Heard It Through the Grapevine – In Sang & Seo Bom Parenting Diary

SBS posted InBom couple parenting diary last week. It’s too cute for words, I had to repost InBom happy family’s pictures 😀

Lee Joon (In Sang) took his family’s selca ^^

 photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc12_zpshkpjgtdc.jpg  photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc11_zps9relx1n8.jpg

Go Ah Sung (Seo Bom) with baby Jin Young. Please look at your mom, sweetheart

 photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc10_zps20uwoetp.jpg  photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc9_zps7hpy59p6.jpg

Now it’s daddy In Sang’s turn

 photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc8_zpsa2psptpm.jpg  photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc7_zpscx7ak6av.jpg

Baby Jin Young, angel came down from Heaven

 photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc6_zpsekhxvuq4.jpg  photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc5_zpssorytc0m.jpg

Comfortably resting in mom’s & dad’s arms

 photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc3_zpsjndzm7co.jpg  photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc2_zpshofrhlse.jpg

Happy family ^^

 photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc4_zpsx853xihi.jpg  photo HeardItAsGrapevine_parenting_bc1_zpshnjen7ct.jpg


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