[Drama 2015] Heard It Through The Grapevine

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Title: Heard It Through The Grapevine 풍문으로 들었소
Also Known As: Heard It As a Rumor
Genre: Black Comedy, Family
Episodes: 32 30
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 23 February – 2 June 2015
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00PM KST
Production Director: Ahn Pan Seok (Secret Love Affair, A Wife’s Credentials, Padam Padam)
Writer: Jung Sung Joo (Secret Love Affair, A Wife’s Credentials, Padam Padam)

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Very Brief Synopsis

A black comedy drama about a materialistic “royal family” whose reputation, dream of hereditary wealth, money & power is crushed when they have to survive the exaggerated rumor about their model student son Han In Sang impregnating his girlfriend Seo Bom who comes from an ordinary family.




Han Jung Ho’s Family

 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_YooJoonSang_bc_zpsd400d1ab.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_YooHoJeong_bc_zps043b0b86.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_LeeJoon_bc_zpsdd7282ba.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_ParkSoYoung_bc_zpsqa1nuxw0.jpg
Yoo Joon SangYoo Ho JeongLee JoonPark So Young
as Han Jung Hoas Choi Yeon Hee as Han In Sang as Han Yi Ji


Seo Bom’s Family

 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_GoAhSung_bc_zpscbpaln0n.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_JangHyunSung_bc_zps5ab530b6.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_YoonBokIn_bc_zpsn2yc64vl.jpg
Go Ah SungJang Hyun SungYoon Bok In
as Seo Bomas Seo Hyung Sik (father)as Kim Jin Ae (mother)
 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_GongSeungYeon_bc_zpsm4oj8gnc.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_JeonSukChan_bc_zpsucdqcwio.jpg
Gong Seung YeonJeon Suk Chan
as Seo Noo Ri (sister)as Seo Chul Shik (uncle)


 People around Choi Yeon Hee


 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_BaekJiYeon_bc_zpsbdttuchj.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_JangHoIl_bc_zpsnkn0tn3b.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_KimHoJung_bc_zps9xuxuscy.jpg
Baek Ji YeonJang Ho IlKim Ho Jung
as Ji Young Raas Song Jae Wonas Eom So Jung
 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_SeoJungYeon_bc_zpsg5twglcz.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_LeeSeonJoo_bc_zps5djbqp1a.jpg
Seo Jung YeonLee Seon Joo
as Secretary Lee Seon Sookas Hong Geu Myeon

 People around Han Jung Ho


 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_GilHaeYeon_bc_zpsilftkvrv.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_JangSoYeon_bc_zps28qpu1yk.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_LeeHwaRyong_bc_zpshpn7b2hk.jpg
Gil Hae YeonJang So YeonLee Hwa Ryong
as Secretary Yang Jae Hwaas Secretary Min Joo Youngas Chief Secretary Kim Tae Woo
 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_ParkJinYoung_bc_zpss9ofpwis.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_BaekJiWon_bc_zps5m8yodhk.jpg
Park Jin YoungBaek Ji Won
as Baek Dae Hyunas Yoo Sin Yeong



 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_JungYooJin_bc_zps9gh9x3hy.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_JungGaRam_bc_zpsghxz958e.jpg
Jung Yoo JinJung Ga Ram
as Jang Hyun Sooas Sung Min
 photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_KimJungYoung_bc_zps6xb5yetu.jpg photo SBS_HeardItAsARumor_KimHakSun_bc_zps2xwrsicl.jpg
Kim Jung YoungKim Hak Sun
as Jung Soonas Butler Park


Poster Photoshoot BTS Video


Script Reading

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