Actress Kim So Yeong joins “All About Mom”

Sang Hyeok was dumped by Jin Ae but All About Mom isn’t giving up with their love triangle. Shin Yoo Hee (Kim So Yeong) will make her first appearance on episode 24 this Sunday, she’ll be working with Jin Ae who was promoted (aka kicked out) to HS Planning team. For Hwang Young Sun, Yoo Hee is the perfect daughter-in-law material as she comes from a wealthy family. Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s relationship will go through another storm again >.<

Hoon Jae should introduce Yoo Hee to Sang Hyeok so everyone will live happily ever after 😀


Actress Kim So Yeong first debuted on JYP’s No More No Love music video and starred in various dramas such as KBS2 Ojakyo Brothers, SBS Temptation and movie Han Gong Ju.


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