Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra cast in Korean remake of 2008 Taiwanese Drama “Fated to Love You”


Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra have been cast in the upcoming MBC summer drama Fated to Love You, this will be their reunion in 12 years. In 2002, they starred in rom-com A Bright Girl’s Success Story which reached a peak rating of 42%. How time flies. I can’t wait to see their crackling on-screen chemistry in FTLY.


Fated to Love You is a very popular Taiwanese drama, about two people (chaebol’s heir [Lee Hyun Soo] & average woman [Kang Yoon Kyung]) who spend the night together by mistake. They move on with their lives until the woman finds out she’s pregnant with his child. The two get married and this drama will focus on what’ll happen afterwards. It looks like this Korean remake will closely follow the original Taiwanese drama.

Lee Hyun Soo (Jang Hyukis the successor of a chemical company, his family opposes his relationship with his ballerina girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kang Yoon Kyung (Jang Na Ra) works as a contract office worker.

This drama will be directed by PD Lee Dong Yoon (The Queen’s Classroom, Feast of the Gods, The Greatest Love) and written by Joo Chan Ok and Jo Jin Kook (Soulmate). Fated to Love You will follow A New Leaf and is scheduled to be broadcast in July 2014.

cr: TVDaily

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