Gu Family Book Casts Share Their Favorite Memorable Scenes



Gu Family Book’s final episode will be aired tomorrow. It feels like it was just yesterday when GFB premiered, time surely flies.

The casts share their personal memorable scenes:

Lee Seung Gi -> Choi Kang Chi’s private talk with Admiral Lee Soon Shin. In tears, Kang Chi tells him that he wants to become a human. Kang Chi shares his disappointment that people see him as a monster and that he’s only half-human. Beautiful heart-to-heart conversation. // This scene is also one of my favorite scene. [Episode 12]


Suzy -> Choi Kang Chi & Dam Yeo Wool’s first meeting under the peach tree with a crescent moon. // Although the monk has advised her to avoid this “fate”, however, this meeting is actually the beginning of a new relationship between Kang Chi & Yeo Wool. Dreamlike atmosphere, beautiful scene. [Episode 3 / 4]


Lee Sung Jae: Choi Kang Chi slams the broomstick in the center of the table, cutting the table in half and the ground underneath the table shakes; in front of Jo Gwan Woong. He gives his ultimatum to Gwan Woong that one day, he will come to reclaim the Hundred Year Inn and on that same day, he will take Gwan Woong’s life too. [Episode 8]


Jo Sung Ha -> All night – all day “Training until the swords wear out with Kang Chi” – extreme once-in-a-lifetime training method to release his inner potential and enable him to defeat his own father. [Episode 20] 

Yoo Yeon Seok -> Tae Seo’s reconciliation with Choi Kang Chi. In tears, Kang Chi asks him to look at him closely, but unable to control himself (as he’s still under hypnosis), Tae Seo repeatedly hit Kang Chi’s face until he’s finally able to look at Kang Chi face-to-face. Kang Chi’s heart breaks Tae Seo’s hypnosis  [Episode 12]


Lee Yoo Bi -> Chung Jo’s declaration of love to Choi Kang Chi under the cherry blossom tree. Kang Chi asks her if she likes him, as he counts to tree, Chung Jo gives her answer by kissing on his cheek. [Episode 3]


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