Kill Me Heal Me Episode 5 – 8 Review

Kill Me Heal Me continues to impress me with powerful acting, consistently good writing, awesome haunting OSTs & BGMs and crackling chemistry between Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum. Each episode takes us to an unpredictable roller coaster ride, making us speculating & wondering what his alter egos will do next and how Do Hyun will fight back. It’s not a flawless drama, but it makes our heart pounding with anticipation. A fantasy rom-com characters driven drama which the wackiness, quirky humor & craziness are such a breath of fresh air.

Every week, my favorite changes. Shin Se Gi was my favorite because of his bluntness and boldness. Not to mention his gaze can melt + kill anyone at the same time. Then came cheeky adorable Perry Park. This week, Ri Jin’s world is turned upside down with the appearance of twins Ahn Yo Sub and Ahn Yo Na. Ji Sung nails all 6 characters (we haven’t seen Mr X yet), he makes each character shines & alive. MBC, you better give him a Daesang award this year! He deserves it. He truly deserves it.

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I’d love to see more Perry Park who I believe is the carefree version of Cha Do Hyun. Ever since the fire accident, Do Hyun’s life has been full of torments and anxiety that his alter ego appears causing trouble without him realizing it. He believes there’s monster living inside him. As Perry Park, he’s able to “forget” about his painful life, enjoy a slice of fun life that Do Hyun can’t experience.

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Oh Ri On met Perry Park when they were on the same flight back to Korea. He sneaked to drink Ri On’s wine, only to get invited to drink together with him. drinking buddies 🙂 He also invited him to come to his place to try beer from the best brewmaster aka his dad.

So one day, Perry Park drives to Ri On’s place, but before he could have fun, he switches back to Do Hyun who’s wondering why and how he met Ri Jin’s family.

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Ri Jin and Do Hyun are locked in the basement where they (almost) kiss. Ri Jin is slightly confused if the man in front of her is Se Gi or Do Hyun. It’s so funny yet heartbreaking that Do Hyun has to tell her he’s Do Hyun everytime she’s getting confused.

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My heart aches for Cha Do Hyun. He suppressed his painful childhood trauma alone, not realizing that Oh Ri Jin and Oh Ri On also have a traumatic incident related with fire & basement. He has never ending dream / illusion about Ri Jin telling him that although she’s scared of fire & basement, but she’s not scared when she’s in the basement with him. He thought he’s forever alone, unable to love anyone because he’d put them in danger and whenever he seek help, the physicians were too afraid to treat him (most likely because of evil Se Gi). That’s until he met Oh Ri Jin who’s coincidentally his alter ego’s first love!

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Shin Se Gi’s obsession towards his first love Oh Ri Jin makes my heart bleeds. His idea of “dating” his first love Ri Jin is like a 7 years old boy trapped in Do Hyun’s body. He only remembers what little Ri Jin liked, doesn’t realize she’s a grown up woman now. It makes his romantic surprises so creepy. But Ri Jin finally sees another side of him. Like when she’s cold, he gave her a warm coat (though he forced the seller to give his coat to them). His intention is good, but his action shows how evil & desperate he is. The way he “forces” Ri Jin to choose him and to put Do Hyun sleeps so they can be together forever shows his never-ending obsession which turns him into a violent man if Ri Jin chooses to ignore his demand.

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Cha Do Hyun knows his alter ego’s personality well. He decides to fight and asks Ri Jin to become his secret physician to treat him, an offer Ri Jin turns down because she doesn’t think a first year psychiatrist is capable to treat him while other psychiatrists failed to do so in the past 11 years. It’s a rational decision, but she changes her mind after she sees his suicidal alter ego 17 yo Ahn Yo Sub (a genius, artist who loves to paint yet very pessimistic, Yo Na’s twin brother) desperate plea. Contrary to people who’re desperate for people to help them, Yo Sub is so desperate for people to kill him because he’s so sick people treated him as a monster. He’s so tired people abandoned him that he believes only death can set him free.

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Meanwhile, his mom tries to erase & destroy his “memory”. Maybe she’s protecting her son so nobody knows the secret about his multiple personalities. He’s in danger because everyone in the family is eyeing for his position. His cousin, Ki Joon. His grandmother who only uses him as a puppet until her son wakes up from his comma.

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Once Ri Jin decides to help Do Hyun, she removes the painting Yo Sup drew on the rooftop. She even covers his desperate plea to Kill Me with “Heal Me”. Do Hyun is very touched that someone is finally going to help him.

