Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 21 Brief Recap

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Afraid people will hear Hansong’s dirty secrets, Hyun Soo writes everything she knows (heard from her mom). Hansong took 20% fee when Daesan Group siphoned $2million into an overseas account. Of course Hansong has overseas account, they also have overseas trust under In Sang’s name. The workers sued Daesan for creating slush fund instead of paying them.

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Yi Ji refuses to greet her father, still upset her parents demanded her to lose weight. Yeon Hee is aware her children won’t respect their father even though he’s angry at them no matter how competent he is. He wants his wife to be the mediator, showing the rules passed on from his mother about a strict father & generous mother (separating the parents’ roles). But what worked in the old times, won’t work now. The society has evolved, so has she but he hasn’t. Thus, he needs to learn from exemplary fathers who have sweet relationship with their daughters although they had issues with them in the past. The classic example is Bill Clinton & his daughter Chelsea.

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Knowing she can no longer hide, Yi Ji reluctantly sees her father. Bom whispers to her sis-in-law the right to pursue happiness. Jung Ho cheerfully lifts up his daughter’s spirit pointing out how happy he was when she was born. The joy he had back then, it’s still the same now. Yi Ji’s rebellious time will pass just like what happened with Bill Clinton and his daughter. She rebelled but supported her father on one of his darkest time. Jung Ho will wait for his daughter to return to his side. But it won’t happen unless he apologizes, he never apologizes unlike Bill Clinton. Yi Ji won’t talk about her dad’s affair because it’s between him and her mother. But he infringed her pursuit of happiness & her rights to her own body. No, she’s not lecturing him. She just tells him what she think about him.

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Her mother is the same, she only cares about showing her daughter off like a doll and gets upset when she’s not a size XS young lady! Her parents must learn to apologize and stop sucking. If her father is like Bill Clinton, why can’t he apologize like he did? He’s a pathetic human being. She brings up Hyun Soo’s mother and receives a nice slap from her mother.

Ignoring her upset parents, she runs to find Bom, wanting to report this domestic violence. Although she’s her mother, she can’t use any violence. Panicked Bom calls her sister-in-law by name, Yeon Hee isn’t happy. But Yi Ji never asks her to call her Miss, Yi Ji is her name. Maid Jung escorts crying Yi Ji to her room, Bom follows them. Jung Ho is having a panic attack because his heart is broken but Yeon Hee tells him to be quiet when it’s only the two of them showing off her full authority.

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Yi Ji reminds the Queen Regent about the affair, so she “punishes” her husband to sleep on the floor tonight. But it’s okay, didn’t Bill Clinton also sleep in the sofa for more than two months? He can handle this.

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If the dirty secret is revealed, it’ll ruin both Daesan Group and Hansong but smart Jung Ho can slyly avoids the accusation. Hyun Soo who’s envious In Sang is happy with his young family, wants to join his side. She brought up the precious old days, however nowadays is the golden time for In Sang. Suddenly, Hyun Soo hugs him – wanting him to stay still while she counts to 10 but he yanks her away. He promises to keep it a secret from his wife.

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But promise is just a promise. He tells Bom everything… his father is like an onion, he discovers more shocking secret everytime he peels another layer. In Sang will get dragged if this secret is out, hence he wants to ask Je Hoon’s opinion. Bom knows Hyun Soo’s one sided love because she would never share this secret if she doesn’t love In Sang. He’s seen her almost everyday since kindergarten, thus he only treats her as a friend. Bom realizes he hid something (through his eyes) so she gives him a chance to spill the beans while she counts to ten. Why both women love to count to ten? 😀 He can’t hide it anymore & tells her about the hug, but don’t worry, it only lasted until count 2. Good job, In Sang. But please don’t meet her alone again. Take Min Jae with him or take his wife if they talk about the big secret like today.

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Both kids are still protesting against their parents this morning, leaving Bom getting all the blames. She also blurts out her FIL is like an onion when he asks what kind of person he is (to her). She corrects it that she’s still gradually trying to know him. Meanwhile, the staffs start to get curious about their employment contract because none of them read it before they signed this important piece of paper. They are not comfortable to suddenly ask about the contract to Secretary Yang, she may think the staffs plan to resign. So Secretary Lee asks Bom’s help.

Je Hoon is facing a tough roadblock because they still can’t convinced other worker(s) to give their testimony. It’s almost an impossible case, thankfully he receives a huge help from In Sang who keeps the informant’s identity a secret. However, unless he can verify this information and the informant, he can’t use it because it may not true. Knowing he made a big mistake by telling this secret to his wife & Je Hoon, he asks him to pretend he never heard it.

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The atmosphere at Han’s household is a bit strange with the staffs starting to get annoyed with the new rules and new orders from the Queen Regent. They are aware they shouldn’t talk carelessly, what else? Well, she will check their latest medical records prompting the staffs to complain they don’t have any time to go to the doctor. Not many people get medical checkups twice a year, this household is very strict. One kitchen staff has already contemplating to quit because Yeon Hee has been very picky about the food but the others remind her about the severance pay. Second order, please restrict their interactions with the neighbors’ staffs to the absolute minimum. They understand the old traditions & rules but when will Secretary Yang send them the contract? Nobody is brave enough to ask her because it means they don’t trust their employers.

