KBS2 released “full-of-suspense” Golden Cross official posters


One week ahead of the first broadcast of KBS2 upcoming revenge melodrama Golden Cross, KBS2 released an “action-packed-full-of-suspense” poster featuring Kang Do Yoon (Kim Kang Woo) & Seo Yi Re (Lee Si Young). This is a very high quality, movie-like poster, cleverly showing Do Yoon’s ambitious desire through his gaze and Yi Re’s sadness through her tears. The contrast black-and-white and colorful Yi Se symbolizes her respect & conflict with her villain father Seo Dong Ha (Jung Bo Suk).

Golden Cross will unfold the story about prosecutor Doo Yoon who seeks revenge against Golden Cross group, the perpetrator which caused him to lose his younger sister. He won’t stay still until his ambitious revenge plan is fulfilled.

This drama is directed by PD Hong Seok Ku (Cheer Up Mr Kim) and is written by Yoo Hyun Mi (Gaksital). It’ll premiere next Wednesday, 9 April 2014 on KBS2.

Pic cr: Newsen

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