Hong Soo Hyun & Lee Sang Yeob cast on “Will You Love And Give It Away”

Last week, Hong Soo Hyun was confirmed to headline the upcoming MBC weekend family drama “Will You Love and Give It Away”. The good news came earlier today, she will be reunited with her fellow Jang Ok Jong, Live in Love cast, Lee Sang Yeob who is confirmed to join this drama! Big hurray, I love them individually as well as together (they were really cute & had a great on-screen chemistry in JOJ, LiL).


Lee_Sang_Yeob_bc2 Hong_Soo_Hyun_bc2

Hong_Soo_Hyun_bc1 Lee_Sang_Yeob_bc1

“Will You Love and Give it Away” is family drama written by the scriptwriter of Ugly Mooncake and PD of Queen of Reversals. This drama is described as a heartwarming family about about two families who are brought together and forced to become one big happy family unit after their parents marry each other. How their grown-up children will re-act and deal with this new situation will be fully addressed in this drama.

This drama follows “I Summon You Gold” and will premiere in September 2013.

Cr: Nate & dramabeans; Pic Cr: SBS

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