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The truth is… Oh Ri Jin didn’t tell her family about her decision. She told them she’d go to John Hopkins as her professor suggested, only to appear in Do Hyun’s house after he’s so upset that Ri Jin turned down his offer. As his secret physician, Ri Jin will live with Do Hyun and care for him 24 hours a day. She promises she’ll be the mediator between Se Gi and Do Hyun.

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Ri Jin realizes that she has a family who loves her & embraces her, she has good memories whenever she has a hard time. But Do Hyun lives each & every moment losing his memory & his time. He can’t even hold on to people he loves. She wants to help him get out from his castle. Awww… She tells Do Hyun that it’s okay to grab onto someone else’s hand if they offer it to you. Awwww… Do Hyun warns her that once she offers her hand, she cannot take it back. So no turning back, Ri Jin. She reluctantly agrees lol.

Do Hyun starts to change… He’s letting his guard down for the first time in 11 years. Secretary Ahn is pleased that Do Hyun finally shows his emotions to Ri Jin. Their banters are so adorable!

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He wants Ri Jin to stop his other personalities to appear in front of those important people (incl his grandmother and his childhood friend aka Cha Ki Joon’s fiance Chae Yeon). From his gaze, Ri Jin knows he likes her. When Chae Yeon confronts Do Hyun who’s in his heart, he tells his answer in front of Chae Yeon & Oh Ri Jin. Holding her hand, basically telling her… he chooses Ri Jin. Chae Yeon slapped him, but he didn’t react much.

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One day, Cha Do Hyun meets with Ri On who tells him the progress of his novel. Very stressed hearing the story which reminds him of his childhood trauma, Cha Do Hyun transforms into Ah Yo Na.

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She’s his suffering personality who appears when he’s in extreme distressed but needs to move along nicely. A typical teenager who doesn’t care about studying and has a carefree personality. She loves stalking her “oppa”.

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Ri Jin is very exhausted chasing unpredictable troublemaker Yo Na & preventing people taking Yo Na’s pictures.

She recommends one hour counselling session every day, not as his physician but as his friend where he can easily talk about anything. Do Hyun initially rejects her recommendation, but after she threatens she’ll speak with Se Gi and his other personalities instead, he finally agrees.

He confesses Chae Yeon is his first love, but now she’s his cousin’s fiance. He thought she’s nice to him because she liked her, but no… it’s because he’s Ki Joon’s cousin. Ri Jin saw from his gaze that he hasn’t moved on even though he told her he never put anyone in his heart after he’s diagnosed with D.I.D because it’ll put them in danger. She believes the reason why he hasn’t moved on is because he loved the time when he was able to love someone, not Chae Yeon. Things he really missed.

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Do Hyun checks his watch. Now it’s January 29, 2015 10PM – his first consultation with Ri Jin. Reminds her of Shin Se Gi! January 7, 2015 10PM the time he fell for her. Have their personalities started to blend in?

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Ri Jin is not scared of the personalities living inside him. It’s tiring, but she’s no longer scared. In fact, she wants to be close to them, to comfort them, to be their friends. Rather than to kill me, she wants them to ask her to heal me.  She’s going to assure them that they’ll be alive inside Do Hyun’s heart, no longer scattered pieces but a connected puzzle they’ll become a cooler picture. With the name of Cha Do Hyun… who’ll become a cooler person.

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Do Hyun is touched with her amazing courage. He surprises her with a kiss. He’s going to kiss her again but he heard Se Gi’s warning for not messing with his woman. But Do Hyun doesn’t care now. It’s time for him to take over his life over his alter ego. He kisses her again. Aww…

Although I wish we’re not going through the fauxcest plot, however I’m pleased the writer presents it cleverly. By incorporating this step-siblings plot into Omega’s mystery novel, it encourages the viewers to think and investigate together with the novel’s readers & Oh Ri On. As of now, the possibility that Oh Ri On is the missing heir is bigger than the missing heiress Oh Ri Jin.

Oh Ri On found out the secret that he and Ri Jin are not twins. He decided to write this story in his novel, about someone who was adopted from a chaebol family but lost the memory of his childhood because of a traumatic accident. The climax of this story is the hero is now investigating this chaebol family.

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After Ri Jin “left” to John Hopkins, Ri On reminisces the first time they met. Their parents wanted to take picture of them together, but Ri On pushed her away. Tough Ri Jin also pushed him away. Not a good start, ey. As time flied by, they got closer, they quarreled, they protected each other.  They miss each other when the other is away. As a really awesome brother, one advice he gave to his sister: The best choice is your choice.

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Both Ri Jin and Ri On are scared of basement. But one day, Ri On found out the reason. He wants to help Ri Jin to remember the reason. I can’t wait for him to reveal the rest of his novel’s story which will be the answers of Do Hyun’s family tragic accidents.


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