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MBC melodrama Goodbye Mr Black takes us to Mr Black’s endless battles with his best friend greedy Min Sun Jae who betrayed & stole everything (including his first love) from him. Cha Ji Won aka Mr Black (Lee Jin Wook), his younger sister Cha Ji Soo (Im Se Mi) & their dad Cha Jae Hwan (Jeong Dong Hwan) treat Min Sun Jae (Kim Kang Woo) and Yoon Ma Ri (Yoo In Young) as their own family. This tight-knit family’s lives turn into tragedy after Cha Jae Hwan suddenly passes away. On the brink of death, Cha Ji Woon seeks help from fearless Swan aka Khaya (Moon Chae Won) who then becomes his fake wife as he runs away from police and the bad guys who framed him as his father’s murderer. Black & Swan begin to fall in love as they’re working together to seek revenge. Kim Ji Ryoon (Kim Tae Woo) brings Swan to Seoul, ‘adopts’ her as his sister (hence Swan is now known as Kim Swan) and thanks to his friendship with Seo Woo Jin (Song Jae Rim), Kim Swan secures a job as a rookie reporter at Panda News.

This drama is based on comic of the same title by Hwang Mi Na, written by Moon Hee Jung (Can You Heart My Heart, I Miss You, Stairway to Heaven) and directed by Han Hee (Empress Ki, Dr Jin)


“Cha Ji Won is dead but I will definitely come back alive!” -Cha Ji Won-

“I wanted to see you even before I was born” ㅋㅋㅋ -Cha Ji Won-

“I was going to confess at your first birthday but didn’t know how to talk at nine months old” ㅋㅋㅋ -Cha Ji Won-

“She (my sister) is the ugly duckling and you are the swan” -Cha Ji Won-

“You can be black and I am Swan” -Swan-

“‘Spero Spera’: As long as you are alive, there is hope” -Cha Ji Won-

“I’m not saying goodbye, I’m saying it was nice meeting you. See you (again), Black”-Swan-

“A reporter can either save or kill a person with a word” -Swan & Seo Woo Jin-

“So I ran again… and he was in front of me again… My heart pounded so I tried really hard to get away from him but he said he would come wherever I was” -Swan-

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“I gained the desire to live after meeting you, Black” -Swan-

“In order to deceive your enemy, you need to deceive your ally first” -Choi Ji Won-

“You gave me a reason to live my life – when I see your eyes looking at me, it makes my urges even stronger. So please follow me from now on” -Choi Ji Won-

“(Winnie the Pooh said) that when people care too much… it is love” -Seo Woo Jin-

“(Like Winnie the Pooh said) love is making the other person not getting worried too much” -Swan-

“There’s no black swan so black swan means… a miracle” -Choi Ji Won-


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