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Driver Kim put his hand up, he calls Secretary Yang in front of Butler Park & Secretary Lee and records the phone conversation. As a Han Trust contractor who renewed his contract last year, he believes both parties (employer and employee) are required to keep a copy of the contract so he asks her to send it to him. She consults with Attorney Yoo first before sending it to Driver Kim. Little did he know that Han Trust contractor’s contract is like a blank paper, it’s different with Hansong’s staffs’ contracts like Secretary Kim. The villa’s caretaker already raised up the issue about this contract but it passed the audit.

After they receive a copy of the contract, Secretary Lee gives it to Bom who highlights few ambiguous points, she still needs Teacher Kyung Tae’s help. Helping them to get back together, she tells her teacher to get the details from Secretary Lee.

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Young Ra will fight hard to squeeze her husband’s wealth on the alimony suit because she knows how much his assets increased after their marriage and how hard she maintained a “perfect” marriage image. Her husband’s lawyer is an independent firm but is close to Hansong making it more advantageous for Young Ra. The settlement will be easier because they know each other well. She plans to accept 70% of the amount she claimed, one of the most expensive divorce settlement. The conversation moves on to her affair which she regrets. If her daughter didn’t blame her for ruining her relationship with In Sang, she might not flirt with Attorney Han.

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Secretary Lee is here to announce the arrival of the Queen. Yeon Hee greets everyone, slyly being nice to Young Ra who wants to leave their hostility behind & recover their friendship for the sake of their children. She jabs Yeon Hee asking if the young couple is doing well. Yeon Hee is clearly not prepared, but quickly nods.

Secretary Yang already sent a new contract to Teacher Park hoping he’ll give them the answer soon. She also tells him about Han household staffs’ sudden change of behavior, making him wondering if they have any issue with his family traditions. Why are they complaining about their working conditions? Don’t they realize about the precedents of their workplace? It’s not a playground. Moreover, Hansong wasn’t developed for free.

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Worried about his brother’s individual lawsuit, Hyung Sik proposes to seek help from Attorney Han. He can smooth things over & urges Daesan to cooperate, giving him the compensation & apology Chul Sik wanted. He doesn’t realize Chul Sik is paving the way for the other workers because the precedents are very important. If he wins, it’ll open a way for the others in the same situation to win their cases albeit the probability is very small. Noo Ri wants her dad to at least hear Je Hoon’s explanation and tell his brother & Je Hoon what he’s worried about. Their opponent is powerful, it’s like a fight between David & Goliath with Je Hoon sacrificing his bright career to handle this case. He can become a partner in six years time with 10x his current salary yet he’s fighting against his own company now. It’s because he doesn’t want to become a lawyer like Attorney Han. Jin Ae applauds his goal, young people should have their own identity & ways.

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Secretary Yang asks Park Kyung Tae to interpret the contract for the staffs after he signs his new contract & returns to Han’s household. Although Jung Ho never mentions it, but he needs Kyung Tae to teach his children and takes care matters like employment contracts. It’ll lessen his burden (he gives Attorney Han a headache, but the others give him more headaches he can’t handle himself).

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Talking about the contract, Secretary Lee brings up the “extra zero” bonus. She faithfully serves Yeon Hee but the bonus isn’t clearly stated in the contract. Yeon Hee keeps saying she’ll reward her secretary properly at the right time, but when will it happen? How can they get it written in their contracts? Kyung Tae isn’t upset Lee Seon Sook was talking about money. As a secretary, her every move is labor and she deserves to get paid & receives bonuses. It’s also ambiguous because the contract doesn’t specify the “exact” working hours, only that the employee needs to work as required by the employers. A little more pay after their “regular” working hours is justifiable, right? Employment contracts must state all these details (ie. working hours, hourly pay / weekly pay / fixed salary, leave, bonus, etc) and both parties (employer & employee) must come to an agreement to make this contract valid. Han family usually cover it up with an “extra zero” but it makes them like a dog owner who holds the leash. It doesn’t work that way.

Seon Sook points out his advantages as a famous civil exam tutor who is clearly in a higher level than her, a personal secretary. She can’t be too arrogant and confident that her boss will call her back to work like him. But no… she’s mistaken. The reason he wants her to stand up is because he can’t stand seeing them treating the woman he loves and respect by giving her a crappy contract! He calls her my woman! She’s touched, he should’ve said that earlier. 😀

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Jung Ho calls Teacher Kyung Tae back not only to teach the children but also to supervise the staffs (who’re already protesting about their contracts). Knowing from their own experience that love doesn’t last forever, Yeon Hee wants assurance from Kyung Tae about Bom’s future. Will she excel on her civil exam or should they stop her studies. It’s best for them to eliminate the source of the trouble asap. In Sang is excited something big is happening (staffs are protesting). Moreover, his teacher will return tomorrow.

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Hyun Soo isn’t afraid her mom will remove her name from the trust account. She’s already told the lawyers she won’t answer their questions nor meet anyone except her father. A wise move. To save her mother from another trouble, she advises it’s best to keep her affair a secret because it’s not good to have a scandal between friends. It gives her an idea to wreck Yeon Hee’s peaceful life again by telling her to pay special attention to In Sang and his wife because there’s a rumor spreading about them. Curious Yeon Hee peeks into the couple’s study room but they look fine. She looks annoyed.


*Today isn’t my day because I lost the recap’s draft and couldn’t recover it 🙁 Had to rewrite the whole thing which took me almost two extra hours. My brain froze so I’ll post this episode’s comment tomorrow. I’m honestly curious about the ambiguous clause of the staffs’ contracts and what other secret(s) Attorney Han hides from everyone. 


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