[Joseon Gunman] Lee Jun Ki, Jeon Hye Bin, Otani Ryohei Latest BTS Stills

Cheeky Lee Jun Ki ^__^ His character Park Yoon Kang had a bittersweet farewell with Jung Soo In (Nam Sang Mi). She gave him a compass which saved his life.

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Joseon Gunman‘s hero Park Yoon Kang who went missing for 3 years returns as Japanese influential & powerful man Hasegawa Hanjo with a gun on his hand.

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Lee Jun Ki stated that the best way to deal with the weapons are by constantly playing with them. That’s the reason why he diligently practices with the gun during the break so he’d get used to it..

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Very excited to see his bromance with Japanese warrior Kanemaru (Otani Ryohei) who’ll support & help Yoon Kang to fulfill his destiny to be the hero of his people.

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Jeon Hye Bin‘s character Choi Hye Won hasn’t been fleshed out well in the first 4 episodes. She’s a very ambitious woman who’s hungry for more power & wealth (like father, like daughter). She believes her father’s merchant groups’ fate is in Hanjo’s hands hence it’s possible she’ll fall in love with Hanjo instead of Park Yoon Kang as she’s trying to absorb as much power as she can from him.

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