Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 20 Brief Recap

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After finding out Young Ra is here for her divorce case, Yeon Hee congratulates for ending her unhappy marriage. It’s not a failure but if she continues her (unhappy) marriage, it’ll make her a failure. Anxious Jung Ho think he’s finished when he realized the two women are in the VIP room chatting quietly.

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Believing her husband is the one who acts childish, Yeon Hee doesn’t want to have any catfight because woman’s enemy sometimes is a woman. Young Ra still wants to apologize because Yeon Hee lessens her burden. However, Yeon Hee doesn’t accept her apology. She wants Young Ra to carry that burden forever as she throws ice cubes to her! 80% of what makes woman matures is her husband’s affair and the rest of 20% is mean friends like Young Ra. She orders Young to have another lawyer to handle her divorce case and never come to Hansong again. Jung Ho is walking in and out his office before he hides back in his office.

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Je Hoon found out Seo Chul Sik was the first person who reported the accident to the company but they didn’t immediately act which is a breach of an act because a worker is entitled to judge the safety of their own work condition & can ask for a change anytime. The union missed this important fact and they’ve just hit a jackpot!

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Knowing something major happened, Young Ra warns Secretary Kim about the mistake he made (mixing up her and Yeon Hee’s schedules) so he couldn’t help but blurting out about In Sang’s rebellion. She tells Jung Ho to take care his “great” family. When Jung Ho asks what did she tell Young Ra, she says she just gave her advice as her friend.

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At home, Jin Ae made a surprise visit to see baby Jin Young after Maid Jung told her that Yeon Hee isn’t home. Secretary Lee runs into her, thankfully she’s on little Madam’s side. She advises Bom not to disobey her mother-in-law until everything settles down because her uncle is involved in this case. Secretary Lee always keeps her distance from everyone unless when she’s dating, so don’t worry 😀 Everything is out of their hands now and proceeds forward, Bom believes Secretary Yang has found out about everything. It’s best for Bom to focus on her family in the meantime because the household will go back like the time of Jung Ho’s mother.

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Of course Je Hoon reports everything to Jae Won who’s surprised things went out of control, worst than when he brought home pregnant Bom. In Sang hit the detonator now as if he wants his father to live an honest life from now on. So Jung is more worried about Yeon Hee’s huge investment in this club than her friend’s personal issue. Young Ra shows up at the club, sarcastically saying that it’s very hurtful to be betrayed by our own child.

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Worried about his brother’s fate, Hyung Sik is thinking to send him to the farm land owned by Jin Ae’s late parents. But his wife reminds him how outrageous they were when Jung Ho offered the orchard farm and asked them to move there because they casually asked them to change their lives. Hyung Sik is worried because Hansong is too powerful for them.

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Admitting she was too loose and didn’t apply the strict rules from her mother-in-law, she conveys her plan to Secretary Lee so she can pass it on to the children and staffs. Han Jung Ho has given his full power to his wife. Starting from today, they’re going back to the era of In Sang’s grandmother so there’re three major changes. 1) Staffs’ strict dress code 2) Morning tea will be held 30 minutes earlier 3) Secretary Lee and Maid Jung will stand whenever the family is having their meal at attention

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For the kids, they must dress appropriately & greet their parents at 7 in the morning. The young couple then must do the morning reading with Attorney Han. Yi Ji is ordered to lose 10 kgs. The nanny must dress Jin Young at 6.30AM. They must keep this in mind and follow the rules. Yi Ji complains but her dad lectures her about the statistic that when people can’t control their weight aren’t thorough with their work. She screams out dad please mind your own business!

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The young couple comforts upset Yi Ji who hates her parents’ hypocrisy & wants to run away from home. She even prefer to study abroad in which Bom & In Sang beg to take them with her 😀 It’s the same in the staffs’ room, they can’t complain because if they want to say anything, they must do it through Secretary Lee. Before Maid Jung can rest, she must writes down tomorrow’s breakfast menu & put it on Yeon Hee’s desk. Everyone’s panicked, this isn’t right but nothing can they do to avoid this. After finding out the staffs are also unhappy, In Sang is relieved “there is hope!

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Very early in the morning, Secretary Lee screams out to wake everyone. They quickly dress up to greet the parents in the living room. Yi Ji keeps complaining, threatening to post everything on her SNS because her parents are pathetic, then she abruptly leaves. Yeon Hee blames Jung Ho for ruining her plan so he orders her to stick to the original plan.

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It’s strange to see the major changes as if Han’s household is going back to the 70s. Even more ridiculous to see overly formal Jung Ho is to his wife. He can’t talk to his wife directly, so he can only call Secretary Lee to find out what his wife is doing! Even he admits it’s hard.

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Teacher Kyung Tae didn’t intend to disobey Attorney Han but admits people’s mind get swayed once they taste the caviar or champagne or leather sofa and in the end pledge their loyalty. That’s how Attorney Han buys people’s soul. Secretary Yang knows Jung Ho still needs a capable teacher to teach his children and to remind them the power of their father so please expect a call from him offering 10x his current salary.

