Joseon Gunman extended by 2 episodes

KBS2 Joseon Gunman has confirmed 2 episodes extension. Some news reported that this drama was originally planned as 24 episodes drama, hence they were contemplating to extend it by 4 episodes. In the end, they agreed to extend it by 2 episodes because they had to take into account the actors’ post-drama packed schedules which have already been planned before. Last episode of Joseon Gunman will be aired on 4 September 2014.

One more week of Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Jeon Hye Bin and Joseon Gunman’s casts? Yes yes yes! ^^

 photo JoseonGunman_leeJunKi_bc1_zpsaeb8746e.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_NamSangMi_JHB_bc1_zps27c7e383.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_leeJunKiNamSangMi_bc1_zpsb5a5a4df.jpg

cr: TVDaily & NamooActors

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