Kang Chi, the Beginning (Gu Family Book) Quotes & Narration [Updated with Ep 24 Quotes]

Compilation of quotes and narrations from Gu Family Book / Kang Chi the Beginning.

Episode 1


“Once you make the first exception, the second and third times become easier” – So Jung (Monk)-


Episode 2


“Wol Ryung: Would you marry me?

Seo Hwa: I’m the daughter of a state criminal

Wol Ryung: Would you marry me?

Seo Hwa: Moreover, I’m a runaway state slave.

Wol Ryung: Would you marry me?”

Of course you don’t understand me. You’ve never lived for a thousand years by yourself n loneliness.”  -Wol Ryung-

“Being mortal is much more admirable than being immortal. That’s why human life is beautiful” -Wol Ryung-

“In order to obtain Gu Family Book, you have to pray for 100 days. During those 100 days, you have to keep these three taboos:

1. Must not kill any lives 

2. When a human asks for help, you must not refuse it.

3. You must not reveal your divine appearance to humans.” -So Jung (Monk)-

“For the first time in 1000 years, I met a woman that makes my heart race. If I let her go, I may have to wait for another 1000 years.” -Wol Ryung-

“The power of love is truly amazing!” -So Jung (Monk)-

“If the woman who caused you to want to become human continues to love you even after finding out who you really are, then you’re safe.” -So Jung(Monk)-

“Don’t touch her, this woman is mine” -Wol Ryung-


Episode 3


“You made his heart flutter for the first time in a thousand years. I’m sure he couldn’t hurt you to save himself. That was Wol Ryung’s love” -So Jung to Seo Hwa-

“Humans are so weak and feeble. Such foolish beings that only feel regret after losing something precious.” -Seo Hwa-

“In life, there are things you have to do even if you don’t want to” -Chung Jo-

“You have to be patient and make sacrifices to protect something dear” -Chung Jo-

“Sometimes strength is not enough” -Chung Jo-

“Even an old shoe has a matching pair. Why would a human being be matchless?” -So Jung-

“Even if you are destined, if you don’t choose that path, your fate can change” -So Jung-

“I don’t have any dishonest feelings for her. It’s my sincerity” -Kang Chi-


Episode 4


“The flaws of my children, are the flaws of me, the father.” – Park Moo Sol-

“If you want to steal from others, you shouldn’t steal from the poor. You should steal from the rich. Then, I won’t hate you as much.” -Kang Chi-

“Yeo Wool: If I don’t avoid that fate, what will happen?

So Jung: One of you may end up dying.”

“Only the Heaven can determine the life and death of a human being” -So Jung-

“Just looking at them, makes me feel like I’m part of their family” -Kang Chi-


Episode 5

“People are the only ones that we should be afraid of” -Kang Chi-

“If my Lord who always pay taxes to the government and gives food to the hungry, is guilty of that crime; then what are you? You live a good life off all the taxes, and don’t even do anything but show off your power in your nice mansion! You bother hard working merchants for no reason, so what are you? Are you guilty of being bored & slacking off?” -Kang Chi t0 Jo Gwan Woong-


Episode 6


“Even if it’s not blood-related, family can be formed through love. In my heart, you are already my son.” -Park Moo Sol to Kang Chi-


Episode 7

GuFamilyBook_KangChiTheBeginning_Quotes-7-1 GuFamilyBook_KangChiTheBeginning_Quotes-7-2

“We should understand his situation first! How did he turn out like that? What’s happening to that boy? It is human nature to at least worry about him.” -Yeo Wool, after she found out Kang Chi’s true nature (half-human half-beast)-

“I already told you, he is my life saver” -Yeo Wool-


Episode 8

“If he killed a traitor, that’s not a murder. He should be awarded. It is right for him to be awarded. How can you execute such a wrongful punishment?…. Or did you make an innocent man into a traitor?” –Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“I have no choice, but to thoroughly see what’s right and wrong” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“If it’s possible, I want to become human. Right now, I’m half man, half-mythical being. I don’t know when I will turn into a mythical being and lose myself. I can’t call myself a human being” -Kang Chi-

“I’ve seen numerous people born as humans, but act less than animals. What makes you human is not your birth, but what you hold dear in your heart.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-


Episode 9

“Following the laws as a daughter is not the only way for a girl to live. I believe girls can set dreams and work hard at achieving them. Just because your family was ruined, your life doesn’t have to come to an end” -Chun Soo Ryun-

“In this immortal world, he’s a kid who genuinely dreams of becoming human.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-


Episode 11


“There are plenty who are in more desperate situations than you. You’ll never be able to change anything by dying. So stop thinking about a meaningless death. Worry about how you will stay alive until the end.” -Chun Soo Ryun to Chung Jo-

“Whether you’re half human or not, she may not care about your outer appearance. No matter how your eyes and face change, you’re still Choi Kang Chi inside.” -Yeo Wool-

“If she loves you, if her feelings are sincere… it’s possible for girls” -Yeo Wool-

