KDrama Schedule Changes during Olympics Rio 2016

Olympics Rio 2016 is officially here. Inevitably, there’ll be unexpected schedule changes for Korean drama lovers when the terrestrial channels in Korea opt to air the Olympics instead of ongoing dramas. Though it’s upsetting, it’s totally understandable TV channels dedicating 2.5 weeks for the athletes who’re currently giving their best representing their country in this international sporting event.

MBC & SBS cancelled their weekend dramas last Saturday and looks like MBC will also cancel their weekdays prime-time drama this week.

I will continually update this page with any schedule change(s). Last Update 17 August

15 – 21 August 2016

Monday, 15 August
Monsters Ep 40 cancelled22:00 Doctors Ep 1723:00 Let’s Fight Ghost Ep 11
Tuesday, 16 August
Monsters Ep 40 cancelled22:00 Doctors Ep 18 cancelled23:00 Let’s Fight Ghost Ep 12
Wedneday, 17 August
21:40 Uncontrollably Fond Ep 1322:00 W-Two Worlds Ep 821:45 Wanted Ep 15
Thursday, 18 August
22:00 Uncontrollably Fond Ep 1422:00 W-Two Worlds Ep 922:00 Wanted Ep 16
Friday, 19 August
20:30PM The Good Wife Ep 13
23:10 Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 2
Saturday, 20 August
19:55 Five Children Ep 5320:45 Happy Home Ep 5020:45 Yeah, That’s How It Is Ep 53 20:30PM The Good Wife Ep 14
Flower in Prison cancelledSecond to Last Love cancelled23:10 Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Sunday, 21 August
19:55 Five Children Final Ep20:45 Happy Home Final Ep20:55 Yeah, That’s How It Is Final Ep
22:00 Flower in Prison Ep 2921:55 Second to Last Love Ep 5

*No changes for JTBC Age of Youth. Ep 9 & 10 will be broadcast this week

8-14 August 2016 Schedule Changes

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