Halbaes and Lee Seo Jin set off to Spain for Grandpa Over Flowers Season 3

The foursome halbaes (Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyung, Baek Il Sub) and their personal tour guide (Lee Seo Jin) are back for Grandpa Over Flowers Season 3.

 photo GoF3_bc_zps27b2faef.jpg

Lee Seo Jin departed Korea a day after the halbaes left because of his Wonderful Days filming. They’d surely be fine when they landed in Spain without their trusted tour guide, but I know they’d be waiting for him to join them and enjoy the rest of their trip together.

 photo LeeSeoJin_GoF3_bc2_zps8a26ffaf.jpg  photo LeeSeoJin_GoF3_bc1_zpsc0eab436.jpg

Actor Lee Sang Yeob who’s currently playing as Park Geun Hyung‘s son in A Little Love Never Hurt (Will You Love and Give it Away) went to the airport to support his on-screen father.

 photo GoF3_bc1_zpsfe1ee576.jpg  photo GoF3_bc1-3_zps3d89c7b2.jpg
 photo GoF3_bc1-1_zps90a6ea6a.jpg  photo GoF3_bc10-4_zps46f03ef9.jpg

They plan to shoot in Spain for 7 days, Grandpa Over Flowers Season 3 is planned to air in March 2014.

 photo GoF3_bc3-3_zpsed7d51ef.jpg  photo GoF3_bc3-1_zps01245501.jpg

 photo GoF3_bc3-2_zpsf435cfcb.jpg  photo GoF3_bc3_zps31b873ef.jpg

 photo GoF3_bc9_zpsf1a3d741.jpg  photo GoF3_bc10_zpse59ee7c4.jpg

 photo GoF3_bc5_zpsf9febb16.jpg  photo GoF3_bc6_zps8afd1b5a.jpg

 photo GoF3_bc10-3_zps1070f248.jpg  photo GoF3_bc10-2_zps770c4212.jpg  photo GoF3_bc10-1_zpsc343c856.jpg

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