“Fear and anger make things distorted. Don’t let those distortions affect your decision-making” -Gong Dal-

“Humans are much weaker than you think. Because they are weak, sometimes they become cruel.” -Gong Dal-


Episode 12

“You told me yourself that there are no evil people in this world. That there are just bad situations.” -Yeo Wool-

“Once a fateful connection has been made, no person can undo that fate. It’s not something that can be stopped” -So Jung-

The ones you love the most are always the ones that hurt you the most. You get hurt because you love and care about them.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“Someone I thought of as my own brother, betrayed me. Someone I devoted myself to, threw a rock at me. Those who I believed to be my only family members, rejected me. She called me a monster. No matter what I think, I’m no longer human. Just as you can’t turn a mountain into an ocean, you also can’t change the fact that I’m only half human.” -Kang Chi-

“It doesn’t matter what others see you. What’s more important is how you think about yourself.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“A man needs a friend to share goals with…

A woman to share his heart with…

A nation to serve with all his heart.

That’s the best life one can live.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“No one will share the same goal with someone like me. No one will share their heart with someone like me. Dirty mythical blood is flowing inside my body.” -Kang Chi-

“What determines your humanity is not the blood that flows inside you. But your decision and willingness to live a good life.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“I want to become human. Not only half human like this. But entirely… I want to become human again.” -Kang Chi-

“In the end, Kang Chi’s heart has broken Tae Seo’s hypnosis” -Gong Dal-


Episode 13

“I want to do anything I can for you. Because that’s my heart right now” -Yeo Wool-

“How can you stop one’s feelings for another? How can you stop the blowing wind?” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“Anxiety brings uncertain futures.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“What we have to do is not judge and get in the way of the young. We have to make way, so that they can head in a better direction” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“Just as we can’t turn back time, we can’t turn back our fate.” -Tae Seo-

“We can’t turn it back, but we can reclaim it.” -Kang Chi-

“You’re already suspecting that I did that. What’s the point of trying to deny it? It will just sound like an excuse. And you won’t believe in those excuses.” -Kang Chi-

“At first, it may look like thousands, even tens of thousands. But when it’s all put in, it’s just one.” -Gong Dal- (*spoiler alert: this is the answer to Kang Chi’s beans mission*)


Episode 14

“There is no one who can win over time” -So Jung-

“I wonder which is harder, accepting one’s fate and living through it, or denying it forever and pretending” -Chung Jo-


Episode 15

“The sword is the strength. If you swing it by mistake and get an innocent person’s blood on it, the weight of it will become an unbearably heavy burden” -Dam Pyeong Joon-


Episode 16



“You want me to leave and live alone as a monster in the forest like you? Never dying, never getting sick, not knowing when the long life will end. Alone without being able to see the one I love. I’m sorry but I can’t live like that. Why? My dream is to live like a human.” -Kang Chi-

“Trust is not something that just falls from the sky one day. Trust is something you build through time and relationships. If people don’t trust you, it’s because you haven’t built up a good relationship. You shouldn’t  blame others.'” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“You’re responsible for everything that happens to you.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin”

“Living your life only to get acknowledged by others, that’s hypocrisy.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin

“The weight of trust is the weight of one’s relationship. If you want to be trusted, first learn how to get along with others.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin

“Amongst us, there are many who came here, tired of being left out because of our origins. But look at the way we’re treating Kang Chi. We are no different from those who mistreated us.” -Sung-

“No matter how many beans there are, when it’s put into a bag, it’s just one bag” -Kang Chi-


Episode 17


“Yeo Wool is my woman! My woman… Don’t touch her. You said you’re my father. Don’t touch my woman!” – Kang Chi-

“The truth is Yeo Wool, You are the most important person in my life. Without you, there is no meaning of me!” -Kang Chi-

“Jealousy is for people who don’t have something” -Yeo Wool-


Episode 18



“The Four Noble Masters are chosen equally among people. Whether you’re from low class or a servant, whether you are a merchant or a noble, whether you are a man or a woman, it only matters if you share the same goal.” -Chun Soo Ryun-

“Whatever happened 20 years ago, it was before we were born and is the elders business. So, please don’t push the past onto us. Elders’ business is to be solved by the elders.” -Kang Chi-

“Don’t ever do that again. Keeping secrets from me, you don’t need to. Never again in front of me, pass by me like I’m a stranger… Look at me. I like you. I like you a lot.” -Kang Chi-

“Deception and betrayal, what’s the difference?” -Chung Jo-


Episode 19

“Have you ever liked someone with all your heart? Your head and mind are full of that person. If he smiles, you smile. When he cries, you get teary. Just being by his side makes your life feel complete and you feel safe. Have you ever had a person like that? Kang Chi is that kind of person for me.” -Yeo Wool-

“There is an appropriate time for everything. Only those who can discern that timing can grasp victory.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“To become stronger means to bear more responsibilities.” -Gon-


