Heard It Through The Grapevine Episode 23 Brief Recap

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After In Sang turned off the boiler, Jung Ho and Yeon Hee’s anger are a bit subsided. Upset Yi Ji brought her father’s medicine, furious her parents kicked out her sis-in-law without any remorse. Obviously Yeon Hee blames Bom for everything (staffs’ rebellion, In Sang’s change of behavior, Yi Ji’s taking side with her & disrespecting her own parents). According to Jung Ho, his daughter-in-law is going against the three principals and five disciplines.

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Yi Ji is trying to cheer up her SIL but she doesn’t realize Bom isn’t like them who’ll always be protected no matter what they do. She’ll be blamed without any hesitation – they will always hate her. If Bom is in their position, she’ll try to understand the other person but they won’t even try because of their pride & she doesn’t deserve their consideration. Yeon Hee has previously said Bom will never be like her own children. If she doesn’t try her hardest to please her in-laws, she doesn’t deserve to live here because they pay everything for her. In Sang and Yi Ji were born with silver spoon on their mouth, they’ll always be their parents’ children while Bom isn’t.

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After the parents called to see Bom alone, she asks her mom to pick her up (alone) because she’s going home with Jin Young. Jin Ae hurriedly checks if there’s food at home before she goes to In Sang’s house. She advises Bom to say anything needed to be said. Worried In Sang wants to accompany Bom but it’ll make his wife looks weaker in front of his parents. After finding out his parents’ secret, he understands their dirty way of making money but he can no longer respect them. After what they did to the society, In Sang will pay it back together with Bom, they’ll do it together. So he wants Bom to face his parents together, but she begs her husband to understand her position.

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Jung Ho asks smart Bom to recite three principles:
1) Parents are supposed to be the model for their children. According to Jung Ho, Bom and her family made In Sang failed to carry out this responsibility. To make things worst, her uncle is trying to destroy the foundation.
2) Purpose of a servant is to take care the King
Before Bom came to this household, the servants never went on strike. Bom boldly speaks up that calling them “servants” is disgraceful. About her uncle, he only filed a lawsuit against his ex-employer not to Jung Ho. In Sang wanted to respect his father hence he bravely told his past mistakes hoping he’ll sort things out before the public find out and criticize him.

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Yeon Hee had enough. Just move out, Bom! Wear the clothes she wore when she first came to this house. When asked if she should call a taxi, Bom tells them her mom will pick her up and she’ll leave exactly like when she first came here. Jin Young was inside her that day, she gave birth here against her will so she’ll carry him out of this house because she can’t put him back in her stomach. If In Sang didn’t come to her place that day, she’d raise Jin Young with her mother. Yeon Hee knows she can’t create the same environment for Jin Young and will end up sending him back here but Bom believes as his mother she can raise him well. In Sang is torn between his parents and Bom, he can’t let Bom leave alone so he’ll go with her! His parents scream out “move out”! Panicked Yi Ji calls Maid Jung, begging for help.

Bom advises In Sang to stay back, persuade his parents alone. Her family won’t accept him in their house because he indirectly caused her to be chased out. She even threatens to abandon him if he insists to move out. But if her mother allows In Sang to come, then Bom shouldn’t say anything.

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But if they return, their strike are useless. Meanwhile, Secretary Yang is able to convince the nanny to return because baby Jin Young is innocent.

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After begging In Sang to ask his wife to go back home, Secretary Yang then advises her boss to come up with another plan while Yeon Hee only wants any plan which will end their frustration faster. Bom is advised to beg for forgiveness because she only has two choices now: 1) beg for forgiveness & allowed to stay or 2) move out without Jin Young. Naively Yi Ji proposes Bom to go on strike because they’ll call her if they need her. But her situation is different with the staffs.

Secretary Yang reminds Yeon Hee of her elegant attitude when she’s accused of taking side with Bom. It’s wrong to ask her to move out.

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People say hurtful things when they’re angry & don’t mean it but seems like his parents has reached their limit. Jin Ae is aware she can’t say anything about his parents but she can’t ask Bom to ask for forgiveness. It’s true, she did nothing wrong. So In Sang proposes to beg for her without letting Bom know because they’ll try to change when other people watch their action. Jin Ae is furious why they put a mask in front of other people, don’t they know Bom also has parents? Or they’re furious because Bom didn’t stop her uncle from filing the lawsuit? Didn’t they think clearly that Hansong will be viewed more positively because they took this case?

In the meantime, Jin Ae advises In Sang to persuade his parents and allow Bom & Jin Young to move out. His parents acted like this since Bom entered their lives and will never change because they don’t sincerely care about Bom. Although they let Bom to study, is it purely for Bom’s sake? Both of them were careless that day (when Jin Young was conceived) and she’s been very worried ever since. In Sang looked immature, Bom tries her hardest to please his parents.

