Heard It Through The Grapevine Episode 8 Brief Recap

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Jung Ho is trying to find out what Young Ra said which made Yeon Hee exploded in anger. She couldn’t and won’t lash out to her husband so she found a new victim – her daughter-in-law. Yeon Hee kicks Bom out of her house although In Sang explains he doesn’t mind sleeping in the sofa. She almost slaps him.

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Although Bom wants Yeon Hee to like her, but it’s not her only goal. She doesn’t want to miss out learning many important things in life and she wants to respect her MIL wholeheartedly. Yeon Hee replies it’s not her life goal to be respected by Bom.

Jung Ho breaks up the fight, advises his wife to calm down.

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Even Secretary Lee points out Yeon Hee overreacted. Yi Ji is upset that her parents are fighting, so do her brother & sister-in-law. She’s used to her parents’ fighting which usually last for two weeks, but it’s getting very serious nowadays.

The staffs are wondering why Secretary Lee reports everything about the InBom private life to Yeon Hee, it’s none of her business.

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Jung Ho scolds the couple for making Yeon Hee worried, giving example that he never made his parents worry over the issue between him and his wife. His lecture is abruptly cut short with the nanny’s arrival letting Bom knows that Jin Young is hungry.

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Yeon Hee blames everything to Jung Ho’s mother for fooling her. She thought Young Ra was the one who went crazy over Jung Ho but it was Jung Ho who chased Young Ra. Jung Ho complements that his mother had already favored Yeon Hee and she was the only one who passed her very high standard & selection process. She wants to sew his lips 😀

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Jung Ho kneels down to the mother of this family – calling her his queen. She’s touched & speechless over his sweet words. The war is over & the whole household can now breathe again. He asks her to give her courage to fight for his tough battle as they start the brand new day.

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Seo’s family is so happy to see Jin Young’s newest pictures. Seo Chul Shik tells his brother to change his mind for the sake of his grandson, but Hyung Sik wants to establish the right law for his next generation. He’s already made the preparation.

Teacher Kyung Tae has been teaching in many other places before yet he finds it fascinating people in Han’s household line up to see Jung Ho goes to work every morning.

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Jung Ho’s “forced” hair loss is examined by the hair specialist who advises that it happens when hair roots are very weak. So even he can’t guarantee it’ll grow in particular patches especially because the hair loss continues to progress quite rapidly. The best solution is a surgery, he plans to plant 3000 strands of hair. Jung Ho is worried it’ll be painful so the doctor encourages him by showing what’ll happen after he finishes planting the 3000 hairs. Thanks to his mother who raises him up perfectly, he never experienced any pain.

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Secretary Yang first met Jung Ho 25 years ago so she knows him really well. Complementing his virtue of always choosing the righteous path, she advises him not to worry too much because even Caesar didn’t have much hair either. 😀 His hair loss is hereditary, he didn’t inherit it from his father but from his grandfather.

Jung Ho will deal with Chairman Jang’s slush fund which he created with his in-law’s family separately. Now, he’s focusing on manipulation and the disgruntled laid-off employees who’re already demanding a meeting. Jung Ho believes no response is the best response, it’s a bold silence.

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Yeon Hee think she’s getting a lot older ever since Bom arrived. Secretary Lee agrees with what Bom said in front of her friends that her MIL is overwhelmingly beautiful. That’s one of her merit that she should be proud of, she’s not too capable of lying.

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Bom is surprised her MIL gave her a beautiful necklace to complement her honesty. She politely refuses to try it on because of Jin Young’s grasp reflex. He may accidentally grabs the long necklace when she’s feeding him. Bom promises to do her best. She then shows the gift to In Sang & they are so happy to get the first acknowledgement from Yeon Hee. They dance together. So cute. ^^

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The disgruntled ex-employees are gathering in front of Hansong’s building trying to block Hansong’s counsels from leaving the building. Hyung Sik is looking around holding the banner he created. But he changes his mind, bluffing that through Secretary Yang, Jung Ho passed on the message he wanted to speak to him in a quiet place but he told him to forget it. Jin Ae wants him to toughen it up but Hyung Sik doesn’t want to make Bom’s life more difficult.

Jung Ho wants to know if Kyung Tae is able to identify Bom’s characters after teaching her for few days so they can choose a good university for her. They aren’t pleased about her parents and her upbringing but they’d like her to become a suitable wife for their son.

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Kyung Tae points out she’s not the level of college entrance exam. He’d put her on the same path with In Sang. In fact, if they’re talking about investment, she’s much better than In Sang. She can even take the GED this year. And if she passes the exam, she’ll almost become a legend heroine – perfect for In Sang! It’s possible she’ll be the youngest person who pass the exam. Both Jung Ho are Yeon Hee are speechless. Jung Ho decides to test her first.

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Yeon Hee is wondering if Bom is too strong for In Sang, Jung Ho reminds her this is the 21st century! It’s much better this way, they don’t have to hide her anymore. It’s a powerful prove they didn’t just let anyone enter their family. Jung Ho is an extraordinary man, when there was a demo in the past, he hired both sides taking the middle ground.

Hyung Sik gets more intimidated the more he found out about In Sang’s family.

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While In Sang is reading his comic, Bom is reading The Prince (by Niccolò Machiavelli). He’s pleased Bom has a chance to get accepted by his family as he challenges her to surprise his father. He’s more than happy she’s better than him.

