Kim Jae Won gets married

Earlier this month, Kim Jae Won announced on his official fan cafe that he’s getting married to his childhood friends on 28 June 2013. It’s believed they started dating from October last year and because their parents already knew each other, they’ve been discussing about marriage since February this year.

Kim Jae Won was the very first actor that I admired, his drama Wonderful Life was the first Korean drama I watched and I really like his acting. I don’t really follow his private life, but his sudden upcoming marriage news was a surprising but a very happy news.

And yesterday, this handsome man tied the knot with his best-friend. He’s beaming in happiness and I’m sure they will find happiness and build beautiful family together. His wife is currently pregnant, and because Kim Jae Won is busy filming his newest drama “Scandal” (premieres tonight, 29 June 2013), the honeymoon has been postponed to next year.






Jung Joon Ho. Kim Min Jong, Ji Sung, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Deok Hwa and Park Eun Hye (with her son) were among the guests who attended Kim Jae Won’s wedding yesterday.




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