Heard It Through The Grapevine Episode 10 Brief Recap

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Yi Ji is questioning why her parents didn’t engrave Bom’s name in the concert hall.

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It’s because Jung Ho doesn’t want to accept her as his family member unless she achieves something worth to be acknowledged (ie. pass the exam). In Sang who overhears it advises his parents to be careful in case Bom hears it. Jung Ho is shocked & choked up.

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In Sang who tries to help his father gets beaten up instead. Yi Ji hurriedly calls out her sister-in-law for help. Rushing, Bom forgot to change her clothes and get scolded by Yeon Hee. She talks back pointing out that conditional acknowledgement is invalid. In Sang chips in that nobody (not even his parents) can make any conditions / agreements for them except themselves (because they’re legally married couple). Jung Ho fights back explaining that they’re the guardian of this underage married couple and has the right to cancel any agreement. In Sang argues they’ve never neglected their duties as husband & wife, they even sleep together and it’s possible they have their second child. No no no, Yeon Hee won’t let this happen. The parents are enraged – they kick them out! They’re more than capable to raise Jin Young without his own parents.

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Bom points out adoption by grandparents is forbidden according to the Civil Act. Jung Ho tells her to read the precedents. They’re now arguing about laws with a lawyer! But they’re well prepared, they’ve already studied about all these kind of laws in case something like this happens.

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Bom’s parents are excited when Bom told them she, Jin Young and In Sang will stay overnight tomorrow. A married daughter finally comes home after she left home 101 days ago, it feels like 10 years. Hyung Sik will be even prouder if next year Bom returns home after she passes her exam as he cites a quote the future is for those who dream. His wife reminds him another quote about parents’ hope pushes down the child’s shoulders. Bom is living well now, they shouldn’t put more burden on her shoulders. Hyung Sik pledges to live as quiet as he can so Bom will not be ashamed.

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This amazing young couple is planning to fight back by researching the law & articles about grandparents’ adoption. Bom refuses to give up although she tearfully blames herself she’s not qualified enough for In Sang’s parents high expectations. Jung Ho secretly peeps at them before praising her intelligence in front of his wife. She’s a fast learner. If only her resume points are good, they will acknowledge here & there’ll be no problems in the future.

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The next morning, Jung Ho is in a good mood because his ambitious project to gain a genius daughter-in-law & educate her is doing well. He brags about Bom and her stamp technician grandfather who had a very good influence. Therefore, he’s moving to his next project – raising up Bom’s family status to be upright, healthy ordinary people & family of scholars who has extensive history. Secretary Yang points out a stamp technician somehow related to an artist. Awesome! He has intelligent daughter from awesome family!

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While In Sang is still at school; Bom, Jin Young and the nanny go to her house first. Jin Ae & Hyung Sik are still not used to hearing her daughter being called Ma’am. 😀

Although she denied it, it’s clear Yeon Hee really misses Jin Young. She goes to his empty room, smells his pillow, turns on his crib toy.

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Young Ra approaches Valedictorian Je Hoon recruiting him for her new in-house counsel team (a separate team from her husband’s company). He knows her friend Song Jae Won, making Jung Ho’s confused with their connection. So he asks Jae Won himself – where and how did he know Je Hoon?

Obviously Jae Won refuses to tell him hence Jung Ho bluntly warns him for not putting his spit on Je Hee because he’s him. But the thing is… Young Ra has another plan for him… She plans to introduce him to her daughter.

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Secretary Min secretly gives a USB stick to Attorney Yoo, wanting her to read it on her personal device. All along, Attorney Yoo was merely Hansong’s bookkeeper and have been blocked from accessing important documents & evidence. But Secretary Min wants her to know the truth so she can help her. It’s a well documented evidence about Min Joo Wan. Secretary Yang is already suspicious about Secretary Min who refuses to join Han’s staffs party.

Everytime Jang Ho goes on vacation, the staffs gather together to have a feast a this house. Tonight, he’s going on an overnight vacation with his wife. In Sang and his family will stay at Bom’s parents. The house is empty. Yi Ji… she’s cool!

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The staffs are so excited to see each other. They wear whatever they want to wear, drinking, dancing, eating, enjoying each other’s company. Secretary Lee and Teacher Kyung Tae don’t need that wonder drug of love.

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Chief Secretary Tae Woo is upset Secretary Min keeps ignoring him because (according to him) he’s not attractive. Well, she’s currently enjoying her own time at indoor shooting range.

