Heard It Through The Grapevine Episode 7 Brief Recap

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Hyung Sik & Jin Ae abruptly leave In Sang’s mansion after the unexpected handrail brawl. They’re very embarrassed yet hurt. The secretary insults them even more by saying they should held back so they wouldn’t left empty-handed.

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It’s the most dreading lecture time for the In Sang-Seo Bom couple. Jung Ho points out that Bom’s parents didn’t recognize a great opportunity presented in front of them hence they can’t get out from poverty. In Sang butts in pointing out his grandfather’s family was also poor, Jung Ho explains poverty back then was different with people who live in poverty in the modern world. Yeon Hee scolds Bom for influencing In Sang, in which she praises him for having thoughts of his own. He’s not a fool! She’s touched with his words – to love and care for one another, to visit one another freely & live peacefully. What he said wasn’t dreamy words although his parents insist they must face the reality.

Jung Ho concludes that love, freedom, peace that they wanted… aren’t free, only those who are qualified can enjoy these. Unfortunately, Bom’s parents are a bit lacking. In Sang begs mom for not hurting Bom, but Bom stands up for herself. Because she also wants to be qualified to enjoy these three things, she asks them to teach her. She promises she’ll study hard & learn quickly as long as someone would take time to teach her.

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According to Jung Ho, the young couple is in the period of confusion hence he asks Park Kyung Tae to teach them properly.

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Jin Ae is still upset with their offer, there’s no way they’re going to accept it. She plans to sue them if they insist to give them another “offer” due to a violation of human rights, defamation of characters & threat of conciliation. But Noo Ri knows they will lose and it’ll be disadvantages to them. They’re not an easy opponent.

Jung Ho doesn’t need respect, understanding, generosity, tolerance, explanation hence he wants to teach his in-laws by offering the most important thing they really need. Although they’re still his in-laws but he has to gain the upper hand. Furthermore, his hair loss is getting worse nowadays due to stress.

Secretary Kim calls a specialist because someone may need hair transplant urgently 😀

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Meanwhile, Jung Ho is busy taking pictures of his hair (loss) then he researches about self hair transplant. He’s scared it’ll be painful so he’ll think about it first before seeing the specialist.

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Teacher Kyung Tae gives a lecture about clear global perspective (as instructed by Jung Ho) so the young couple will see the reality from a strictly scientific perspective with hawk’s eyes.

Using an example of three people (A receives money from B for his business [A will give B the profit], B owes wage to C, C plans to file a lawsuit to B because he believes B can pay him after finding out A & B financial relationship), Kyung Tae asks them who’ll win. Bom think C will win because he can report it to the government (labor department) while In Sang think B will win because of his lawyer. But Kyung Tae advises whoever hire the best lawyer (for example: Hansong) will win. So this is what clear global perspective means, people who have more power… will win.

In Sang think it’s too cruel & vicious while Bom is aware it’s the truth. He wants to live thinking about good things because life is short, on the other hand, Bom doesn’t want to live in poverty for the rest of her life because nobody knows how short or long our lives will be.

No matter how much they love each other, they can’t live just having fun. In Sang is struggling because he wants to be a hands-on dad & help his wife with her inflammation pain but he can’t due to his parents’ strict rules. Can he sell the shares he inherited from his grandparents to help Bom’s family a bit? His teacher advises it’s not a good idea.

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While Bom is breastfeeding Jin Young, Yeon Hee and her secretary hurriedly change the talismans in her bedroom. Just then, Bom returns to her room. The secretary makes up excuses that they’re here to check the temperature as she advises her to wait in Yi Ji’s room a bit.

She then grabs the rest of the talismans on the desk advising Bom it’s the family’s long tradition from the In Sang’s late great grandmother, but Bom knows better. Promptly telling them she doesn’t believe in magic or talisman, in which Yeon Hee nervously tells her she doesn’t believe in talisman either. She’s just continuing the family’s tradition.

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Bom boldly points out it’s not a good family’s tradition and she wishes them to let her know in advanced before they go to her room.

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In Sang finds out his dad’s trying to sneak in to Jin Young’s room so he nags his dad to wash his hand before holding Jin Young because baby has weak immune system & he has to protect his son. Jung Ho refuses hence In Sang orders the nanny to check on the family’s hygiene. It’s more than enough for Jung Ho to painfully walks to the bathroom to wash his hands. He’s not 100% recovered from the handrail brawl.

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Meanwhile, Bom knows ointment works much better than a talisman to heal inflammation. In Sang wants them to create their own family tradition. Bom plans to learn everything she needs to know but they must be bold to say no for the things that aren’t right.

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Returning their invitation, Jin Ae invites In Sang’s parents to their house. She doesn’t dare to call and speak to Jin Young’s grandmother who’s different from ordinary people so she sends this invitation through secretary Yang. An invitation Yeon Hee respectfully declines as she asks them to maintain their self-respect and dignity as healthy ordinary people. Whoah. Jin Ae believes the young couple will win this hard battle but Hyung Sik doesn’t want them to carry the whole burden themselves.

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Secretary Yang is teaching Bom about the family’s table manners. How to cut the pork cutlet, how to eat salad & bread. It’s not easy but she’s a quick learner.

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Chairman Jang hopes Jung Ho will do his best so he won’t have to go to prison. It’s a very difficult case for Chairman Jang because his wife’s family plotted with Jiwon capital although they’re trying their best to keep it under control. His wife, Ji Young Ra, who knows Jung Ho’s secretary has contacted a hair loss specialist is trying to use it to her own advantage. However, Chairman Jang knows he won’t escape prison unless he hands over his wife’s family’s confidential documents.

