KBS released a thrilling dramatic mysterious first teaser for its upcoming melodrama “Secret”

So.. good. I love the  mysterious vibe from the teaser!

Secret is one of my most anticipated drama this fall. I love the main casts and the revenge-love theme.

The first teaser really heightens up my expectation. It’s slick, visually stunning & gorgeous. I love it that they showcase all four leads, they look incredibly yummy & gorgeous in the teaser. They all have deep secrets and their own ambitions, they will use and take advantage of one another, but who will come triumphantly in the end? Only time will tell.

And I really love the characters’ official pictures below. Very unique & creative.


This is just my rough interpretation of the above pictures: ^_^

Hwang Jung Eum as Yoo Jung; she’d better to keep mouth shut.

Ji Sung as Min Hyuk; maybe he must only uses his left eye to see things.

Bae Soo Bin as Do Hoon; look and keep going straight.

Lee Da Hee as Shin Se Yeon; cover her ear so she won’t hear a thing.

Secret premieres on 25 September 2013 after KBS Special Drama ends.


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