I Hear Your Voice Quotes & Narration [Updated with Ep 18 Quotes]


Compilation of quotes and narrations from fantasy drama I Hear Your Voice  

Episode 1


“Since that day, there are two sounds that exist in my world. One is the sound everybody else can hear. And the other… the sound only I can hear” -Park Soo Ha-

“If I meet you again, I will protect you” -Park Soo Ha-


Episode 2



“A joke is not for the person saying it, but the one receiving it. If she hadn’t agreed to it, then it wasn’t a joke, but a terror.” -Seo Do Yeon-

“If you look me like that, do you think evidence will just fall from the sky?” -Park Soo Ha & Jang Hye Sung-


Episode 4

“I heard it well, Your Honor. Your Honor, you just experienced what it’s like to be the defendant. Like the defendant, no matter what you say, other people don’t hear you. You got angry and banged the desk within 50 seconds. If other people can’t hear what I say, I’ll say it louder. But if they still can’t hear, then I’ll speak even louder. But if they still can’t hear, then I get mad. But what if it wasn’t for just 50 seconds, but if they couldn’t hear you for 50 years, what would  you have done?  You would have gotten angry a lot. ” -Cha Kwan Woo-

“The person that has made the defendant come to stand here today may not be the defendant herself, but we, who are deaf”  -Cha Kwan Woo-

 “I’ll risk my life to protect her” -Park Soo Ha-


Episode 5

“I really like you, a lot. I know that you don’t like me. It’s okay if I just like you. But when you’re with someone else, or, thinking of some other person, or when you like someone else, it’s weird. I’m not okay with that. Just thinking of it makes my heart feel like it’s hurting a lot, beat faster. I probably must like you a lot.” -Sung Bin-

“The person who makes a mistake and knows she’s wrong, but stands by it—like you—is the biggest problem” -Jang Hye Sung-


Episode 6 – Abandoned alone by the whole world

“You’re not wrong, but different. ‘Wrong’ means ‘no right’. ‘Different’ is ‘not same’ -Park Soo Ha-

“The moment we kill him we’re not victims but, we become murderers” -Jang Hye Sung-


Episode 7 – Why is a sad premonition never wrong

“Everything should be done according to the law” -Jang Hye Sung-

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If we lived by that law, then all the people in the world would be blind” -Hye Sung’s Mom-

“All those people who are rude to you, it’s because they’re jealous. Because you’re so fortunate. So don’t hate them, don’t be mean to them and feel sorry for them.” -Hye Sung’s Mom-

“Promise to me that you won’t hate someone enough to ruin your life”. Once a person is born in this world, the life is not even long enough to love each other” -Hye Sung’s Mom-

“I’m not scared. You’re just worthless and I feel sorry for you.” -Hye Sung’s Mom to Joon Gook”


Episode 8 – For whom am I living

“Even though you tell the truth ten times, when you lie once, I must doubt whether the truth was said before or if this is the real truth” -Do Yeon-

“If I follow the rules, I’ll lose everything” -Hye Sung-

“Have you ever been a victim? The victims in this country can’t do anything. I  couldn’t even ask Min Joon Gook why he killed my mother. Because the victim can’t meet the defendant. The judge listens to Min Joon Gook’s words more than mine. The victim feels so wronged by she can’t even breathe. But there’s nothing she can do about it. Innocent plea? Rational principles? All that is all dog shit. After becoming a victim, all the rules are just dog shit. Lawyers are all assholes and I’m also that kind of an asshole lawyer.” -Hye Sung-

“Give her time, wait and protect her” -Soo Ha-

“I was wrong. Life isn’t like a fairytale.” -Hye Sung-

“If I knew that she was a girl with that much courage in her, I would’ve praised her more” -Hye Sung’s Mom-

“My world is really loud. In here, it’s quiet and peaceful” -Soo Ha-


Episode 9 – On a burdensome day, if even you leave me…

“Soo Ha always listened to my voice.  But I didn’t listen to his voice when he really needed me” -Hye Sung-

“I will not do what you worry. I’ll keep my promise. So please trust me” -Soo Ha-

“It was not a dream. Soo Ha will keep his promise” -Hye Sung-


Episode 10 – What’s the purpose of searching everywhere for a painful memory?

“If you lose in court, I’m not going to believe in justice, the law or anything else. No matter what, I will protect you with the law”  -Hye Sung-


Episode 11 – I’m sorry, I hate you

IHYV_quotes_bc14 IHYV_quotes_bc11

“You searched for me for 10 years just to keep a promise I didn’t even remember.” -Hye Sung-

“Even if you hate me, to the point of exhaustion, can’t you just stay by my side?” -Soo Ha-

“It’s impossible but I keep thinking about that kid. It makes no sense but I think I like that kid. ” -Hye Sung-

“Instead of imitating an adult, try to act like a real adult” -Lawyer Cha-


Episode 12 – Etude of Memory

IHYV_quotes_bc13 IHYV_quotes_bc12

“I’m different. I won’t live as a beast like you” -Soo Ha-


Episode 13 – The words in my heart that I couldn’t say

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“The memory that I wanted to erase, it won’t be erased just because I wanted it to be erased” -Soo Ha-

“Your life is in danger again, how can my innocence come first?” -Soo Ha-

“The more I give sympathy, the harder it will become to control my feelings” -Hye Sung-

“Soo Ha: Do you hate  me? Do you still think I’m annoying?
Hye Sung: Yes, I don’t like you.
Hye Sung’s brain: I like you.
Soo Ha: Do you really want me to go away?
Hye Sung: Yes, I wish you would.
Hye Sung’s brain: I want to tell you to stay  next to me.”

