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Episode 1


“All things start with one step” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-


Episode 2


“The best part about doing things you’re not supposed to do… is the thrill of getting caught. -Prince Dong Pyung-

“Beauty should be shown” – Jang Ok Jung-

“In a battle, one must recognize an opportunity and know how to use it” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“If you’re going to kiss a girl… you have to take care and marry her too.” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“They’re called wishes because it’s hard to make these wishes come true” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“I promise you… to become your outfit” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“Power is something that is possessed by those who know how to use it.” -Lord Min Yoo Joong-

“We should let go of things that need to be let go”


Episode 3


“All the fish were hiding because they were too bashful around Ok Jung’s beauty” -Prince Dong Pyung-

“One should prevent fights, except when they’re quarrel with lovers” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“Even if she gives away her lips, she should never give away her money” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“Even though it’s like a warm spring breeze when men first approach you, it turns into a cold winter win as soon as you’re married. The woman’s expectant heart will only get hurt in the end” -Jang Ok Jung-

“Being wrong about something is worse than not knowing at all” -Jang Ok Jung-

“It’s always the weak and cowardly who are quick to display their strength” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“Fireworks that shine brightly for a moment and fade away just like that… reminds me of our lives. I prefer the moonlight that always shines softly up in the night sky.” -In Hyun-

“If I’m only going to live this life once… even if it’s for a short time, I would rather shine brightly and fade away into the night sky like those fireworks” -Jang Ok Jung-

“No matter how well a bird imitates the human’s voice, it’s still not human, but just a bird. No  matter how you speak of fairness, I already know that to be untrue.” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“Rather than worrying about an egg that already broke yesterday, the egg that we have today is more important to me.” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“There are two things in this world that you can’t force to go your own way. One is a person’s heart and the other is forcing destiny.” -Jang Ok Jung-

“Two things you cannot guarantee in life are people’s hearts and destiny”- Prince Bok Sun-

“Relationship can be formed depending on the circumstance & situation” -Prince Bok Sun-

“There is nothing that can move a person’s heart better than sincerity” -Jang Ok Jung-


Episode 4


“Jang Ok Jung: Should the eyes move faster or the hands move faster?

Crown Prince Lee Soon: Of course the eyes should move as fast as the hands”

“I never do anything I can’t be certain of” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“I have a hidden weapon. The one in my hand… that never gives up… It is called hope. I have that weapon of hope and as long as I keep trying, I believe I can achieve my dream” -Jang Ok Jung-

“Whether you get hurt by weapons or feelings… it hurts when you get shot in the heart” -Jang Ok Jung-

“The throne is truly a cruel seat” -King Hyeonjong-

“I only chose the lesser evil between the bad and the worse” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-


Episode 5


“I believe that, as long as I continue to paint my dream… I’ll have my dream realized at some point.” -In Hyun-

“Once you open your eyes to it, your desire to own the world will be stronger than mine.” -Jang Hyun-

“To use a wild dog only for a while to chase out a fox” -King Hyeonjong-

“You should never trust anyone but yourself” -King Hyeonjong-

 “There are times you cannot do anything even when you know the enemy” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-

“I never take my promise lightly, regardless of the person’s class” -Crown Prince Lee Soon-


Episode 6

“I believe the immeasurable heart of a person is the deepest thing in the world” -Jang Ok Jung-


Episode 7

JOJ-Live-in-Love-bc9 JOJ-Live-in-Love-bc10

“I realized that I can keep gathering wolves to chase away a wild dog, but the wild dog will never die. I plan to catch the wild dog myself” -King Sukjong / Lee Soon-

“Believe it or not, it’s your free will. Even if it’s the truth, if the person listening to it closes his ears and his heart, how would the truth be delivered?” -Jang Ok Jung-

“Rumors are always exaggerated” -Jang Ok Jung-

“Please don’t concern yourself. Rumors are always distorted” -In Hyun-

“A path can be straight… But sometimes there can be a roundabout way to arrive at the destination” -In Hyun-

“Just because you’re lost for a while, doesn’t mean you lost everything” -Lord Min Yoo Joong-


Episode 8


“Victory depends on who agonized over it more” -Court Lady Cheon-

“The place you are is farther than the earth and higher than the sky. The sky that I can never get close to or touch is you, Your Majesty!” -Jang Ok Jung-