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The other staffs have now returned hence In Sang asks his MIL to leave first while they sort out this issue. Secretary Yang advises Han couple to greet them warmly so they can solve two issues in one hit. Hence, Jung Ho warmly welcomes them back thinking it’s because of him, but no… the staffs are all worried about Bom. Trying not to lose his cool, he decides to play along. Yi Ji meanwhile is pleased Bom isn’t going anywhere tonight.

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The staffs are now “grilling” irresponsible Bom (according to them) although they trusted her words. She should’ve told them before things got so much complicated like this. They’re now in an awkward position and afraid they’ll lose their jobs. Bom looks like the leader of the strike, Secretary Yang tries to calm the Han couple if they want the staffs back.

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She wants to make a deal with Secretary Lee, but after knowing her secret, she’s not backing off. Hence, she promises to improve the staffs’ work conditions (half-way) and she’ll take care Secretary Lee’s contract. Next time they’ll meet, she’ll tell her everything. The nanny’s contract will also be taken care of, as she promised earlier.

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After a quick meeting, the staffs are happy with the promised improved working conditions but the reason they came back is to prevent Bom & In Sang from moving out. Bom apologizes for making their return harder, but it actually gave them a good excuse to come back.

Secretary Yang reminds the Han couple that their staffs are notorious for keeping secrets hence if they leave bitter, they’ll spread all these secrets around. Knowing their disadvantages, they decide to accept the staffs’ demands.

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In Sang has just returned from death, he advises Bom to think of what just happened as a nightmare. But she’s woken up to reality when her mom texts she’s still outside.

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Jung Ho is pleased he can sort out the staffs’ issue through open communication as he lectures them about generosity & understanding. They want to put themselves in someone else’s shoes hence they let Secretary Yang to handle their demands. However, they don’t let the staffs to ask any question! Yeon Hee abruptly asks Secretary Lee to give her a massage although the staffs haven’t heard the answers they wanted to hear.

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Jin Ae advised Bom not to act pitiful nor feel unfair although she’s pressured by people around her. But most importantly, don’t pretend because she’s in similar situation as the staffs. Trying to hold back her tears, she doesn’t know if she can leave her daughter alone while she’s being hated openly, it’s such a deadly poison. Bom starts crying, unable to hold all her sadness & frustration anymore. She breaks down on her mom’s warm hug.

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Things are returning to normal the next morning, well, not everything. Yeon Hee scolds her husband for sleeping next to her last night, also hating the fact she can’t avoid Bom & her close relationship with the staffs. But it won’t be for too much longer, her future will be decided based on her trial civil exam’s result. The young couple act as normal as they can, trying hard to follow the rules. Knowing she has the upper hands, Secretary Lee recites Jung Ho’s quote “generosity and understanding, try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes” when Yeon Hee brought up the new freedom her staffs enjoy after their strike was abruptly ended. Despite having a frightful night, the young couple is forced to take their important mock up exam today.

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Back at Bom’s house, her father reprimands his brother for putting his niece in a very difficult situation, her in-laws almost kicked her out. It’s fortunate they let her to stay but they cannot let this happens again in the future.

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The secretaries & Je Hoon heard about Bom, it serves as a warning for Secretary Min who pretends she doesn’t know anything (as usual). Jung Ho assures it has nothing to do with Chul Sik’s case, it’s just his family’s problem. He invites Je Hoon for a drink where Attorney Yoon thinks he will mention about the overseas account(s). Nervous that Secretary Min will cause trouble in the near future, Jung Ho is contemplating to let her go. However, it’ll be almost impossible unless he can delete her memory. Well, he can’t delete it because she’s not a computer but he can disrupt it by feeding them new important information which will change the importance of the existing information they know. He is aware she’s working together with Je Hoon and Attorney Yoo.

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Experiencing cold treatment & verbal attack from her own staffs, Yeon Hee whinges to her friends who think alike (Bom is the culprit). Didn’t the fortuneteller advise he should be extra careful of woman? She doesn’t care about In Sang’s agenda anymore because her mission is way more important. But curious Yeon Hee asks her secretary to find out the fortuneteller’s schedule.

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100 minutes are over, the exam is over. The young couple’s scores are way above the passing scores with Bom’s score a bit higher than her husband. But they realized it’s not the path they want to pursue because they do this only to please his parents. They need time to discuss their future goals hence asking Teacher Kyung Tae to buy some time before he reports the exam results to his parents.

The staffs have more free times, although it’s nice but they’re quite nervous if everything will go back to the way it was. Can they even trust Secretary Lee? If she’s dealing with dirty money, it’s a crime and they all will be held responsible.

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Sly Secretary Lee is not wasting any time securing the deal with Secretary Yang after knowing her brother is Han Trust’s brother. To prevent Secretary Lee leaking her secret, she promises to give half of the profits every month. A very generous offer, but it’s not enough. Greedy Secretary Lee wants more than half!

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