[Drama 2015] Hogu’s Love


Title: Ho Goo’s Love (Hogu’s Love) 호구의 사랑
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: 9 February – 31 March 2015
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00PM KST
Production Director: Pyo Min Soo (Heartstrings, Coffee House, Full House)
Writer: Yoon Nan Joong
Based on webtoon Ho Goo’s Love by Yoo Hyun Sook

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Brief Synopsis

A romantic comedy drama adapted from webtoon of the same title – about national “pushover” yet sweet & clueless Kang Ho Goo who reunites with his first love Do Do Hee goddess of the national swimming team, Ho Goo’s twin sister book-lover Kang Ho Su and intelligent lawyer the total opposite of Ho Goo, Byun Kang Chul.




 photo tvNHoguLove_UEE_bc1_zpsff338a6e.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_ChoiWooShik_bc1_zps70e3614d.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_ImSeulong_bc1_zps367037a1.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_LeeSooKyung_bc1_zps528cf7b3.jpg
UEEChoi Woo ShikIm SeulongLee Soo Kyung
as Do Do Heeas Kang Ho Gooas Byun Kang Chulas Kang Ho Kyung


People around Do Do Hee

 photo tvNHoguLove_ChoiDukMoon_bc1_zps9735ce0a.jpg

Choi Duk Moon as So Shi Min (Do He’s swimming couch)


People around Kang Ho Goo

 photo tvNHoguLove_JungWonJoong_bc1_zps5be0e3f0.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_ParkSoonChun_bc1_zps09f374f3.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_ChoiJaeHwan_bc1_zps2bb0f1c6.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_LeeShiUn_bc1_zps82e9b81b.jpg
Jung Won JoongPark Soon ChunChoi Jae HwanLee Shi Un
as Kang Yong Mooas Kim Ok Ryungas Kim Tae Heeas Shin Chung Jae


People around Byun Kang Chul

 photo tvNHoguLove_OhYoungShil_bc1_zpsdb73d63e.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_ParkJiIl_bc1_zpsbffd4e54.jpg photo tvNHoguLove_SongJiIn_bc1_zpsca0f9a1a.jpg
Oh Young Shil Park Ji IlSong Ji In
as Mok Kyung Jinas Byun Kang Seas In Kong Mi


Relationship Chart (English)

* The translation may not be 100% correct because we had a hard time deciphering the handwritten words. For UEE’s part, not sure if it’s 강호구 (Kang Ho Goo??) or 상호구 or a totally different word. Feel free to correct us if we made any mistake =)

 photo tvNHoguLove_RelationshipChartEng_bc1_zpsedcf2a12.jpg

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