Joseon Gunman: Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi Romantic Date Sealed with a Cheek Kiss

KBS2 revealed the stills of Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi (Park Yoon Kang & Jung Soo In) enjoying their “date” by the river.

 photo 6bbf3460-ec4d-41e7-a5b2-692a4f7b6cbd_zps908ee8e9.jpg

Yoon Kang surprises Soo In with a sweet kiss on her cheek (^_^;)

 photo 925072f4-70b0-4373-aad6-83f74abdfef9_zps0cfd17a4.jpg

 photo f592ac76-49cc-403a-abb7-d11785687763_zps24f67ba7.jpg

The way she looks at him – sweet adoration, loving glance. Love is in the air (≧∇≦)

 photo 71cfd4d7-2c51-4035-82e7-ad788fea0695_zps46d3beec.jpg

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