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Scenes from Tae Wook & Ji Hye’s honeymoon (Ep 11) and Hyun Woo’s work outing (Ep 15) were filmed at a natural resort Resom Forest, located in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do. This region is well known for its clean air & bright moonlight making this resort a perfect place for their guests to rejuvenate their exhausted minds & body. This is not the first Resom Forest is used for drama filming, Secret Garden & Can’t Lose were also filmed at this resort.


Guests will enjoy a relaxing walk in the resort’s complex which has 12 forests, 12 gardens and 4 valleys! To make it easier, the resort has developed walking meditation routes, ranging from 0.8km Starlight Healing Course to 3.3km Eco Healing Course.

Resom Forest also features unique natural therapy, herbal medicine wellness center as well as outdoor meditation center.  If you’re into arts, you can visit the cultural art center which includes gallery, observatory, porcelain center; museum or even a gorgeous wine cave.

This resort has a whopping 406 guestrooms ranging from forest villas, lodges to guestrooms overlooking a gorgeous mountain & forest.

Kim Ji Hoon & Nam Sang Mi’s Filming Fanpics at Resom Forest

Resom_Forest_GoddessOfMarriage_bc5 Resom_Forest_GoddessOfMarriage_bc7 Resom_Forest_GoddessOfMarriage_bc6

Resom Forest Resort’s Guestrooms, Forest, Valley Pictures

Resom_Forest_GoddessOfMarriage_bc8 Resom_Forest_GoddessOfMarriage_bc9

Pic cr: Resom ResortNaver Blog, Dramahaven


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