Jung Il Woo cast in Joseon Ghostbuster “The Night Watchman’s Journal”

Jung Il Woo (Golden Rainbow, Moon that Embraces the Sun, Return of Iljilmae) is confirmed as the leading hero of Joseon Ghostbuster “The Night Watchman’s Journal” (The Journal of the Night Watchmen) as one of the foursome patrol officers who hunt & catch ghosts during their night patrols (between 9PM – 5AM) to protect the King and the netizens from unexpected “visitors”.


I always love Jung Il Woo in fusion sageuk, I thought he was wasted in TMTETS so I’m very happy with this casting news. It’s reported his character is a Joseon Prince who has a supernatural power – he can see the ghosts, which makes him the perfect ghost hunter. The foursome patrol officers will be three boys and one girl (Damo), they will solve mysterious cases to protect the palace.

Rookie actress Go Sung Hee (Miss Korea) is positively reviewing the female lead role.


This drama will be directed by Jumong‘s PD Lee Joo Hwan and will be written by Yoo Dong Yoon (Daemul & King’s Dream). It’ll be produced by Raemong Raein which produced Sungkyungkwan Scandal. They have excellent sageuk experience under their belts, I’m excited! Can’t wait to see the rest of the casts. Hopefully it can be as successful as SKKS.

The Night Watchman’s Journal is scheduled as a Monday-Tuesday drama, plans to be aired in July after Triangle concludes.

cr: StarMT

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