Heard It Through The Grapevine Episode 29 Brief Recap

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Yi Ji, Secretary Lee and Maid Jung are in InSeo’s room to pack their stuffs. As soon as Butler Park realizes Yeon Hee is going upstairs to her son’s room, he sends an urgent message to warn them so Yi Ji quickly runs to grab a book while the staffs stand near the door to greet her. Yeon Hee is clearly suspicious but can’t pinpoint anything¬†except instructing them to send In Sang’s clothes to Hansong’s foundation.

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Thanks to them and Hyun Soo, In Sang got some of his, Bom & Jin Young’s stuffs back. It’s the first time Hyun Soo & Min Jae came to Bom’s house, despite of it’s small size, they realize this house has everything they need. But it’s too small making them wondering about the couple’s sex life. ūüėÄ Hyun Soo who’s so proud to¬†make Yeon Hee frustrated last time advises Bom to stay by In Sang’s side because it’s thrilling to see his parents so frustrated like this and hopefully they’ll give up.

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While InSeo couple unpack, In Sang asks if they can use their personal belongings in this house. Of course they can, Hyung Sik feels a bit relieved because while they can’t provide him financially at least they can¬†give their hearts¬†‚̧

In Sang works at night while Bom works during the day while In Sang goes to school. He starts to wonder how people make a living after realizing convenience store doesn’t make lots of money and appreciates people around him especially his mother-in-law who’s taking a good care of Jin Young. Though he feels sorry his parents can’t see their grandson.

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Still not wanting to give up, Jung Ho forbids his wife to contact their son. Very very cold. Secretary Lee boldly speaks up two mistakes they made to Yeon Hee: tried to secretly pay off Bom’s family & secretly changed the divorce agreement. Then she warns Bom they’ll probably do a foul play to bring In Sang back home.

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Attorney Han proudly boasts¬†his candidate Kim Ji Sung won’t have any serious problems because people think about the 1% do nowadays – property issues or military conscription. But rather than being outraged, they’re envious of this top 1%. He describes it using this phase:¬†Enlighten & put them into a deeper slumber meaning people who used to burn with conviction is in deep sleep now. But it’s clear he is intimidated by¬†the “secret” information held by Secretary Min who think it’ll be her best farewell gift.¬†He already assigned his trusted Secretary Yang to take over Secretary Min’s¬†jobs (she’s removed from the candidate’s preparation team) with a secret deal of overlooking her illegal funds. As usual, Secretary Kim is the source of all these important¬†information.

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During the preparation, they find out Kim Jin Sung¬†fabricated military exemption for his son.¬†Although he’s Korea top 1% and studied law, but he and his family had many corruptions giving Attorney Han a massive headache. Perhaps he was careless because he knew Hansong will cover it up for him. For the past two days, Secretary Yang persuaded him¬†to confess everything and now she’ll have to arrange interviewers to have mock interview with him to pass the dreading hearing.¬†He’s very nervous although Attorney Han has prepared everything beforehand.

Attorney Han proposes to exclude Song Jae Won from the chopping board because he can be a bigger problem in the future. Everyone has their hands dirty hence Candidate Kim promises to look after it after he gets elected.

Attorney Han and Secretary Yang are two amazing people who can force other people to confess their sins in exchange of pardon. By knowing the candidate’s sins, Hansong team can prepare reasonable excuses for his offences to convince the interviewers he’s the best candidate.

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While the three of them are toasting for their success, the other team is discussing about their next move. Attorney Yoo knows Attorney Han’s smart trick: to make people (interviewers) believe things have already been decided. Je Hoon finds out the candidate’s aide is his college friend so they won’t give up now. Of course Attorney Han also doesn’t stop here, he wants to turn over three strongest candidates from the opposing party to their side. And it’ll be Secretary Yang’s job to persuade them.

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Yi Ji happily catching up with her SIL and her cutie nephew, taking many pictures of them as she describes how gloomy Han’s mansion is. She then invites Jin Ae to join them. They’re so adorable together. Secretary Yang begs Jin Ae to let Yeon Hee to see Jin Young but she tells her to ask Jin Young’s parents directly. After a fun phototime, Yi Ji sadly¬†realizes her brother’s family won’t come back and this is probably the best solution. But her parents may change their minds later. Bom hugs her, grateful her younger SIL understands the reality.

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A mysterious woman wearing big sunglasses discreetly¬†steps into the lift with Secretary Lee. Thankfully Yi Ji didn’t see her mother. Because Yeon Hee is here in secret, she can only peek on Jin Young from outside his daycare’s room. When she blames foolish In Sang, Secretary Lee kindly reminds her it’s her & her husband’s fault. ūüėÄ She then blames Bom!

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Before she can blame anyone else, she hurriedly leaves because someone else is here. He’s Jung Ho pretending to survey the facility before his company can give their financial support. Fortunately Jin Ae saw them so she hides with Jin Young. Yeon Hee and Secretary Lee hide under the table.

