Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 5 Preview

After accepting their marriage (though not wholeheartedly), Jung Ho and Yeon Hee face a bigger problem: how will they tell people about what has just happened? Their teenage son got married and is now a father. Can they trust their circle of friends? Or will they hide it until Seo Bom is ready to be introduced as their daughter-in-law?

But at least they’ll take the first step as grandparents: meeting their cute grandson who clearly will melt their hearts. Can’t wait to see them spoiling their first grandson.

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How can you say no to this cutie? Awww I wanna pinch his cheek and kiss him 😀

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Episode 5 Video Preview

Jung Ho: How could he be so confident?

Yeon Hee: What do I tell people? T_T

Jung Ho: we support their innocent love. Let’s declare it!

Jung Ho: Teach her thoroughly, how to be civil & educated.

Hyung Sik: Just remember this! Don’t ever get intimidated.

Yeon Hee: we should see our grandson

Jung Ho: I am your grand.. grandfather

In Sang: Thank you Seo Bom. I love you


credit: SBSViki & SBSpoongmoon

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