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Ji Young Ra who knows her family is in danger, meets Jung Ho who advises he can no longer protect her family who concealed and laundered Chairman Jang’s slush fund. Once he gets audited and pays an additional fee, he’ll avoid prison term but her family will be in trouble. She begs him to help her this time. But he asks her to separate their personal life and business.

She must decide between Chairman Jang’s reprieve or pay additional fee for her father. She notices he’s changed. Of course, he’s no longer the 20s yo Jung Ho.

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He refuses to help her although Yeon Hee reminds him she still holds a grudge and has a deep wound from his mother. But according to Jung Ho, it’s her own fault for looking up at the tree she couldn’t climb. He only wants Young Ra to respect him, but Yeon Hee knows he wants her to respect him as a man.

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Bom heard her parents-in-law talking but she didn’t know what to do so she just stood in the corridor. She apologizes to Yeon Hee for not saying anything and promises to say something when she passes by. The maid advises her to avoid the elders’ conversation.

After flatly refused his invitation to see Jin Young, Yeon Hee orders him to sleep in the study room even though there’s no bed there.

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It’s well known Jung Ho is the best lawyer for people who’re facing prison term. Young Ra’s friend advises her to apologize to Yeon Hee so Jung Ho will change his mind. It’s a tough challenge, but Young Ra knows she must meet with Yeon Hee to save her family.

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Her daughter, Hyeon Soo, calls In Sang wanting to know what’ll happen with her dad. But he doesn’t know because he doesn’t care about his father’s work.

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On the other hand, Bom is curious. She’s wondering why Hansong defends this client. Unlike In Sang who only wants to learn about fun things, Bom doesn’t want to be a fool for the rest of her life. She’s curious how the rich become rich and how the poor become poor.

Due to their disagreement, Bom orders him to sleep on the sofa because it won’t matter for him even if he only lives with a pillow and a couch. But it matters to her.

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Young Ra decides to visit Yeon Hee, apologizing for everything. She tearfully confesses her parents wanted Jung Ho as their son-in-law but he didn’t like her. She gets on her knee saying she really respects Yeon Hee for treating her as a friend without deserting her, begging her to forgive her.

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The second lesson for the young couple is about power and ethics. According to Jung Ho, ethic is where power is. Bom is curious how did Jung Ho become an attorney with power. Teacher Kyung Tae instructs her to find it out herself.

In Sang and Bom are still arguing why Jung Ho defends Chairman Jang at the cost of ignoring social justice. Bom believes if he doesn’t have power, Hyeon Soo wouldn’t call In Sang asking for help. Because of her unending curiosity, In Sang challenges her to ask Jung Ho herself.

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The staffs are discussing about Young Ra & Yeon Hee. They understand Young Ra’s desperation who has a dark history with Han Jung Ho’s mother who refused her flatly because she’s a daughter of a loan shark. Meanwhile, Jung Ho plans to use Young Ra’s family corruption as his secret card so Chairman Jang will avoid prison term and at the same time he plans to get rid of Yeon Hee’s anger. Three hits with one punch. He’s a smart man who looks at one issue from many different perspectives.

Butler Park is aware that he’ll still taste bitterness in life although he’s an extraordinary person. He will still have to deal with In Sang, Bom and Bom’s family. Teacher Kyung Tae admits Bom is also extraordinary. But how long will she last?

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Their discussion end abruptly because of the young couple’s visit. In Sang & Bom decided to ask Teacher Kyung Tae (outside his working hour) about Jung Ho’s individual ethical judgement.

Should or shouldn’t he defend Chairman Jang?

In Sang explains they fought over it, she even pushed him away & told him to sleep on the sofa. They’re surprised this one question led to unending argument which made In Sang lost against his wife. She’s already ruling over her husband. They can only laugh listening to his whining. 😀

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Next morning, the secretary is shocked to see Jung Ho sleeping in the study room.

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While Yeon Hee is mad seeing her son sleeping on the sofa. She orders Bom to go to her home right now!

Brief Comment

Bom, Fighting! It’s awesome to see a strong heroine who’s tough and isn’t afraid to speak up her mind. She’s a young lady who’ll have everyone under her control soon (in a great way). She will change Han’s household to the better, shape them into better people who’ll treat everyone equally with respect and dignity. She knows her place yet she uses all the opportunities presented to her to get out from the poverty line. She’s not the kind of person who sees from a glass half empty like In Sang, but she sees it as a glass half full. Her curiosity is refreshing.

We only saw a glimpse of Young Ra’s and Yeon Hee’s past, but it’s clear that Han’s family chose Yeon Hee over Young Ra because of her family’s financial situation. Young Ra’s family is still too greedy although she’s married with Chairman Jang. Although Chairman Jang might made several mistakes, but her family made the situation worse. They’re currently are on a knife-edge and it’ll be up to Jung Ho to save them. It’s possible Jung Ho experienced similar thing as In Sang in the past, but unlike Bom, Young Ra wasn’t able to fight against his parents (his mom) so they lost and he’s forced to marry Yeon Hee. I think Yeon Hee is a bit jealous if Jung Ho helps Young Ra (considering their past history) so his current priority is to get rid of Yeon Hee’s anger.

I found it so cute that both Yeon Hee and Bom kicked out their husbands to sleep in the study room / sofa 😀 Han’s household has two very powerful women and two obedient husbands 😀 Yeon Hee is currently ruling the household, it only a matter of time before Bom takes over & control this household.

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