Jisung’s exciting makeover revealed in Kill Me Heal Me first teaser

The first teaser of the upcoming MBC romantic comedy Kill Me Heal Me shows bizarre 7 different personalities of our hero, Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung). He’s a third generation chaebol who suffers from severe Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to K-drama classic plot aka childhood trauma making these seven personalities live inside him, pushing the normal Cha Do Hyun out of his own life.

The teaser gives the viewers a glimpse of his multiple personalities:

 photo KMHM00096_zps1fb1d815.png

– Normal Guy Cha Do Hyun (28 yo)

 photo KMHM00271_zpsc3a87a00.png

– Cold Bad Guy Shin Se Gi

 photo KMHM00351_zps223b30ac.png

– Little Girl Nana (7 yo)

 photo KMHM00301_zps75c65575.png
– Mysterious Guy Mr X

 photo KMHM00381_zpsedd360dd.png  photo KMHM00391_zps63f10ae2.png

– Fraternal twins Ahn Yoo SeobAhn Yoo Na

 photo KMHM00411_zps532e2e07.png

– Old Fisherman Mr Perry Park

The trauma Cha Do Hyun experienced when he was young, most likely during the critical age when his individual personality was supposed to develop, causes him to suffer from memory loss and his individual personality split into seven different ones. He has unique personalities in different stages of life: a young girl, rebellious teenager, depressed teenager, to the old fisherman.

Most people who suffer from DID can have a normal life, unless there’s an extreme situation which lead his “other” personality to take over his life. Perhaps when he’s depressed, Ahn Yoo Seob will push Do Hyun out and dominate his life. From the teaser, looks like Shin Se Ki is one of his most dominant personality – a cold guy who can also be a lady killer.

Kill Me Heal Me is described as a healing romantic drama. First year mental health medical resident Oh Ri Jin [Origin] (Hwang Jung Eum) becomes his secret doctor who’ll touch his heart and heal him.

Origin’s twin brother (who’s not her real twin fraternal brother but they grew up together) is mystery novel writer Oh Ri On [Orion] (Park Seo Joon). It’s possible fraternal twins Yoo Seob & Yoona will help Origin and Orion to patch things up after they find out that they’re not blood-related.

Kill Me Heal Me premieres next Wednesday on MBC.

New stills:

 photo KMHM_JiSung_bc1_zps9a7b4711.jpg

 photo KMHM_HwangJungEum_bc1_zps9aea4949.jpg

 photo ParkSeoJoon_KMHM_bc1_zps5da95252.jpg

 photo KMHM_KimYooRi_bc1_zpsc33b04fc.jpg

 photo KMHM_KoChangSeok_bc1_zpsf6b209e6.jpg


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