Jisung and Lee Bo Young are getting married next month


Just less than 12 hours after she wrapped her latest drama I Hear Your Voice, Lee Bo Young announced through a hand-written letter posted on her DC Inside fan site that she’s getting married to her boyfriend of 6 years, Ji Sung.

At the same time, Ji Sung also notified his fans through hand-written letter posted on his fancafe. He proposed earlier this year and Lee Bo Young originally wanted to announce the good news it in June, but decided to postpone it until IHYV finished. Their wedding will be held on 27 September 2013 at W Walkerhill Hotel Seoul.



Daebak news and I’m sooo happy for this couple, who’s widely known as one of the longest running star couples in Korea’s Entertainment World. They first knew each other during the 2004 Drama Save the Last Dance for Me. They never publicly admitted nor denied that they’re dating, but it’s reported that they became lovers in 2007, shortly after Ji Sung finished his military service.

JiSung-LeeBoYoung_bc7  JiSung-LeeBoYoung_bc5

This couple is a very low-key couple, but they never afraid to show their affection to each other.

In mid June, Ji Sung picked up Lee Bo Young from the set of her drama, and IHYV drama official told the press that Lee Bo Young couldn’t hide her excitement. It’s really beautiful to see this long-lasting couple still on fire and deeply care for each other.

Last year, the laid-back couple came to Psy concert and were spotted wearing couple rings.

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Ji Sung is due to make his smallscreen comeback in September, he’s been courted to star in KBS2 upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Secret”. Lee Bo Young may go to Congo, Africa in October as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. So it looks like they will delay their honeymoon until Ji Sung’s drama ends and Lee Bo Young returns from Africa.

It’s funny because while I was watching IHYV yesterday, I was thinking that it’s about time Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young seal their love and walk the aisle. I’m soooo incredibly happy for them, I wish them happiness as they’ll embark a new life together as husband & wife. Can’t wait to see little Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young 😀

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