“If I’m still not a man to you… And I’m the sky that you can’t get close to or touch… Then watch. Take a closer look. That sky will fall on you” -King Sukjong-


Episode 9

JOJ-Live-in-Love-bc13 JOJ-Live-in-Love-bc4

“When the heart of the dressmaker is poisonous, it’s the same as making other people wear your poison!”  -Court Lady Cheon-

“At first, I was afraid it was approaching me. Then at some point, I became afraid that it might stop coming towards me. Then I started to miss it when I didn’t see.  At the end, I started hovering over it before I knew what I was doing.” -King Sukjong-

“Are you sincere about her… enough to be scared to lose her?” -Prince Dong Pyung-

“It’s the first time. Without calculating if she’s from a family that will be a political gain to me… I’ve come to fall for. She’s the first one” -King Sukjong-

“Even if I am the King, after that many coincidences, you can accept it as fate by now” -King Sukjong-

“Don’t turn your back to me anymore… or walk away from me. I’ll shorten the distance. Step by step, not too fast or too slow. I’ll come to you slowly. Not as the Chief of the Royal Guards, but as a man. As Lee Soon of the palace.” -King Sukjong-

“Can you promise me that you’ll never let go of this hand you’re holding now?” -Jang Ok Jung-

“Your Majesty, I will never let go of this hand” -Jang Ok Jung-

“The scariest one in the world is the one who doesn’t need anything” -Jang Hyun-


 Episode 10

JOJ-Live-in-Love-bc14 JOJ-Live-in-Love-bc15

“You may block the tiger coming from the front, but you can’t block the fate coming from behind” -Queen Dowager-

“Prince Dong Pyung: Can you give up the throne for that one woman?

King Sukjong: The throne… I’ll consider it as if it never existed from the beginning”

“When I resisted, reminding myself that I shouldn’t take him into my heart… That’s the time I was scared of the most. Because I was afraid you might stop coming towards me.” -Jang Ok Jung-


Episode 11


“I won’t dream of something that’s not mine anymore” -Jang Ok Jung-

“You can know the depth of water, but not the depth of a heart. I was worried you were saying one thing and thinking something else” -King Sukjong-


Episode 12


“But nothing good is achieved easily” -King Sukjong-

“It would be more wise to light a candle than to blame the darkness” -Lady Jang Suk Won (JOJ)-

“Hate is also a feeling of affection” -Lady Jang Suk Won (Jang Ok Jung)-


Episode 13

“No one can say for sure about life until the end of the road. Everyone does her best to live her own life. -Court Lady Cheon-


Episode 14

“Power is meant to be given from competition” -King Suk Jong-
Episode 15

“I wanted to make her the happiest woman in the world after she finally opened her heart to me” – King Suk Jong-


Episode 16

“The fear that I might face a truth I can’t handle. Maybe… I was more afraid of the choice I would have to make after knowing the truth” -King Suk Jong-

“The truth should be found while eye to eye” -Jang Hee Bin-


Episode 17

“Fortune comes to the one who built it” -Queen In Hyun-
Episode 18

“A tiger waits quietly before he attacks and kills his prey, taking in the smell of the prey that the wind brings, patiently” -King Suk Jong-

“The tiger also needs to know exactly who the enemy is to attack. There are times that he cannot see the real enemy even with his eyes wide open.” -King Suk Jong-

“If I close my eyes, wouldn’t I be able to see the real enemy? If I close my eyes, they’d overlook things.” -King Suk Jong-

“The more you step on the weed, the more it just keeps getting stronger” -Jang Hee Bin-
Episode 19

“If someone spits on you, wait until it dries out. The spit will naturally dry without being wiped. So when it happens, take it with a smile.” -Min In Hyun-


Episode 20

“Sometimes it’s not always the best to fight out in the open” -Min In Hyun-


Episode 21

“Even if I didn’t like her, how would I harm the mother of the one who is most dear to me?” -Jang Hee Bin-


Episode 22

“It took so much to get you there, so why do you want to step down from it?” -King Suk Jong-

“We can’t turn back the time that’s already passed. I’m happy just to look back on the memories I had with you” -Jang Hee Bin-

“I don’t like memories if you’re not next to me” -King Suk Jong-


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