[Drama 2015] Hide Identity

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Title: Hide Identity 신분을 숨겨라
Also Known As: Hide Your Identity, Hidden Identity
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: 16 June 2015 – TBA
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00 KST
Production Director: Kim Jung Min (Bad Guys)
Writer: Kang Hyun Sung (Gaksital, Fatal Encounter)


Talented detectives in a specially created secret violent crimes & homicide unit bend legal rules to complete their missions. Jang Moo Won is the leader of this unit, the team he himself created hence he bears heavy responsibilities. He’s a man who’s full of integrity & holds principles very strongly. Former SEAL and SWAT member Cha Gun Woo is nicknamed Mad Dog joins the team after his girlfriend was killed in a Ghost related case. The only woman in the team Jang Min Joo aces in disguising herself to find vital information while her team mate scammer Choi Tae Pyeong collects his information slyly & in disguise as well.




Kim Bum as Cha Gun Woo

Park Sung Woong as Jang Moo Won

Yoon So Yi as Jang Min Joo

Lee Won Jong as Choi Tae Pyung

Kim Tae Hoon as Min Tae In


Characters Chart

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