God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 9 Video Preview & Spoiler Pictures

SBS released Episode 9 spoiler pictures of Kim Yoo Bin enjoying Jo Seung Woo‘s singing. Aww… They’re really adorable together.

A very heart-wrenching picture – Dong Chan tightly hugs Saet Byul as if she’s his “special friend” who can comfort him and take him out of his loneliness.


Saet Byul: Don’t worry Ahjussi, I’ll be here for you. ^-^


I <3 Dong Chan & Saet Byul, it’s cute that Saet Byul can trust Ahjussi Dong Chan. I hope writer-nim will not turn Dong Chan into Saet Byul’s kidnapper 🙁


Excited to hear musical actor Jo Seung Woo’s heartfelt voice.


Awww Dong Chan is serenading Saet Byul, playing his guitar which holds a special memory for him. He said he didn’t want to play it anymore, so why did he change his mind and play it for Saet Byul? Moreover, where is this place? (From the preview, it’s near a lake) Why did he take Saet Byul there?

This will be aired on episode 9 tonight.

Episode 9 Video Preview (31 March 2014)

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