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where she meets someone. They discuss about her brother, Joo Wan. She’s grateful he let her brother to come out on his own. But because he admits he’s not smart with a small heart & just living day by day; she’s not interested to talk with him again.

In Sang who never had a drink with his father, is enjoying his first drink with his father-in-law and Bom’s uncle. The women are adoring Jin Young and this is the first night he’ll sleep with his maternal grandma.

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The staffs are still partying hard! Until Butler Park announces the owners have returned home because they were fighting. Everyone’s rushing to tidy up the place & change their clothes after the emergency alarm was issued. Poor Tae Woo is visibly drunk & upset, almost passed out. Secretary Lee and Kyung Tae’s love story is abruptly paused.

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Very tense atmosphere when the loyal secretaries welcome the couple back. They go to separate rooms (bedroom for Yeon Hee, study room for Jung Ho), Secretary Yang is curious if they fought because of Young Ra.

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Jung Ho: it’s a sign of menopause. Yeon Hee wants the talisman back because a single woman like her secretary doesn’t need it. Secretary Lee points that chemistry is more important than age. Should Yeon Hee give up now?

They staffs go home leaving the couple to resolve their issue themselves. Yeon Hee goes to bed, Jung Ho comes to Jin Young’s room. Just then, Yeon Hee also blankly walks in to her grandson’s room.

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They both really miss Jin Young so Jung Ho calls Hyung Sik (while the kids are cheerfully singing SNSD’s Gee), letting him know the kids should get ready as he’s sending a car to pick them up. Hyung Sik is furious! They deserve to have the young couple and Jin Young too, they’re not just their kids! This makes Jung Ho explodes in anger: send them back, now!

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Maid Jung and Butler Park arrive in front of their house, to politely pick them up. Noo Ri comes out telling Maid Jung the whole family is disappointed and her drunk dad can’t stop complaining. In Sang is also drunk. Noo Ri passes on Maid Jung’s message that the situation at In Sang’s home isn’t good so it’s better for them to go home. In Sang proposes Bom and Jin Young to go with Maid Jung while he stays here. Not a great idea, In Sang. Bom will get scolded as soon as she arrives home. But it’s better than seeing his parents scolding drunk In Sang so she let her husband to stay overnight at her house as a hostage 😀 She’s too smart.

Jung Ho is delighted the most delicate & weakest person aka baby Jin Young is safely home. Because the nanny is on leave, the elated grandparents offer to look after him tonight.

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Suddenly they forget they were fighting. Now they’re just two adoring grandparents who can’t contain their excitement playing with their grandson. Bom and Maid Jung doesn’t want to keep their guards down as they cheekily laugh the grandparents won’t last an hour. 😀

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The next morning, In Sang makes himself at home. He explores the small tidy house, the room Jin Ae has prepared for him (Bom’s room). Unfortunately he couldn’t find Bom’s diary ^^ Bom is surprised In Sang didn’t go to school.

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Hyung Sik is also surprised her son-in-law is still here. Sweetly asks if he slept well last night. They go to the public bath together, surely it’s a foreign world for him but Hyung Sik advises him to broaden his knowledge as he promises to take him touring the neighborhood so he knows how ordinary people make a living.

Wicked multi-faceted Secretary Yang uses Tae Woo’s one-sided love to spy on Secretary Min who’s currently working together with Attorney Yoo, a proposal Jung Ho approves.

Meanwhile, Bom is studying alone. Still working & studying so hard although her husband isn’t with her. Amazing woman!

Brief Comment

Many daebak moments this episode. YooYoo couple aka Jin Young’s grandparents, why are you guys so cute? Even though they’re still fighting but they quickly made up because of Jin Young. They finally realize how much joy Jin Young brought into their lives, they felt the empty space when Jin Young was in his maternal grandparents’ house. They couldn’t stand to stay apart from him. I think one reason they abruptly ended their vacation was because they really miss their grandson. Jin Young is blessed to have two sets of grandparents who adore him to pieces.

He’s also blessed with intelligent brave bold mom & protective father. They studied law so they know their positions as parents, they will fight until the end of the world!

The staffs’ feast is awesome. I hope Han’s family will go to vacation again because I want to see this kind of scene again where the staffs take off their masks & party hard. It’s also refreshing to see them falling in love like a normal person, expressing their love like any normal couple and dancing, drinking, enjoying their free time. Adorable.

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