“All this time your mouth has been telling lies, but your eyes have been telling the truth. The truth that I wanted to hear since 10 years ago.” -Soo Ha-

“In order to protect you, I pretended that I didn’t hear those words” -Soo Ha-


Episode 14 – Having to be silent in memory

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“Let’s look into each other’s eyes and laugh together, let’s live like that.” -Hye Sung-

“There are truths in the world that are better not known” -Lawyer Cha-

“Knowing the truth and acting like you don’t know it, is something unforgivable” -Hye Sung-

“Most people prefer to disregard the truth as the truth is more uncomfortable than the lie” -Soo Ha-

“Telling the truth is always painful. Sometimes I close my eyes in front of the truth” -Soo Ha-


Episode 15 – I am not going to ruin anything

IHYV_quotes_bc7 IHYV_quotes_bc8

“She must feel as if suddenly her whole world has fallen apart. She’s just found out the wrongdoings of a father  she trusted for over 20 years. Give her time” -Soo Ha-

“I’m not asking you to cover up the truth. I’m asking you to look at the person first.” -Soo Ha-

“In the future, no matter what you think or what side of yourself you show me, I will never be disappointed in you. Whatever you think about, I won’t get hurt ” -Soo Ha-


Episode 16

IHYV_quotes_bc5 IHYV_quotes_bc6

“I realized today how terrible it is for not admitting your own mistake” -Do  Yeon-

“I forgave him. I don’t have much time left. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life hating someone. I don’t want my last feeling before I die would be that horrible.” -Dal Joong-

“Of course it’s a dream, like this would be real. Could your dreams be more childish?” -Hye Sung-


Episode 17 – Without your eyes, I can’t see what’s in front of me

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“Soo ha will never become someone like you” -Hye Sung-

“The person who started all this, was you. Don’t act like a victim, you’re just a murderer. All your reasons and excuses disappeared when you kill someone” -Hye Sung-

“I will keep the promise I made with you. I will never live as a beast. So don’t worry and just wait for me” -Soo Ha-

“Joon Gook had no one. Nobody trusted him. Nobody listened to him. Nobody loved him. And he had nobody to protect. But if he had that one person, he would live his life differently. Like Park Soo Ha.” -Lawyer Cha-


Episode 18 – Through the light in the darkness, you remain with me

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“As I became more greedy, I was scared that I might lose you” -Soo Ha-

“Even if I disappear, I wish you wouldn’t know. I wish you would think that I’m living a good life somewhere, studying hard, hanging out with friends and continuing to pursue my dream about becoming a policeman. Even when I’m not here, I’d like it if you wouldn’t cry. I’d love it if you would be happy. And I would like you to remember me, just once in a while” -Soo Ha’s diary-

“The law above all else must be cold.” -Do Yeon-

“I also believe that the law should be firm. But as Lawyer Cha said, I believe that the law should also has a heart” -Judge Kim-

“I’m sorry for depending on you the most, but pretending like I didn’t need you. I love you more than anyone else, but I’m sorry that I didn’t show it. I’m sorry for only thinking about the end and really anxious about the end while looking at you. I’m sorry about everything” -Hye Sung-

“Say it. You said you were sorry you were stingy with your I love you’s” -Soo Ha-

“I know why you’re anxious, and I know why you’re always preparing for a time without me. But even if that time comes, I won’t worry. Even when ten years had passed, I recognized you. When I lost my memories, when I had erased you, I came to love you again. Even if ten more years pass, if I lose my memories again, if that time you’re worried about comes… I’ll find you… and I’ll love you again.” -Soo Ha-

“You realized it at one point, but you couldn’t stop, because the moment you did your life would become nothing. That’s why you persisted, all while killing people, swearing that you were right.” -Lawyer Cha-

“Just because you say it’s right, doesn’t make it right” -Lawyer Cha-

“Knowing that you’re wrong, yet still insisting that you’re not, that’s self-abuse.Living like that, one becomes alone without anyone being on your side” -Lawyer Cha-

“A person who can reflect and apologize is a great person” -Soo Ha-

“There’s this person… She’s almost unbelievably snobby, rude, and doesn’t have an ounce of modesty. But that person began to fight for the truth and began to see people. As I was swimming through darkness, she became my light, and my road. Without that person, I could never have made it here. Because of that person, I learned how precious it is to protect someone. Because of that person, I learned how important it is to listen to other people.” -Soo Ha-


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