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Their “cat and mouse” game didn’t last long. The women bump into each other while Bom runs into Jung Ho when he’s looking for Jin Young. Unfortunately Bom has to hear¬†her FIL’s accusation about her maternal love that 1) she’s not taking care¬†Jin Young here and 2) Jin Young isn’t allowed to see his grandfather hence he’ll grow up without knowing his grandparents. It gives Bom a chance to talk about his broken promise which ruined his chance to see Jin Young. When they can trust him again, they’ll give their permission to see his grandson. Knowing he lost, he brings up their financial capability advising¬†Bom there’s a huge discrepancy of what they can provide for him.

She boldly answers that it’s a blessing for children to grow up in the best environment however¬†if people like Jung Ho can use his power to develop a system helping the less unfortunate kids, kids who don’t have rich grandparents to grow up well & become successful as well. Sometimes people like him show off his generosity but is not the truth at all. He calls her opinion a delusional which is more dangerous than infectious disease.¬†

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While Yeon Hee and Secretary Lee secretly leave, Bom sends a message to her mom telling her everything is okay now & she didn’t tell her FIL that her mom was looking after Jin Young. That was really close, thankfully Bom didn’t see her MIL who’s furious Bom doesn’t regret anything.

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It’s hilarious this family tries hard to hide the fact they all went to Jin Young’s nursery today. Yi Ji shows Jin Young’s pictures to the staffs who really miss him and Bom. Yeon Hee can’t hide her secret long, she¬†mocks her husband for trying to be clever but came home empty-headed. Blaming him because In Sang inherits his foolishness. ūüėÄ

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In Sang applies for a private tutor with the highest possible pay. His prospective student’s mom is very picky¬†so he comes to their house for his first interview. She’s already done her research and is pleased to have In Sang as her son’s private tutor with a ridiculous working hour: 11PM – 1AM!

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Teacher Kyung Tae explains children like In Sang makes other people envious yet it makes wealthy people competitively looking for the best tutor for their children.¬†He no longer wants to be a private tutor and will think about his career move after he registers his marriage! To… the lovely Secretary Lee who’s bashful hearing InSeo’s couple congratulating them. She will also quit her job because both of them want to do something else after their marriage. They then ask the young couple about their plan, will they continue studying or one of them will continue studying or will they do something else?

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As InSeo couple discuss about their future plan, Bom tells her husband she spoke up her mind to his father when they bumped into each other in Jin Young’s daycare earlier. If she has power she will build a system where children can be raised well although they don’t have rich grandparents. Hence, she wants to continue studying but realistically it’ll be financially hard for them and it’ll give Jin Ae more responsibility to look after Jin Young. In Sang proposes Bom to study because she has a better chance to pass the test. Bom prefer to do rock, paper, scissor to decide who’ll study and who’ll work. ūüėÄ

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Kim Jin Sung¬†vows the rumor his brother-in-law invested money into Supernova & made millions is false. He talks gibberish before trying to clear up the accusation that he doesn’t know anything & he’s against financial crime. Fortunately, he wins 198 votes out of 281 total votes. 50 out of 130 votes in the opposing party also¬†voted for him.

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To repay Secretary Yang’s great works, Attorney Han promises he won’t mention Han Trust. Secretary Yang Jae Hwa and Yang Min Cheol will also be safe. She’s very happy with his “kindness” after working desperately to save her brother and her money. Will she still win against Secretary Min in the end? Both women have similar agenda: protecting their brother.

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Je Hoon’s team is disappointed nobody asked any of their questions during Candidate Kim’s hearing as they once again praise Secretary Yang’s skill to silently threaten the interviewers. He also¬†finds out Song Jae Won is back in Korea after a simple promise of introducing Jung Ho to the best hair transplant specialist. Advising Je Hoon to be on Jung Ho’s side & don’t waste his time fighting against this very powerful man. Jae Won had a good history of treating criminals really well hence he was able to escape from Jung Ho’s scapegoat. The new scapegoat is Secretary Yang’s brother Yang Min Cheol who’s also the head of Han Trust. It’s possible loyal Secretary Yang offers to arrest her brother if trouble arises in the future.

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But Je Hoon is positive there’s still a chance especially because Hansong will be more relaxed now after their victory. They can connect the overseas accounts, PM election and Han trust together. Fortunately, they have a new team member: Park Kyung Tae.

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Yeon Hee is furious knowing Park Kyung Tae still meets with the young couple. Rubbing more salt on her wound, Secretary Lee hands in her resignation! Jung Ho finally realizes they’re dating after Secretary Yang hinted him. Yes she can resign but she needs to find her replacement & train her before she leaves. He’ll need his hair transplants now if he finds out Yi Ji’s plan to study abroad & her request to Maid Jung and her husband. It’s awesome they ask Secretary Yang to come down (be on their level) when she’s talking to the staffs. „ÉĹ(^„Äā^)„Éé „ÉĹ

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Yeon Hee: This is a betrayal! 

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