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In Sang accompanies Bom for her test but Jung Ho tells him to leave because it’s her test and they can’t do it by holding hands.

In Sang nervously waits for her as she calmly gives her FIL the book she read earlier. Jung Ho wants Bom to read chapter 21 about the philosophy of market economy. She confidently read one part from that chapter in English.

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Bom explains this is the passage about the principle of capitalism and the market economy, the start of rich get richer and poor get poorer. She learnt in her economy class that by letting anyone earning money & gathering wealth, it means market will not be controlled. Jung Ho praises her as he invites her to read two pages every morning. He even admits she’s good! Yeon Hee is relieved their daughter-in-law is smart!

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When she heard baby Jin Young’s cry, Jung Ho let her go to see him. In Sang is proud of her.

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Hyung Sik is covered up from head to toe as if he’s sick but his wife knows he’s hiding something. His conscience is hurt, not his body. Seo Chul Shik hands his summon so he must go to court for his traffic violation penalty which he hasn’t paid. Chul Shik reminds him of his powerful & wealthy in-laws so he shouldn’t worried over the small thing like this.

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Bom reports what happened to her mom who’s very proud of her daughter. She bashfully tells her they fought for the first time but they’ve made up. Hyung Sik doesn’t want Bom to win all the time, and right timing. They want to make up to In Sang’s parents as well because he believe both families need to get along. Bom is so happy with the progress and that her in-laws like her. In Sang proudly tells them she did whatever her parents expected her so they recognized her virtue & value.

Jung Ho arranges the best schedule for Bom, preparing her to take the GED.

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Han’s household atmosphere is getting so much better with everyone’s getting along nicely, Bom is adapting herself well, the staffs are all happy.

But Jin Ae feels her daughter is taken away from her. It’s good they like her, but it seems like there’s a distance between them. Though she’s contemplating to forgive them for treating her daughter well.

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Hyung Sik must pay 2million won, money he doesn’t have.

His brother decides to meet Jung Ho’s secretary Min, sister of Min Joo Wan. He scolds her for stalking Noo Ri although she explains it’s just her job.

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Chul Shik meets with Min Joo Young again to talk about her brother, Min Joo Wan who gave up his normal life and recuperated in the countryside. She then gives him money because she heard about Hyung Sik’s case, advising it’s from Jung Ho. He laugh because Jung Ho basically gives his brother illness and then medicine aka money. He’s wondering how much she knows, but she refuses to answer. Chief Secretary Kim Tae Woo ear-drops so Joo Young warns Chul Shik she doesn’t want to see him again..

Hyung Sik is surprised everyone in his family is a target of surveillance from Han’s family. Noo Ri isn’t happy because Bom is living a happy life while the whole family suffers ever since she shocked them with her pregnancy last year.

Bom’s reading session goes really well. Jung Ho is pleased his son found a genius girl from an honest family.

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Secretary Yang praises Jung Ho’s tactic of touching their hearts yet scaring them at the same time. Noo Ri applied to cable station & passed the first round. Jung Ho plans to invite the station’s vice president to his exclusive club to make things easier for her and to have a proof that Noo Ri is hired because of him. Secretary Min think Noo Ri will pass the audition without Jung Ho’s help.

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Jung Ho is locked in the study room, he yells out calling for help when he saw In Sang Bom. His son unlocks the door for him. Embarrassed yet very thankful, he tells them to go to bed early. Bom is pleased her FIL acknowledges her after all the hardships she went through.

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The most difficult one was admitting she’s 9 weeks pregnant last year. After she saw her baby’s ultrasound, she couldn’t abort her baby, she wanted to have it. And she planned to submit the confirmation & request for teenage mother’s welfare  where she’d get 150k won per month. Jin Ae almost fainted. Hyung Sik wanted to know who’s the bad man but she told him they liked each other.

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This made Jin Ae confessed they had Noo Ri because she also played with fire but she was over 20 yo when it happened. Bom is much younger. Hyung Sik was so upset she’d waste her youth where she could study to become a minister of justice! He cried, Jin Ae cried, everyone cried 🙁

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Meanwhile, Yeon Hee realizes it’s possible Bom will be the only one who’ll pass the test! But Jung Ho believes it won’t happen.

Brief Comment

Oh yeah, finally we found out the truth about Han Jung Ho – Choi Yeon Hee – Ji Young Ra love triangle which made Yeon Hee holds grudges against her mother-in-law and Jung Ho. So she’s Jung Ho’s second choice but she’s her MIL’s first choice. Her jealousy is understandable but she needs to let it go… it’s in the past and Jung Ho has been treating her well, as his Queen.

It’s awesome Jung Ho and Yeon Hee acknowledge Bom’s honesty, ability and talent. She will become the best daughter-in-law who posses the right dignity & virtue. It’s a win-win situation for both sides; Jung Ho & Yeon Hee can proudly say they support the young couple’s marriage because of her merit & talent while Bom is accepted & treated well by his family.

Can’t blame the secretaries for spying & stalking In Sang, Bom and Bom’s family. They face the chopping block if they don’t do whatever their employers ask them to do. As expected, it was Secretary Lee who told Yeon Hee about In Sang’s sleeping arrangement, but she’s also one of my favorite character because she’s not afraid of speaking up her mind.


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