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After finding out Secretary Min is still meeting with Chul Sik in an intimate way, she reports it to her boss who think it’s good she falls in love so they can be less concerned. Chul Sik knows if Bom wants to be treated as a human being, she must do something that her in-laws cannot do. If not, she and In Sang stay living like the Hans. If only his brother think the same way. Je Hoon proposes Chul Sik to file individual lawsuit of damages so the issues he missed can be brought up again. Noo Ri is worried about her uncle, Je Hoon assures her it’s worth trying. His individual lawsuit will be the start of the battle with Hansong. His legal counsel is prepared to fight for him. Noo Ri wants her dad to stop her uncle at all costs but although Hyung Sik suffers, he should support his brother. Noo Ri will do the same thing for Bom, right?

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Hyung Sik is facing a very difficult situation. He’s sorry for his brother yet he’s worried for Bom. What should he do?

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Maid Jung who had comfortable working condition after Jung Ho’s mother passed away, is now contemplating to leave. Her husband reminds her of the 10x salary Jung Ho generously gives them to compensate for these major changes so they should be patient. But most people here work for more than 1 decade already. She misses her youth and money can’t return her youth back to her.

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The young couple’s morning reading is about citizens’ equality before the law. That there’s no discrimination about gender, religion, etc. Things they’ve already learned with Teacher Kyung Tae but Jung Ho wants to teach his son how arrogant and ignorant he is, so he asks to see him at Hansong this afternoon.

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Jung Ho is annoyed by this “bug” Chul Sik who’s already lodged his individual lawsuit. Secretary Yang caught off guards, so does he who thought it’s great he’s dating his secretary. Hyung Sik is also surprised his brother has lodged the lawsuit and that Noo Ri’s boyfriend Je Hoon is his legal representative! Jin Ae is elated!

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At Hansong, Je Hoon asks his boss’ permission to be in charge of a new case: a claim for damages regarding an employment stability agreement filed by his girlfriend’s uncle. It’s against Hyungsan industry, Daesan Group’s affiliate. If Jung Hoo is uncomfortable he’s representing Seo Chul Sik, he’s ready to transfer the case to another lawyer. Because Hansong’s business status is an association of individual business, so it’s acceptable for their lawyers to represent both parties. Jung Ho gives his permission, isn’t it great that Hansong is dealing with both the union and the company? It’s balance of principle. Arrogant Jung Ho is relieved everything works in their favor because Je Hoon has no chance to win this case. Thankfully they don’t have any clue (yet) that Je Hoon is working with Attorney Yoo.

On the way to see his dad, In Sang meets with Je Hoon who believes Jung Ho hasn’t found out his hidden agenda because if he did, he’d already fire him. Instead of teaching him, Jung Ho reprimands his son by forcing him to stay with him in the VIP lounge for an hour.

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At the investment club, Je Hoon talks about Noo Ri’s uncle case to Jae Won and Hyun Soo. It’s related to Hyun Soo because Daesan group is the defendant. In fact, all these labor disputes are related to Hansong too. If they count the total layoffs from these disputes, the numbers are staggering. Hansong will be in huge trouble if everyone files individual lawsuit like Chul Sik. Hyun Soo finally finds out the reason of In Sang’s rebellion. partly it’s because of his wife’s family.

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Annoyed Jung Ho finally ends father&son silent wine meeting, letting his son go. After he leaves, he sighs what a mean son.

Meanwhile, Hyun Soo is questioning why he “attacks” her father’s company. He explains two reasons: 1) they have issues with Hansong not her family 2) he’s helping the worker, not attacking anyone

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Furious not receiving the answer she expected and to make it worse, In Sang told her to go home. He even calls the taxi to drive her home. Hyun Soo hits In Sang with her bag calling him crazy. He screams out you’re the one who’s crazy to act like this to a married man! Hyun Soo blurts out she knows about her father’s slush funds and it was done by his father!


It’s clear Jung Ho’s mother was the powerful woman who ruled over Han’s household and set up the rules. Yeon Hee was unable to maintain her mother-in-law’s strict rules perhaps because she didn’t want to carry the huge responsibilities and she doesn’t want to be the *cruel* Queen Regent. I don’t understand why she enforced it back because it won’t change the situation to the better. Now they’re living in the 21st century, the old ways which worked back then, won’t work now. It’s great to see Yi Ji stepping up, criticizing her parents’ hypocrisy. If their daughter can’t respect her parents, these major changes are in vain. As awesome as Yeon Hee is, she shouldn’t fully depend on Secretary Lee because she’s still a human & can betray her. She’s the one who keeps feeding information to Bom. On the other hand, Jung Ho should step out of his comfort zone so he won’t wooble everytime Secretary Yang / Secretary Kim make any mistake. They will fail if their loyal secretaries leave them. That’s why they keep increasing their salaries, they’re buying the staffs’ loyalty to keep them by their side.

Knowing Hyun Soo still has a feeling for him, In Sang wasn’t overreacted. He pointed out clearly that he’s a married man, setting a clear boundary to Hyun Soo who may still expect him to come back to her. Little did he knows that she’d stab his heart with his father’s another hidden secret. You just shattered his heart, Hyun Soo. But he must know the truth. It’ll make him resent his father more and we may likely see another silent meeting between the father & the son. Or another confrontation. I feel sorry for them, they can’t even talk casually like a father & son should be. It’s more about formality, education, law, etc. How I wish Yeon Hee will change the rules a bit so they can be closer to their children.

The lawsuit finally began. It’s about time! No idea what Je Hoon’s agenda is, but hopefully he will fight for Chul Sik and the other workers. So happy we can finally leave the affair plot behind & move on to the lawsuit. It’s gonna be another awesome roller coaster ride. 🙂


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