Joseon Gunman: Lee Jun Ki’s Silhouette Poster “Romantic Gunman”

KBS2 revealed the first teaser poster for their upcoming drama Joseon Gunman this morning. It features the hero Park Yoon Kang (Lee Jun Ki) with a gun on his shoulder, cleverly shot from the right angle to create this gorgeous silhouette. The simplest teaser poster works well to “tease” the viewers without giving away too much information. Now I can’t wait for their official posters and the stills of Park Yoon Kang.


The phrase “the days of the sword are over”, symbolizing a new phase of life for Park Yoon Kang who trades his swords with a gun as he embarks on a journey to revenge for his father and sister’s death. He will become the hero of his generation.

Joseon Gunman premieres June 25 on KBS2, it follows Golden Cross.

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