mujin, Soo Hyun tells Dong Chan to stop the car so she can ask local people to find out if they recognize the people in that picture. Dong Chan opts to split up and takes Saet Byul with him.

The real estate agents praises Lee Soo Jung’s beauty & charisma. Moreover, she stayed true & loyal to one man who couldn’t live without her. But the older brother of the man who Soo Jung loved so much, killed her. He then threw her body to the lake. It turned Mujin upside down. This killer is behind the Mujin serial killing cases. Soo Hyun remembers her interview with Do Han.

Dong Chan takes Saet Byul for a walk in a beautiful field, the place where the picture was taken.

Suddenly, he sees Soo Jung waving at him.


Saet Byul begs Dong Chan to sing & play guitar for her, she believes he’s cooler than Te Oh’s oppa. Although he initially refused, but in the end, he takes his guitar and sings a beautiful song “Magical Castle” for cutie Saet Byul.

It’s a reminiscence of his precious memory with Soo Jung, he serenaded her while she was listening to him lovingly.

Saet Byul is mesmerized with Ahjussi’s voice. She asks if he’s the one who will save her, if he’s her knight. He nods.

Out of the blue, Saet Byul shyly tells Ahjussi Dong Chan to wait for 10 years and marry her. 🙂 Aw.. that’s such a cute proposal.

He teases her, why not. 😀 He tells her to grow up prettily because he dislikes ugly woman. Saet Byul tells him she’ll try her best, then she put a kiss on his cheek.

Dong Chan hugs her, promises he will protect his Saet Byul.

Soo Hyun arrives at the exact same spot where the picture was taken. Saet Byul hugs her as soon as she saw her mom.

Suddenly, Soo Hyun hears Saet Byul’s heart-wrenching voice from the bottom of the lake, screaming out “Mom”.

Brief Comment

Today is the day Saet Byul is going to be kidnapped. So it means Soo Hyun and Dong Chan received the gift to travel back to 7 days before Saet Byul’s kidnapping. I think Saet Byul will be kidnapped and they’ll have 7 days to solve the mystery & motive behind this so they can prevent Saet Byul’s death. Saet Byul really needs to listen to her mom and stays closer to her. But Soo Hyun needs to make sure she won’t act impulsively again, please stop leaving your daughter with someone else. I’m a bit suspicious with Dong Chan, especially because on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped, she ran to someone who she knew well. It might be Dong Chan, she trusts and likes him so much. Her proposal was really cute, although I think she’s just fan-girling over him. 😀 Who can resist his beautiful soothing voice? Everyone wants to be serenaded by him.

Grandpa Choo hides something big, he’s as shady as Woo Jin. I wonder what made him hiding the truth from Te Oh, and who killed Te Oh’s brother. Woo Jin may know Soo Hyun’s kidnapper so he burnt all the evidence. The kidnapper didn’t want to kill Soo Hyun & Dong Chan, so he’s not the suspect. Please don’t tell me that Woo Jin was the kidnapper!

Soo Jung wore the same hairpin as Destiny’s cafe owner. She’s her daughter?

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