Exquisite IHYV & Goddess of Marriage Mash-Up Parody Video



Another daebak I Hear Your Voice parody video from SBS Contents Hub Side TV Jobs. The exquisite editing made the mashed-up looked like a trailer of a melodrama movie. This time, they cleverly put together scenes from I Hear Your Voice and SBS’ weekend drama Goddess of Marriage about a woman (Lee Bo Young)’s disappointment when she found out about her husband (Jang Hyun Sung)’s infidelity. For those who are not watching Goddess of Marriage, Jang Hyun Sung plays one of the most hated man in the drama, he’s having an affair with his fellow news-anchor, Cynthia (played by Clara) and he’s planning to divorce his wife of 21 years.


This parody video clearly shows LBY’s disappointment and anger. Thankfully she found her knight-of-shield. Lee Jong Suk protects, comforts her and gives the unconditional love that she couldn’t receive from her husband. She tries to hide her feeling, but in the end, she knows that she really likes him, she has fallen in love with him.



Cr: Nate, SBS TV Jobs

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