Hogu’s Love Episode 11 Brief Recap

Episode 11 – All babies belong to everyone

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Do Hee has decided to turn over the new leaf, she doesn’t want her life to be ruined trying to find the best adoptive parents for Geum Dong if she brings him back. But it’s clear she’s also as upset as Hogu that they threw her son’s umbilical cord. She asks Kang Chul if they’re bad people like Hogu suspected. Kang Chul knows his answer will change her outcome.

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Do Hee found the adoptive parents from one of the most trusted fancafe. Hogu is bewildered finding out that people sold their babies in that fancafe but it’s more shocking that there’re people disguise themselves as adoptive parents & use the baby for insurance fraud. What have you done, Do Hee? She didn’t receive any money from the adoptive parents (hence she didn’t sell her baby) but Hogu is agitated she didn’t try to find parents who really want a baby & will raise Geum Dong sincerely without any strings attached.

But it’s not that easy. If she went through official adoption process, she’s admitting she had a baby out of wedlock because she would have to register her baby. Hogu advises they’re all adults so it’s their responsibilities to protect Geum Dong because he’s just a baby. Do Hee tells him to stop meddling into her business, Geum Dong is her baby – she’ll take all responsibilities as his mother.

He lashes out “do you call yourself a mother, Do Hee?

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Kang Chul tells him to stop, it’s none of his business. Geum Dong is not his baby. He’s not even his uncle. He realizes Geum Dong is nothing for him.

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Do Hee and Kang Chul went to the adoptive parents’ house to forcefully take Geum Dong back! Kang Chul asks if she’ll regret it, confidently she replies she won’t. Oh yeah! 

The next morning, Hogu is still very depressed. He confesses it’s he’s not upset about Do Hee because it’s over long time ago, but it’s about someone else. Ho Kyung mistakenly think he’s flirting with another girl, but clearly he can’t tell her he had “some” with a baby.

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Do Hee announces her comeback through an official press conference as she promises to win gold medal at the next Olympics. Tae Hee and Chung Jae assume she put her baby to adoption, so everything’s ok now except for Hogu who’s pretending to be fine.

Byun Kang Se is upset his son didn’t answer his calls, he plans to call the locksmith because Kang Chul changed his house’s passcode. He’s furious because it’s not his son’s house but his house! They run into Do Hee in the lift. As her fan, Kang Se asks for her autograph then he gives his namecard. 😀

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But they’re shocked Do Hee is here to visit Kang Chul. To protect Geum Dong, Kang Chul kindly let him and Do Hee to stay at his place temporarily. Do Hee can’t afford to hire a nanny because all her income were used to pay off her parents’ debt.

Kang Se is delighted his son finally has a girlfriend and she’s Do Do Hee. She’s a suitable match for him.

After putting the puzzle pieces together, Ho Kyung realizes she’s the loser here. Kang Chul now has Do Hee, her brother flirted with another woman. She must act fast, she cannot lose.

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Ho Kyung reminds her brother that our heart is like a paint & we have to use it before it gets hard. They need to use the leftover paint. But when the object disappears, it’s best to wash the paint away quickly. Because to paint without a purpose is not a drawing but a stained canvas. Hence, it’s better to let her go now to respect her.

Ho Kyung pretends she runs into Kang Chul while he’s doing his morning exercise, inviting him for a drink. Meanwhile, Hogu went to Kang Chul’s house because he knew he’d find DO Hee there.

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He’s just cancelled his child sponsorship because he let go all his love & feeling for Geum Dong and one-sided love isn’t love. He returns Geum Dong’s umbilical cord (which he made into a seal stamp) back to his mom because he didn’t want to throw it away.

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Hogu pretends he has no regrets & affection towards Geum Dong anymore, he was a tiresome baby anyway. Do Hee knows he lied so she jokingly points out to her baby everything Hogu said earlier. Hogu can’t believe his eyes… He’s so happy to see Geum Dong there, he hugs & kisses him.

Ho Kyung is working hard to win Kang Chul’s heart. This time she changes her tactic, she just wants to be his friend and maybe he’ll need her help as a psychologist for any of his cases later in the future.

It works! He’s curious if it’s possible for anyone to change their sexual preferences.

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Ho Kyung believes people shouldn’t ask permission to kiss because it’ll break the mood. Asking on behalf of his “friend”, Kang Chul confesses his friend’s heart beats really fast and it still beats fast whenever he meets with that person again. She concludes it’s not a trauma but that man is gay! Kang Chul stutters, it’s not. But she doesn’t want to make it complicated, to prove if he’s gay or not, ask that person to kiss him again. If his heart still beats fast, that means he’s gay.

The reason why Do Hee took Geum Dong back was because Kang Chul kept asking her if it’s really all over. He recorded the adoptive parents’ car licence number, climbed their house’s wall and oversped (the first time in his life he was speeding).

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Hogu can’t contain his excitement & happiness. As soon as Kang Chul arrives home, he gives him a big bear hug and Kang Chul’s heart beat incredibly fast he’s confused with his own feeling. He decides to have another consultation with Ho Kyung tomorrow.


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Hogu gave Do Hee his sketchbooks… he drew Do Hee and her daily activities (in class, as a swimmer goddess who turned into a mermaid & swam with dolphin, etc).

Meanwhile, Hogu realized his sister not only used his uniform but she also used his nametag. Do Hee visited the comic store to ask him if the girl in that drawing turned into a mermaid whenever she go into the water. But he mistakenly thought she was talking about Elize in the comic book. Upset, she abruptly left. He chase her telling her that she’s a mermaid from the beginning hence she found water more comfortable than people. She’s most happiest whenever she’s in the water & she only visits the human world once in a while. She liked his explanation.

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She visited him again & again, gave him orange whenever she returned the comic book. From oranges to ice cream, she frequently came to borrow comic book. Sometimes they even read the book together in the store. Tae Hee thought they’d surely would date but Hogu was crushed when he saw Do Hee & Kang Chul sat together in the school canteen.

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The reason Do Hee tried to befriend Kang Chul was because he’s a member of Noblesse Cultural Center. She wanted to use their swimming pool which has the same length as the stadium pool where she’d compete next week. He refused because she looked like a loser who ask a favor for free. Unless she gave him something in return, he wouldn’t let her use the facility. She’s upset he called her a loser.

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Thinking there’s no more hope, Hogu ignored Do Hee.

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Back to present time… Do Hee visits someone’s grave, she really misses this person, she tells him she was busy looking for adoption but in the end she got our baby back. *our baby?  Kang Chul is not Geum Dong’s father?* 

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Chung Jae finally confesses to Ho Kyung he felt in love with her ever since he saw her opened the squid store’s door five years ago. He gives her a flower bouquet and sing Can I love You (Yurisangja). She looks bored & uninterested. Thankfully Kong Mi saves her.

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Kang Chul wants to confirm his sexual preferences. He remembers how his heart beat really fast everytime he met Hogu. So the only thing to check his sexual preference is … to… kiss Hogu again.

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