IHYV “Thriller” Parody Video – Lee Jong Suk is a creepy psychopath?

SBS Contents Hub Side “TV Jobs” released “I Hear Your Voice” parody video “I’ll Be There” starring Lee Jong Suk as a creepy psychopath.



A very high quality video which makes the viewers believe that they actually watch thriller drama’s teaser. Honestly, this video sucked me in so much that I felt like I was watching the first 3 minutes of a thriller movie. Hats off to Lee Jong Suk’s subtle acting too.

In this “thriller” parody video, Lee Jong Suk “portrays” a serial killer / psycopath. With “I’ll be There” as the background music and few scenes from SBS thriller drama “Ghost”, edited with eerie atmosphere & music, this video successfully reconstructed scenes from I Hear Your Voice and turned it into a thriller drama / movie. Daebak parody video!


The parody begins with the mysterious murder of high school girls. The perpetrator of the murder: Lee Jong Suk. He’s believed to be following the target from time-to-time (like a creepy stalker). He also sends “I’ll be There” threatening messages, making the recipient engulfed in fear.

His next victim, Lee Bo Young, receives the threatening messages and when she’s calling the number where the messages came from, she hears the phone she’s calling… from inside her own house. So, someone is in her house. But how did he / she enter her house?

Flashback to Lee Jong Suk broke her house’s door, then he put the mobile phone inside her wardrobe, then he turned the light off and silently close the door.

Creepy… creepy… It feels like he has successfully committed the murder!

Check out the parody video below:

Cr: Nate & SBS TV Jobs

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