Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9 & 10 Review

Too much awesomeness this week. Writer Jin Soo Wan keeps revealing unpredictable twists which make our head hurt from thinking about the possible mysteries behind Sungjin Group and Do Hyun, Ri Jin, Ri On’s pasts (watched episode 10 twice and I got a massive headache 😀 edited this review a bit with my pure speculations).

We need to look at a much bigger picture now. Sungjin Group, Do Hyun, his family, Oh Ri Jin, Oh Ri On, their family; how are they related to each other? Very confusing yet it makes Kill Me Heal Me different from other cliché rom-com. It’s truly refreshing we get to play detectives here.

What will happen if your alter ego continue to take over your life without giving you the key of your past? And what will happen if you like a woman (who people think is your sister) but you unable to say anything to anyone except keeping your silence while protecting & loving her silently? Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri On broke my heart this week. Both of them suffer immensely.

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The plot thickens after a glimpse of Do Hyun’s childhood is revealed. His biggest battle nowadays is with his own alter ego Shin Se Gi who was created because of his indescribable childhood trauma and his mission to protect Oh Ri Jin, his childhood friend & his first love. A seal to his childhood memory starts to break by giving Do Hyun nightmares… is he strong enough to recover his lost memories as he’s trying hard to remember the other child who was also trapped in the basement with him and held his hands. Why his family, especially his grandmother doesn’t want him to recover his lost memory? What secret(s) did they hide from him?

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Se Gi challenges Do Hyun to handle the pain from his childhood trauma, but it’s very conflicting because he knows once Do Hyun’s memory about his past starts to unravel he will soon disappear from his life. He wants to claim his rights after he fought with his painful memories & his battles alone.

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Se Gi plans to ruin everything Do Hyun has worked for. He starts from Seungjin group which (from what we’ve seen so far) caused Do Hyun to suffer from D.I.D. When Se Gi looks at Chairman Cha Gun Ho’s portrait, he greets him “father”….  Yet when he visits his “father” Cha Joon Pyo, he calls him by his name. Does it mean he’s Cha Gun Ho and Min Seo Yeon’s son? Oh Ri Jin / Oh Ri On is Cha Joon Pyo’s child? I’m confused with this new twist now because the twins’ mom felt slightly guilty they took away and raised Min Seo Yeon’s child as their own child.

But it makes sense. If chairman Cha Gun Ho had an affair with his own daughter-in-law Min Seo Yeon and they had a child together, perhaps it’s the reason why they were killed in an accident (my pure speculations: Cha Gun Ho’s wife ordered her son Cha Joon Pyo to kill them. Do Hyun coincidentally found out about it then he was abused & locked in the basement by his grandmother and/or Cha Joon Pyo while Shin Hwa Ran stood there witnessing everything yet she’s unable to do anything. After he lost his memory, she took him as her son as she wished and prayed he’ll never remember his past because once people know she’s not the mother of Seungjin Group’s heir, she’ll be kicked out.).

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Ri Jin has started to put the scattered puzzle pieces together but she doesn’t realize important clues can be found on her “brother”‘s novel. She’s suspicious she was in Do Hyun’s lost memory. I think Ri Jin was trapped on the basement together with Do Hyun (and it’s also possible she’s the missing child that his family has been desperately looking for or she’s the real heir of Seungjin Group). Se Gi mentions about the abusive scene which traumatized him and Ri Jin so much making them unknowingly handling this painful experience differently. Do Hyun “created” Se Gi to handle this pain for him as this trauma is hidden somewhere on his brain while Ri Jin lost her memory & part of her childhood.

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Besides Se Gi, Ri On also holds the key of their past. He has poured out his feeling and important clues on his novel – his only way to solve the mystery behind his paternity & Ri Jin’s paternity and their relation to Sungjin Group. He’s not a bad guy per se. He loves Ri Jin, he’s been protecting her since they were young. He hides his feeling inside, alone. He cannot share his secret to anyone although his “parents” especially his “mother” realizes something’s up with him. The way he cares for her is not like a brother caring for his sister. It’s love… not a sibling’s love. Even Se Gi can see and feel it.

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Ri Jin is doing a great job, she never leaves Do Hyun (Se Gi and his personalities) alone. It’ll take her time, she’s slowly trying her best to be a mediator for Se Gi & Do Hyun. Once Ri Jin recovers her memory, she’s one step closer to solve Do Hyun’s multiple personality disorder. She needs to approach Se Gi like the way she approached him when they were kids. Based on what we’ve seen, Se Gi has a childlike personality because he’s formed when Do Hyun was little boy. His way to “date” Ri Jin was like a little boy giving his favorite toys to a girl he likes. The way he listens to her order like a little boy, pouting but still follows her order.

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Ahn Yo Sub, sweetie Yo Sub told his noona that he would never think of killing himself again. You’ve made a wise decision, Yo Sub. Thank you! But I think we’ll hardly see him again.

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The writer addressed positive transference and counter transference this week. Sometimes I’m baffled when the dramaland patient suddenly loves his / her psychiatrist and vice versa when they only meet for one or two times. That feeling sometimes is not love but the trust & positive feelings patient feels toward his therapist / the therapist feels toward his / her patient because they feel their patient needs them. The line between love and needs lots of times are blurred because in the short span of time, they become close like close friends. Therapists usually approach their patient as their friend, so mutual feelings can grow. It also can grow into love after several meetings, but in real life, it’s a rarity. *but KMHM is not a real life scenario, it’s a Korean drama, so I don’t have a problem with it. Obviously it’s also very rare for a therapist to care for their patient 24/7 :)* 

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This week’s episodes have a nice balance between suspense, thrill, comedy and fluttering romance. Perry Park and Ahn Yo Na are refreshing characters who help to break the tensions. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum keep rocking their crackling chemistry. No words needed for Ji Sung’s acting, he nailed it. He flawlessly acts his heart out that I can easily differentiate Do Hyun, Se Gi, Perry Park, Yo Na, Yo Sub based on his acting & gazes. We have yet to meet Nana and Mr X. I got a feeling Nana is his alter ego who was born because of Ri Jin and Mr X… maybe related to Do Hyun’s father.

The first half of this series exceeded my expectation, can’t wait for another roller coaster journey the writer will take us in the second half of KMHM. I’m enjoying the ride so far, hopefully this drama keeps surprising us (in a good way ^^).

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