Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun confirm alien fusion-sageuk drama “Man from another star”


Finally, the confirmation is in. The “Thieves” actors Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun will be reunited in the upcoming SBS Wednesday & Thursday fusion-sageuk rom-com drama “Man from Another Star”.

This drama will portray the story of an alien who traveled by UFO and landed on Earth during the Joseon era (around 400 years ago). He’s been living on Earth since then, after living through 4 decades, he falls in love with Korea’s top actress. Kim Soo Hyun will play this alien who’s described as a handsome man with almost perfect abilities. Of course, because he is an alien! I can’t wait to see how he’ll use his vision, hearing and agility to attract the attention of this actress who’ll be played by Jun Ji Hyun.

From the premise alone, this drama sounds really unique. And since Jun Ji Hyun chose it as her comeback drama in 14 years, I trust her! Will be very interesting to watch the relationship between two people who came from two different planets. When they argue, it will be daebak if Kim Soo Hyun starts talking in alien language 😀

Scriptwriter is last year’s KBS2 national drama “My Husband Got a Family” writer Park Ji Eun and PD is Jang Tae Yoo (“Tree with Deep Root”).

“Man from Another Star” follows The Heirs and will be aired in December 2013.

Cr: Nate

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