Episode 20

“Bringing out your potentials depends on your will and mind. Give it all you got.” -Gon-

“Never hesitate. The moment you hesitate, you die, and so do the people you wish to protect.”  -Dam Pyeong Joon-

“Strength is compassion fighting against cruelty. Strength is simultaneously carrying warm ties of friendship and cold duty. That is why—to be strong is to be lonely. And only when you can bear those things, can you win.” -Dam Pyeong Joon-

“You’re already strong. You’re the only one who don’t know it yet.” -Yeo Wool-


Episode 21

“Without knowing his true essence, a man cannot truly know himself. Once you find out what your essence is, you’ll also appreciate who you are for real.” -Park Tae Soo0

“I’m not afraid of the future that hasn’t happened yet. What is future, after all? Isn’t it just what the moments right now turn into? If I change now because of my future, what’s the point of living in the present?” -Yeo Wool-

“Please take care of my son, take care and treasure him.” -Seo Hwa-

“Seeing you next to Kang Chi, I realized that you can bring him more happiness than me” -Seo Hwa-

“Even children who grew up in your arms, when they reach a certain age, you have to let them go. He’s become a great man and has met a beautiful woman, there’s nothing else I could wish for.” -Seo Hwa-

“I hope that you can protect the love that I could not, because I was too foolish” -Seo Hwa-

“Please stop worrying. In any case, Kang Chi may be a lot stronger than we thought or what he even knows” -Gon-

“I have a request, please that my Kang Chi may live the life he wants, give him guidance and care. I don’t want my son to watch me as I go down the last path of my life.” -Seo Hwa to Admiral Lee Soon Shin”

“I just found her. I just got to look at her face as much I wanted. I just barely got to call her mother. I can’t let her go!” -Kang Chi-

“Please understand the heart of a parent who wants to protect her son” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“And in the end, you’ll never truly have anything. That is your punishment” -Seo Hwa-

“In your eternal life, I may have been just one shred of wind that blew past you, but remember this—you were everything to me” -Seo Hwa-

“When I fell the tree, I saw the character for root, bon. The house that is the root for me is the one who gave birth to me, My Mother” -Kang Chi-

” I didn’t hate you. I only missed you. I didn’t resent you. I only loved you with all my heart. I love you. I love you” -Wol Ryung-


Episode 22

“It’s all going to pass. Thanks to the people by my side, I can smile again” -Kang Chi-

“It wasn’t anyone fault that I became a thousand years demon but it was my heart. My fear made it” -Wol Ryung-

“It’s better to not have any resent or revenge. Such feeling is against the laws of nature” -Wol Ryung-

“People get what they deserve as they go through life.” -Wol Ryung-

“Don’t be afraid of what you chose. The moment you lose yourself in fear, you will lose everything. The opposite of trust is fear” -Wol Ryung-

“Let two tigers fight each other so that I can get what I want without lifting a finger” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“That little fate, I wasn’t scared of it. Just because of some ridiculous fate that we don’t know about, I don’t want to lose you right now, Kang Chi” -Yeo Wool-


Episode 23

“Death is not that frightening. The thing I’m really afraid of is making a wrong decision while I’m alive and cause harm to innocent people” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“And because being by their side is the best that I can do to protect them” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-


Episode 24

“Don’t get blood on your hands because of hatred or anger.” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“I have no choice but to get stronger” -Yeo Wool-

“An open-minded person is not a picky eater”  -Yeo Wool’s teacher-

“You are to me, the most utmost joy, Yeo Wool” -Dam Pyeong Joon-

“Kang Chi: Will you marry me?

Yeo Wool:  I can’t even make good rice

Kang Chi: Will you marry me?

Yeo Wool: I’m terrible at sewing

Kang Chi: Will you marry me?”

“Don’t cry, Kang Chi. I… to you… don’t want to be a sad memory, but a happy one. Also, I don’t want to be your tears. It would be better if I were your smile. Whenever you think about me, I wish you would be happy.” -Yeo Wool-

“Let’s meet again. I will wait. Let’s definitely meet again” -Kang Chi-

“The time when we meet again, I will recognize you first. The time when we meet again, I will love you first” -Kang Chi-

“Like that the sound of her breath stopped. And also, just like that… my time stopped” -Kang Chi-

“The person who smiled and cried before me until just a moment ago, disappeared. Where did she go? I can’t find her… or meet her…” -Kang Chi-

“If someone asks me whether I would live 100 years alone or would live 100 days with my loved one, then I would choose to live 100 days with my loved one” -Tae Seo-

“There’s no right answer for living as a human. But to become a better human being. you put forth your effort. Don’t bow to fear. Knowing that you are living well by yourself – will make you stronger” Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“If you believe in becoming human, then Gu Family Book probably exists” -Admiral Lee Soon Shin-

“The world changed quickly and the life of human changed so much. And also the memories of the past.” -Kang Chi-

“And my time that stopped, started to flow again” -Kang Chi-


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